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All of you, big, little, and in between have come to experience life in order to allow your consciousness to expand. Your consciousness expanding allows you to experience self, self-discovery.  You know this and yet you have, as all of you have, walked through the membrane of forgetfulness.  What if the membrane were lifted?  Are you ready for what lies behind the membrane?  Let us give a metaphor if you will and then you can make the decision as to whether or not you feel you may be ready.

We shall start out by saying that the metaphor we give may ring true for many of you and yet at the same time you deny it or shall we say have denied it. There are reasons for this that we will endeavour to address after the metaphor however for now we shall begin with the metaphor and from there you may have questions for us.

Little girl, magical world:

There was a little baby girl born to very proud parents. The parents grew up in a family that was so very against anyone that was remotely religious or for that matter remotely intuitive.  Psychics and healers were devil worshippers and the parents made it very clear that they did not tolerate anyone that had any intuitive gifts or abilities.  It was obvious to the parents that anyone with any sort of gift or ability was a fraud.  This was passed down to them by their ancestors and if you asked them why they were so against them they would not be able to tell you their truth of the mater as they did not even know it within themselves.

The beautiful little baby girl was an absolute delight. She would always smile and allow others to feel a love so immense when in her company.  This frightened the parents a little however they were quick to say that the only reason others felt a love so immense around her was due to the fact that they, the parents, loved her the same way and she was just expressing the love she felt from them.  Many would baulk at this for they could see negativity within the parents and an inherent hatred and intolerance of others for their many indiscretions (according to the parents they had many indiscretions).

As the child grew the parents noticed how very vague she was. It seemed she was so aloof and didn’t care about anything really, anything other than her own little world of magical creations.  You see the little girl often liked to play with imaginary friends both inside and outside in the garden.  The parents berated her for this as they were fearful of the judgement others would place upon them and their little girl.  So the little girl quickly knew she had to hide any magical creations and happenings and pretend she was normal according to what her parents believed was normal.

Quite often when children grow up they hide or suppress certain abilities however the little girl knew that the magical creations were not storytelling creations they were real and she did everything she could to maintain a connection with the magical world. She hid her abilities to speak with the elemental kingdoms and the angelic kingdoms.  She also hid her ability to communicate with the many deceased loved ones she saw in her normal everyday life.

The little girl grew up and met a wonderful man that supported her abilities, knowing that he could never let on to the parents that she had maintained and strengthened her abilities. Mum and dad remained extremely atheistic and judgemental of others as they grew older.  In fact their tolerance of others dimmed somewhat and they kept to themselves.  As the years went by the little girl, now the woman, was saddened to learn that her father had passed over.  She was only saddened because she had wanted to let him know her truth.  She was not saddened by his death per se as she knew what happened when you passed over.  This was what she grew up with, her magical world.

The mother fell into deep despair as she now had no one to spend her days with and no one who understood her or held her beliefs. She was falling into a deep dark pit of despair knowing that her husband was gone forever.  In her eyes death was the end.  There was nothing after death and this frightened her to her core.  She knew she would be next.

As the mother lay on her death bed, her daughter (the woman), sat with her telling her about how she maintained her connection to her magical world. The mother listened and wanted to believe that there was more to life however she was so programmed she could not let go and be open to this.  It was not until the father had presented himself to the woman and although she knew her mother would not believe her the daughter shared this experience with her mother.  She denied it until the daughter gave validation of certain attributes, things that had happened and other little bits and pieces that only the mother would have known.

As you can guess the metaphor ends with the mother being enlightened as she lay on her death bed, passing over in a peaceful accepting state of mind. All was well in the end.

What we would like to bring to your attention is the very fact that the parents of the little girl chose to forget who they were. The little girl chose to remember so she could share her abilities with others however she learnt very quickly that she could only share her abilities with those that wanted to receive them.

All of you are the little girl. You all have certain gift, tools, abilities and talents that allow you to do what you came to do.  All of you are also the parents as you also have walked through the membrane of forgetfulness.  Most of you have chosen to forget who you truly are so you could experience in this world.  It is a design that allows you to follow a path of self-discovery, or not.  It is your choice and even though you have chosen before incarnating that the potential to discover self and remember your truth is your highest potential you do not have to follow that path.  You can choose to remain as the parents did and be oblivious to the magical world of creation or you can become a co-creator of your own magical world.  The choice is yours and that is your birthright.  Your birthright is to remember who you are; however, your birthright is also to have the choice.  You may choose or choose not to remember and that is fine for if that is your decision you will not be judged for it.

There is no better time than now to choose and when you do you must be a peace with the choice you make. In fact every choice you make will offer you the opportunity to be at peace with that choice or to be in turmoil with that choice.  A sad, lonely, negative world is only sad, lonely and negative if you choose for it to be so.  A wonderful world of magical creation is a wonderful world of magical creation if you choose for it to be so.

Do not underestimate the power of your thoughts and focus. Focus on the happy, joyful, magical opportunities you have and will have.  You can align with this or you can deny yourself of it.  We will not interfere with your decision however we will certainly assist you when you have made your decision regardless of what that decision may be.  If you choose negativity then we will endeavour to assist you to achieve your goal.  We will not create the misery in your life for you, we will just give you the strength, courage and support you need to experience the misery you yourself have created.  And again we will not create the magical wonders in your world; we will give you the opportunity to express the joy and gratitude for experiencing the magical creations.

There is a powerful energy at play here and it is called manifestation. You can either make your manifestations powerfully joyful or adversely miserable, the choice is yours.  And so it is…

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