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Essentially we open this message with this word, essentially, and bring it to your focus of attention. You have the possibility of great change before you and essentially all of you have this possibility.  Essentially you are on the path for radical shift and it is important to recognise where your focus is.  What you focus upon is what you will magnetise to you.  Essentially you are the change; you are the shift you experience.  It is essential that you be mindful of your thoughts, actions, deeds etc. and align them with your sacred heart and divine will.  Essentially you all have the opportunity to recognise that you are part of a much larger representation.  That representation is of The Oneness of all that is and essentially you are capable of experiencing Oneness as you are the One experiencing.

Cosmic energies bring forth an energy alignment that lifts you into higher resonance fields. We bring forth the catalyst for change and this catalyst is love.  Essentially this love can be felt if one chooses to open their heart to feel it and experience it.  This change you can experience is of importance in your personal process of evolution.  We are all evolving and when we say we, we refer to the collective as well as the multidimensional aspects of self.

In order to experience change with ease and Grace it is vitally important, essentially important, that you adapt to, and integrate, the incoming frequencies. You feel a shift within and this shift is preparing the cellular structure for higher light frequencies.  These higher light frequencies, in order to be anchored into the physical form, must have space in which to anchor.  It is essential that the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies be prepared to create this space by recognising and releasing and transforming belief systems, structures, doubts, self-imposed limitations etc.  The physical body is undergoing a metamorphosis and this is must if you are to allow the level of light in which you are able to hold within the biological form to assimilate. You are adjusting to the new higher dimensional timelines in alignment with Gaia’s shift into higher dimensional frequencies.  Given the complexity of what is transpiring it would be beneficial for you to take into consideration that you are experiencing a radical shift.  All will experience a shift to some degree.  Essentially it is up to you as to how much of a shift/change you undergo.

Alchemy is indeed what is taking place. To be the alchemist you must be willing to transform that which no longer resonates with the higher version of self.  If you are willing to transform and transmute without truly letting go and allow the transformation to take place then the change/shift may be a little bumpy if you will.  If you are able to allow the change to occur without placing expectations upon it, and to truly let go, then essentially magical things can happen.

You each have the opportunity to undergo radical transformation with ease and Grace, or with dis-ease and discomfort, essentially the choice is yours. How you perceive what you experience creates your reality.  Fear of change can cause a multitude of imbalances creating an internal milieu of inner turmoil.

Accepting change can be quite fearful for some. What will happen if you are taken out of your comfort zone?  How will you adapt to change?  What would you have to let go of or leave behind in the wake of change?  Will you be different and will your family and friends still accept you if you have a different outlook on life?  Will your family still love you if you change?  Do you think your friends will remain friends?  What would you do if you had to leave your home and town?  How would you cope if you lost your job?  Are you able to adapt to change and flow with the synchronous tide of energetic alignment and transferral?  Can you remain balanced within and in a neutral, non-judgemental state of being whilst experiencing radical shift and change?  Also are you able to allow another to transform gracefully even if you find the experience difficult?  Would you be happy for another for where they are and what they have achieved on their transformative journey?  What if you even appear different physically and your verbal communication becomes quite diverse and unique?

We offer to you the metaphor of the box.


This is a beautiful mahogany desk box that is able to hold something special and unique within it.  There are hinges on the back of the lid that allow the box to remain ajar when opened so that you are able to let go of the lid whilst looking at what is inside.  The box is a beautiful antique and is very old.  This box is a little different to most as it does not hold solid items within it.  It holds some magical knowledge and wisdom that only you are able to see, feel, sense or know.  It requires a specific energetic signature to open it.  Your energetic field is the key to open the lock that keeps it secured.  It surprises you to know that there are no specific physical locks upon the box nor is there a lock and key mechanism housed in the lid of the box.  The lock itself is unique as it is an energetic lock, a force field if you will.

Are willing to open the box even though you do not know what is inside or what it might represent to you? Would you be willing to open the box even though what is inside may incite change both within and without?

No-one is aware of what lies within the box as it is your box. You are the only one that knows what is inside and yet you have no clue what that could be.  How can you know what is inside the box if you are not aligned to the contents of the box?  In order to align to the contents of the box you must know what is in there.  How do you know what is inside the box if you haven’t seen, felt, sensed or experienced its contents?

