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(The above image was given in relation to this post and I have tried to portray it the best I could.  The stone paved path and step with the foliage around it that leads to the portal represents our boots on the ground earthly dimension, important for us to remain grounded at this time.  The portal was given as the representation of the Merkabah field that carries us through multidimensional doorways.   Hieroglyphs around the portal represent the unique energetic expressions of individual self/selves.  The multi-coloured path that leads to the door represents the ‘Corridor of many colours’/rainbow bridge.  And the doorway is self-explanatory.)  ___________________________________________________________________________________________


The recent astrological cycles and events, such as the 11/11 star gate, the meteor showers, the 12/12/12 (3/3/3), full moon (12th) and moving into the Summer Solstice, and beyond to mid-January, have been, and are, a very heightened time energetically.  A quickening has been occurring within our physical bodies and the very cells, the muscles, bones, and connective tissue in our bodies are being affected by this higher frequency.  Many have been experiencing aches and pains, stiffness and rigidity, cold and flu symptoms, lethargy, heightened anxiety and stress which may, or may not, have been contributed to the influx of the heightened cosmic energies.


When astrological cycles such as these powerful master number encoded events occur we are taken through what can be described as energetic portals, doorways into expanded conscious awareness, expanded consciousness.  Some are ready to step through these portals and some are not.  Each individual will be presented with a portal/gateway/opportunity to move through that is unique to them and where they travel to will be conducive to where they are at on their journey through their awakening and ascension timeline.


In order to be ready to step through these doorways/portals/gateways we must have the right ticket and up to date passport.  The luggage must be as light as possible.  Extra baggage/weight is not advisable when travelling through these intensified energetics. Therefore a process of cleansing, of clearing, of balancing and integration is necessary to assist us to experience these energetic shifts with ease and Grace rather than an opposing reactive energetic.



Energy pathways, meridians, nadi’s, Chakra’s and all bodies, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric light bodies will all need to undergo harmonious modification in order to pass through the energetic portals.


Familiar paths and patterns that we have walked and held onto that have created energetic imbalances in the body may need to be changed or let go of.  We hang onto the familiar path as we can fear the unknown or what we don’t understand.  We tend to hold onto patterns that we have perceived have assisted us in coping with life.  This perception has kept us in a place of familiarity, of comfort, and it is from this place that we refuse to look at all possibilities and be open to change.  Change, for some, can bring discomfort, and can be frighteningly unfamiliar.


We will be offered many opportunities in our life time to walk across these thresholds into enhanced awareness as there are many portals, many doorways and many openings for each individual and yet available to all as a collective.  When we choose to walk through, to lighten our load and take the steps necessary to walk through we carry others with us.  When we raise our light quotient we inevitably raise others within the collective field of light and love and this then becomes a global shift.  This is where we are at.  All that is required of us is our intent, a decision to choose to, or not to, walk through the portals offered, and then it is a commitment to self to ensure we do whatever is necessary to get the correct ticket, to ensure the passport is valid and our luggage is light.


Fear of the unknown, of not understanding, what lies beyond the portal causes people to remain where they are in their spiritual evolution.  If before stepping through the portal we were aware that on the other side there was a corridor of many colours and that the corridor of many colours is the bridge that can carry us across time then we may be more excited to take the bold steps.  The corridor of many colours can allow us to address whatever it is that can prevent us, or assist us on our journey to self, the self that resides beyond form, our future self.  This corridor of many colours has doorways that are closed.  The doorways are multidimensional and there may be many doorways, or there may be only one.  The choice is ours to explore these doorways and it takes the seeker a great deal of courage to open a doorway considering they are not privy to what lies behind the door.


What if you could choose how many doorways there are to open?  What if you could choose what lay behind the door you choose to walk through?  Would that enable you to walk through, to explore, to look within and to receive what it is that the greater aspect of you would like you to receive through this experience?  The choice is yours to see the corridor of colours that is most aligned with you taking into consideration that



Will walking through the blue door give you the courage to speak your truth?


Is there something behind the green door that relates to the broken heart you experienced when younger that will assist you with integration and healing?


Is there something behind the red door that helps you to see clearly that you are steeped in the victim/victimiser energetic?


Would you take the opportunity to walk through each door to receive the blessings held within?


Or would you put your head in the sand and choose not see that the blessings being offered?


In our choices to walk through these doorways we may find that when we go to open the door it may actually be locked.  Divine timing can have influence over this as it may be that some choose to walk through doorways that are not in alignment with their resonance.  Trust in this is a necessity as we would not want to walk through a doorway and feel overwhelmed with the energy there.  That would not be conducive to health, happiness, and harmonious balance.


In today’s society many want to go to the top without learning the necessary skills required.  It is the skills that aid the seeker in becoming the most integrated and balanced leader who will have many wanting to follow them.


The choice is ours to join the many that are collectively choosing to walk through their own portals into the corridors of many colours.  When this is done collectively and globally we raise others to the levels required to reach their portals, to cleanse, to balance, to embody more of their true self.  This creates a unified field of light which is becoming stronger, brighter and more powerful.  Within this power lies our ability to discern the energetics at play offering us the choice to be liberated from the ‘power of others’ energetic construct.  The choice is ours to embody our sovereign selves so that we may stand ‘Free in our Divinity’.



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