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The question arises, “Are you ready?” You may ask “Ready for what?” And we say to you to be ready for change. There are so many light emanations filtering through your atmosphere that are taking you and the planet into higher resonance. These light emanations are filtering through with much intensity and many will be feeling this physically, emotionally, mentally etc. Many upon your world are experiencing what you term depression. Change is a very difficult thing to accept for some and especially if they are not aware of the changes that are occurring. These changes occurring within are on a cellular level, within the DNA and on a light level. This is an understanding some have and some may not even be aware, let alone want to be aware.

Within the structural field of the physical body you may be experiencing pain, imbalance such as vertigo, head colds, flu symptoms, headaches and many more symptoms of change. When one is able to realise that these changes are allowing the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies to cleanse old outworn energies to allow the new light filled energies to enter one will go through these symptoms of change with much more ease. They are nothing to fear and when acknowledged, allowed and chosen with ease then they will indeed be so.

There are many that are feeling a heightened sense of excitement, as if something is to happen. It is and it will and many will not believe that which is to come. So we say to you that in these coming days you will all experience much change and this is for the better for you are all, including Lady Gaia, moving into a higher resonance. It is exciting times for all and we also are excited for we are seeing the fruits of you labour coming into manifestation.

Nurturance of the self is important for you all now and taking the time to relax, to breathe and to be with the self, even if it is for only 5 minutes of your day, then you will find that this allows a greater connection to the self. Taking the time to plant the feet firmly on the ground, going outside and being in nature will allow you to balance and remain grounded. Nature has a most healing effect upon the soul and when one is able to work with the plants in their garden and get the earthen soil upon their skin it is remarkable the grounding and healing effect this can have.

Time is falling away and most of you are realising that your days seem to be speeding up. You notice you are already into your month of August and where has the year gone?

You are finding that there seems to be little time to get the things done that you choose to do, based on the old time structures. When one is doing that which is aligned with their heart they will find all the time in the world to do it. When one is not aligned with their heart then time will indeed fly by causing many to stress and worry that they are not completing tasks they should be etc. It is important to realise that when one is able to align all tasks with their heart, with love, then all tasks will be completed when necessary. In the olden times, what you term the olden days, many sang whilst doing their tasks. How happy they were regardless of the arduous task they were completing. But a little joy in your life, a little happiness, regardless of what it is you are doing and you will find that all flows smoothly.

It is difficult sometimes when some of the things happening in your life are not that pleasant. The more one focuses on the unpleasantness of the situation the more unpleasant it will be. These higher resonances allow you to magnetise to you what it is you focus upon so when you focus upon unpleasantness that is exactly what you will get. Know that each situation that you find yourselves in is a great opportunity to learn and to grow and focus upon that will enable you to bring joy or acceptance to it.

We see so many of you struggling at the present time and we bring you this information so you are aware that what you focus upon will be magnetised to you in such a way it is as if it is upon a rubber band and bounces back at you.  The unhappy focus you have extends from you as if it was the rubber band and it can extend as far as you intend for it to go. It may go out from you into your own little bubble, or it may extend out and affect your family unit, it may extend out and affect your work place and the people you work with and it may even extend out beyond your community if you are that mired in unpleasantness. It will extend as far as you choose for it to extend, however, we remind you that it is the rubber band effect where the rubber band can only be stretched so far without it snapping back to itself. This is what is happening in these energies of higher resonance.

Positive thoughts and actions will bring back to you positive thoughts and actions so whatever it is you express you will create within your sphere of life. We bring your this information this day in the hopes we can help your to see more clearly how important it is for each of you to come from a place of love, to come from the heart centre. When one comes from love and shares love one will get love in return. How wonderful the planet would be if all people came from this place within. All of you have love within. It is the very essence upon which you were created. Some have hidden this love spark deep within for various reasons. We say to you now to take the time to reconnect with this love that lies hidden within and learn how to love the self. When one is able to love the self then one is able to share that love with others. This will then filter out from you, as far as you would like it to extend, and then it will return to you enhanced in so many ways.

Allow yourself to love and be loved for the love we have for you is beyond measure, however, you will never be able to feel it if you do not allow yourself to open to receive it. Take a moment and close your eyes. Allow yourself to feel our love and even though you feel these are just words upon the page you will feel a beautiful love wash from us if you give yourself permission to receive it. This is the language of light, the language of love and we speak this to you know.

In love, light and grace we hold you in our loving embrace. And so it is…


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