There is a reason no-one is aware of what lies within the box and that is because essentially it can be whatever you choose it to be. It is your prerogative upon the Earth plane to create the contents of the box as free will is your birthright.  The magical properties of the box can be in alignment with your free choices.  Essentially what you do with the contents of the box and what the intent behind the use of the contents is affects not only you but all.

Where you align your energies and for what purpose you align them will determine your experiences. These can be wonderful realisations and actualisations or they can essentially be not so wonderful.  How this manifests will be in alignment with your truth and divine will.  This was an important metaphor to allow you to see that you can create whatever you choose to create and you can use your creation however you choose to use it.  Your life experiences are based upon the choices you make.  The life you lead will either be smooth sailing or quite turbulent depending upon your choices.

Let us return to the subject of change. As mentioned all will experience change and some may align with a radical shift. There is a multitude of opportunities available for each of you.  Change is imminent for all of you however your choices are a regulator for this change so to speak.  It is like the contents of the mahogany box being the regulated transformative process you may experience.  Essentially this degree of metamorphosis will affect you on a cellular level.  You cannot undergo a transformative process such as this without appearing different.  If you are able to hold more light then you will feel lighter.  If you feel lighter you will have an alternate understanding of your experiences.  Recognition of and gratitude for the more easeful and Graceful experiences in your life will magnetise to you more of the same energetic structures.  You will have an inner landscape of peace instead of inner turmoil.  It will be difficult to appear to others as the same.  Your metamorphosis will be obvious to some degree whether or not you are aware of it yourself.

Let us look at the metaphor of the little elephant.


The little baby elephant was born as a normal elephant, or at least what her herd perceived as normal.  She was grey and her skin was quite thick.  She had two floppy ears, a long trunk, and four sturdy legs.  She was grey and her skin was quite thick.  She looked and sounded like a normal elephant but she was very wise and intelligent, far more intelligent than the elders in her herd.  She wanted to be recognised for her wisdom and use her intelligence to lovingly assist the herd but alas they did not acknowledge her.  Whilst on a walk this little elephant came across a beautiful mahogany box.  She felt that there was something special inside the box and so she decided that whatever was in the box was going to be beautiful and unique and magical.  Something magical would happen and others would notice her and then maybe she could help her herd.  She focused on that as she opened the box.  As days went by this little elephant grew much larger and appeared as though she was shimmering.   She seemed to glow from the inside out making her look as though she had tiny little crystals stuck to her skin.  Depending upon the angle of the sun the elephant looked as though her grey flesh was not flesh at all but rather as though it was a crystalline gossamer cloak is draped over her.  She is still the same elephant inside and yet she appears very dissimilar to the other elephants in her external appearance.  The other elephants did not seem to mind as she was such an harmoniously loving little elephant, and quite wise and intelligent to boot.  They nurtured her as they realised that she was the future of their herd.  Through her lovingly aligned metamorphosis it enabled the other elephants to essentially experience their own transformation.  They were then able to recognise and transform any fears they held within about change.

Now let us look at a misaligned little elephant. Let us say that the little elephant decided that when she opened the mahogany box she would use the contents to prove herself to the herd and show them once and for all that she was far superior and far more intelligent, choosing dominance over the herd family. Oh she experienced a radical shift however instead of glowing and shimmering she aligned with much darker energies.  She appeared haggard and her countenance was harsh and brash.  It was as though her skin became more wrinkled, prickly and dark.  The other elephants feared not only the change in the little elephant but what those changes could bring to the herd. She was exiled from the herd in the most unpleasant way.

A shift/change that is misaligned can incite fear in others as it can create a brash and harsh energetic. A shift/change that is aligned with love can create an energetic of opportunity for those that hold fear of change within, allowing them to accept it and transform their fear.

It is essential you realise that the changes you go through are more likely to be easily accepted by others if they are in alignment with the highest and best for all. If the ego sets in and chooses transformation to push their energy upon another or to have power over others then it can create a disharmonious and intolerable energy.

We do not want to have to address the elephant in the room now do we? Be the transformation.  Accept the metamorphosis in the highest light of truth.  Know that when you transform from this place you are doing so in the most aligned way, free of the ego.  There will always be those that fear the changes you have experienced or fear their own metamorphosis process.   This is not a competition to see who has more power or is more wise or intelligent.  This is a unique process, designed by you.  Essentially you are the transformation.  And so it is…

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