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I find myself standing in a circle of light.  It is as though this light flickers as a flame does and yet it does not appear to be flames that represent a fire.  They are more like small beacons of light.  Within this light there appears to be some sort of codified configuration.  As the beacons flicker and waver to and fro these codified configurations seem to appear as fire letters, or filaments of light representing a language.  Although I understand this as light language I have never seen this represented in this way before.  These letters seem to speak to me through a confluent flux of energy and as I sit within this language of light and recognise that they reveal themselves to me when intent is given. 


Although these feel like little filaments of light I get the sense that this light is one light and all encompassing.  This one big flame, this one big light, feels as though it is offering a space of transmutation, and as the little flames synergise the effect can be felt as feather touches which dance and tickle my skin into a sense of aliveness.


I recognise that this light is my inner light that seems to be presenting itself to me to radiate it outwardly.  As I radiate this light outwardly it seems to enliven me, enlighten me, and I feel as though I am fulfilled by the awakening of the light language within.  This sense I am feeling is very fulfilling as though I am receiving a light/love wash throughout every cell of my body.  It is a feeling of synaptic communication, a download and upload simultaneously. 



As I sat in meditation on the morning of 9th March this vision was received quite unexpectedly.  I am in the habit of journaling what I receive and after making the grammatical corrections I don’t often revisit what I write.  On the morning I wrote this I had not taken the time to make these grammatical corrections, nor had I saved this on the computer, and so it remained in my word document as an open file.  As I sat down this morning to commence some work I noticed this document still open and read the above.


After an incident my father and I had experienced on the 12th of March, I couldn’t believe that I had received this three days prior.


Through a very intense electrical storm my father and I hurriedly tried to get his off-road van sorted to prevent as much damage as possible.  The storm hit rapidly and unleashed a barrage of thunder and lightning.  Rain fell heavily and very quickly we were standing in ponds of water.  The wind gusts apparently reached up to 80km/hr, so to say we struggled to get things sorted was an understatement.  We were standing under the then erect awning when a bolt of lightning exploded a hole in the ground not more than 1 metre from us.  As I ducked my head with the impact of the energy I did not see that my father had been lifted 2 feet in the air to come crashing down on his knees.  The light around us had turned thick with a vibrant white overlay around a crystalline plasma type of crackling orange light.  As I had turned to walk away I wasn’t aware of the dancing sparkles and flames of light my father witnessed on the ground in the space around us.  As we were standing in water this was a concern to say the least.  Grabbing the handle of the van to open it threw my hand backward and gave me a shock. The Van had coursed this extremely high voltage energy through it.



After inspecting what had occurred my brother, an electrician, explained that the electrical current of the lightning bolt hitting the earth travelled across and into the van to earth through Dad as he accidentally brushed the stainless steel cooking facilities.  This was apparent when dad revealed a spot on his lower back where the energy of this burnt through and exited his body.  Had he been host to a pacemaker we would have lost him in that moment.  Incredibly my father has a sore lower back and sore knee where he landed heavily on it but apart from that he, and I, are both fine.


When this occurred I felt as though I was light, as in light on my feet, as though I wasn’t really touching the ground and yet I knew I was.  The crackling thick ionised air felt as though it tickled and danced across my skin. My vision was filled with pockets of this thick vibrant white and orange light, even with a tinge of red.


This was certainly an experience we will never forget and we are forever grateful that dad is ok and that we both walked away from this.


How amazing is it to think that three days prior to this incident I received the visual experience I shared earlier and took the time to journal it.  Blessed are we that all is well.


Even without this experience I have been noticing how incredibly strong and powerful the energy is at the moment and although I am not an astrology scholar I do feel the impact these cosmic astrological alignments have upon me.  I feel as though my physical body, my emotions, and mind are being tossed around in a washing machine.  My usual methods of bringing myself back into balance and equanimity are having no impact as I have shifted to a new sense of self, a self that requires the cleansing of residual fears, doubts, worries and concerns.  It stands to reason that these methods previously used may also need to shift, and shift they have, which I am processing and integrating daily.


As I speak with others, and am witness to occurrences around me, it appears that many of us are experiencing these tumultuous energetic shifts and changes and finding it difficult to find our footing in the heavy duty wash cycle.  Many changes are afoot and these changes, these infinite potentials, crackle and pop around us like electrically charged light.  They are teasing us into a new recognition of self on levels greater than we can comprehend at the moment.  By giving intent for these infinite possibilities to enlighten us, to tickle our skin, to awaken our senses, allows for a more easeful and harmonious transition.


Being alert to the energy around us, and to the relationships we have with family and friends that do not awaken and tantalise our senses, that do not enliven us, lift us into the light, and that do not allow us to feel safe to open our minds to something new strengthens our recognition of what it is that does entice us to explore these infinite possibilities.


I lovingly choose to explore these new energies, these infinite possibilities, in my own way and in my own space/time.  Will you?


Welcome all to my new website.  What an explosive re-entry.  Returning back makes my heart feel joyous and light.  It has been quite a journey preparing and sorting the content for this new fresh start.  So I apologise for the delay in a fresh new White Light message.


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