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Things are changing.  There are many dimensions of changes occurring and as we prepare for the next phase, the next stage, of embodiment there are certain aspects of our life that are coming into alignment so that we can create much needed space for the new higher photonic crystalline light.


We must align our ducks, get them in a row, so they can we can fly freely into and through the higher dimensional light.  Getting our ducks in a row can quite often be difficult as ducks, like most animals, do not conform to our perceptions of how they should be lined up.



Ducks are happy-go-lucky but are easily affected by external influences.  This makes it difficult to rein them in and have them stand in a row, aligned and ready in preparation for what may present itself on a daily basis.  They are skittish animals that are easily startled by loud noises, causing them to react with stiff, rapid and chaotic flapping.  Ducks, when disturbed or threatened, release vocally by spraying the incoming menace with honks, hisses, growls, barks, grunts and groans, and launch into a waddled attack.  Oh how we can correlate our human selves to the duck.


There are cycles within cycles and as new cycles are created we may revisit old cycles.  (See previous message received in 2015 titled “Are your ducks in a row” )


It is not until we are able to ebb and flow with life, to sail calmly across the waves of linear reality, that we can line our ducks in a row.  Being able to ebb and flow through the external influences presented through these cycles, regardless of what they are and how they affect us physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually, makes for a peaceful, harmonious life of acceptance.  By not allowing the external influences to subjugate us keeps our ducks calm, vocally quiet, and subdued into submission enabling us to position them harmoniously according our inner decor.



Finding peace with where we are, what we are doing, how we are doing it, and who we are (or are not) doing it with is vitally important to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.  If we are unable to find inner peace and ease then it may be time to look into what it is that is the underlying cause of the dis-ease and peacelessness.


Due to the influx of light through this total solar eclipse (2nd July) and the partial lunar eclipse (17th July) a more powerful opportunity is available.  Possibilities are available to prepare for what is to come, what you term linearly as the future.  Make it a game to query how your old habits and behaviours are serving you then explore positive creative alternatives that can offer you progress instead of inactivity.  It is a powerful time for new beginnings, re-writing goals and affirmations so that you can re-configure a fresh start for yourselves to help you find that inner peace and ease.


Find a way to channel the creative flow within whether it is through music, art, dance, sport, and crafts etc.  Become inventive to help the environment, animals through sustainable projects.  Release self-judgement and allow your ducks to fall in line, rearrange them if you feel it is appropriate, enjoy the creative process and find peace with the arrangement.

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