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We turn our attention to the heart centre. It is within the sacred heart centre that your universal truth lies. Your universal truth and wisdom is who you are, it is the spark of divinity that lies within your sacred heart centre. It is universally connected to the sacred divine spark within each and every person upon the planet. When one chooses for this spark to be illuminated, to be ignited into the fullness it was designed to be, one is automatically giving every person upon the planet the opportunity to ignite and illuminate their spark.

Imagine the Vesica Pisces symbol, the symbol of divine feminine and divine masculine meeting and integrating to reveal this sacred spark, this sacred flame of divinity within. This flame when activated and allowed to expand in fullness will touch the heart flame of each and every person you come into contact with. This divine spark communicates with the divine spark of all of humanity and the more you allow this divine spark to expand the more people you will touch.

For those that have chosen to dim this spark to an almost non-existence are the ones that seem, in your terms, dark. They have dark intentions, dark thoughts, dark actions and reactions. This is quite literal in the sense that because their divine spark within has been dimmed they cannot see their way clear of the darkness. Until they choose to enlighten the dark spark within them, to allow that spark to be ignited with love, then they will remain in the dark full of fear.

When one chooses to allow the spark to be ignited with universal love, with universal truth, one will see clearly their road ahead, never fearing the dark again. Being in the company of the very dimly lit dark ones can be felt and it is important for all to realise that they can easily and consciously imagine that their divine spark, divine flame blazes so brightly so they do not fall into the trap of dimming their own light.

This is all metaphor and we give to you an example now of what will assist you in understanding how this may pertain to you in your current lives. Being in the company of those very negative and pessimistic people, those with the ‘oh poor me’ archetype and those that quite literally feel sinister can bring your energy down, can dim your light. Be mindful of how you react when you are around them and know that if you focus upon the spark within yourself, and ignite it into a full flame, then you will not feel your energy brought down to their level.

We tell you this in these times as the energies amp up upon the Earth plane, all conducive to moving into the new world, the Golden age, you will find that many people in your sphere of life that have a dimly lit spark will become a little restless. The planet herself is going through much change and bringing herself into much higher octaves of light. Those that choose to raise their awareness are intuitively brightening their spark and they are expanding this light out from their physical bodies into their energy bodies, their auric fields. This can be felt by those that are little dimmer, darker, and it is becoming quite unsettling for them.

We do not tell you this for you to be judgemental of those whose light shines dimly. We tell you this so you may be able to understand what they are experiencing and to assist them in this metamorphosis period. When one has been stuck in darkness for aeons of time one knows only darkness. As we are moving into the new world, a world where All is One it is up to those of the light to hold out a helping hand. Even those of the light may have residual pieces of darker energies still attached to them that are lifting. Give yourself permission to allow all remaining lower vibrational energies to be transformed in the highest and best way. This will enable your light to shine ever more brightly.

It can be a very difficult process for each and every one of you, however, those that are not shining brightly will find it more difficult. If you recognise this within another, and it may be a family member, offer your support, your kindness and your unconditional love. Understand that it is still their choice if they choose to remain in the dark. It is not for those of the light to push themselves upon another and expect them to do as they say. It is for you to recognise the changes occurring within and around them are difficult for them to understand, and to process, and assist them if they ask for it. Without loving support they may lose their way even more.

The time has come for all upon the planet to realise that you are all in this together. There is no separation of the self. You are all one, although individualised sparks of the one, and you are here to assist the planet in healing and raising of her vibrational frequencies. When you can come to a full understanding of this you will then realise that not only are you all one with each other, you are one with the planet, the galaxy, the universe and beyond.

This process you are going through, this change that is occurring, is in alignment with your choice to be here upon Earth in these awakening times. Your choice to be here now is so you can return to a planetary system of community spirit, of union, of sharing, of caring and of the understanding that what you do unto others you do unto you. You have been told for many, many of your years to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is what the understanding of oneness is all about. When you come to this place of understanding there will be no wars, there will be no need for power over others, there will be no need to be better than the next etc. You will realise that all of that does not matter. What matters are community spirit, love and compassion for all. That includes not only humans but also the animal kingdom and even the plant kingdom and elemental kingdom.

This beautiful terra you walk upon offers you so much and it is time you realised this oneness. We mentioned in the previous channelled message that it is important to get your hands in the soil and mother earth, Gaia, can assist you in your healing process. This is truth and if each and every one of you poured your unconditional love into Gaia she will offer it back to you tenfold. The animals, plants and elementals will increase the energies you feel and you will begin to realise how important it is to hold that awareness of oneness within.

These are special times dear ones and we are all so very excited to see the many changes that are occurring upon the planet. You do not see the grander plan as we see it and we say to you that what we see is a most beautiful light filled planet that pulsates with love. Not only from the crystal heart of Gaia but also from each and every one of you. This love, this light, that emanates from you all assists in the creation of the divine matrix or grid system around the planet that moves her into higher octaves. It is beautiful and if you could allow your imagination to envision this spectacular sight it would lift your energies and raise your own frequencies.


We give to you this day a visualisation that may assist you with this:

Imagine yourself standing on the grass somewhere that feels very peaceful for you. Take three big deep breaths and as you do feel the peacefulness of this place you stand. Allow this peacefulness to wash over you and through you. Imagine that the divine spark of light within your sacred heart is ignited and expands into a full flame of silver, gold and violet light. Imagine this flame expands to encompass your whole body. It expands up toward and out of the crown of your head, down to just below your feet and out either side of your being. You are encompassed in this flame.

Imagine now that you sense many others walking into this peaceful garden or place upon the grass where you stand. Imagine that their flames are expanded and as they move closer all of your flames merge with each other. Feel the love connection with these divine others as they share this sacred space with you. Take three more deep breaths and allow this divine love to wash over and through you.

Imagine now that as you take these breaths your awareness raises up out of yourself and you look down upon those in your sacred garden, your sacred space. You see a ball of energy, violet, silver and gold, expanding more and more as more people come into this area. Now imagine yourself going ever higher out into your earth atmosphere and imagine that the flames of every man, woman and child upon the planet are connecting and merging. Imagine that as this merged flame covers the earth it expands out to certain stars, or what looks to you like stars. These are in fact the grid system, the matrix and these stars or sparks of light are the connecting points of this divine matrix.

Imagine now that the whole planet has this beautiful gold, silver and violet matrix and grid system encompassing it. Now bring your awareness back into yourself, the self that is standing upon the ground in the sacred space you chose and look up from that perspective to see this grid system. Imagine that with your own consciousness you are able to bring this grid system closer to you or imagine it further away from you. It is whole and can never be broken. It is universal, it is truth. This grid system showers divine love upon you and you feel loved, you feel safe and you feel unity and oneness. You look to your right and to your left and you see those that walked into your sacred garden sharing this experience with you and are filled with light and love. You understand now what it is to be united, to be a community, to be one with all.

Now take three of these big breaths and anchor this feeling of oneness deep within the crystal heart of mother earth. Imagine this love and light going down into the earth and lighting up Gaia’s core. Bring your awareness now to your feet upon the ground and allow yourself to feel grounded.


Doing this visualisation will assist not only you but all upon the planet and the planet herself. This is a beautiful way to experience love for you will literally feel it wash over you. It is grand. You are grand. Know this and accept this for you are all beginning to come into the realisation of this. Love yourself and one another and look to assist others where you can. We share these truths with you this day and we share love with you that will assist in the illumination of the entire matrix in and around the planet.

Feel our loving embrace as we shower you with grace. And so it is…


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