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Today presented me with the most unusual correlation when I was up on the roof of our house cleaning out the gutters. It has been quite a while since we have followed through on that ‘not so pleasant’ task so it was no surprise to find the gutters stuffed with sticks, leaves and debris.

Armed with the most wonderful tool for cleaning gutters, the air blower, I set upon the task with enthusiasm. How silly of me to assume that all I had to do was to blow out the leaves and all would be cleansed.  Not the case.  After a few years of neglect the gutters had accumulated much more filth than I had anticipated.  In some areas the blower just seemed to rustle the top leaves, shifting only a few at a time.  Underneath there was some nasty sludge that could only be shifted by hand.  Uugh.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I hooked in and scraped as much of the sludge out of the gutters as I could so I could then follow with the blower. To say there was sludge by the bucket load is an understatement.  A few seeds thrown in there and I could have grown a very healthy herb garden.


How metaphoric this exercise was. We go about our lives accumulating sludge and filth not only in our physical bodies but also our emotional, mental, and spiritual. We think nothing of it and we certainly don’t think it will have an effect on us until the accumulation presents as a health issue.  This issue could present as minor health problems such as migraines, aches, pains, emotional upsets, mental fatigue, and slight depression and so on.  Or this could present as something major such as the diagnosis of a terminal illness, post-traumatic stress, and or major depression.  Our hearts feel clogged and heavy with sadness and often despair.


Granted a lot of sludge may have accumulated since childhood. Difficult at a young age to detect and do anything about it, however, as we get older and wiser we still don’t seem to want to address the underlying issues that cause the sludge trickling through our veins, our gut, our meridians (energy pathways), our mental and emotional processes.  Life seems to get in the way and instead of focusing on our internal cleansing regime we willingly allow external influences to dictate what type of sludge we accumulate, where it will sit within our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and where is comes from.  Our focus shifts to that which makes us feel imbalanced, unclean and cluttered and the more we focus upon this the more sludge seems to compact.


Assuming we can experience a liberating cleanse by having a shower, going for a swim, doing some exercise, or going on a diet we soon realise this is not lasting and we very quickly revert back to feeling heavy, unbalanced, unclean and cluttered. Committing to a healthy lifestyle will certainly begin the cleansing process however it is not until we dig deep and get to the bottom of what is causing this blockage in our gutters.  Addressing our fears, doubts, traumas and other suppressed emotions will ensure our gutters get cleaned, however it is important to maintain a level of cleanliness in order to safeguard against accumulated debris and sludge.

Creating a regime, routine, (or course of therapy), and cleansing the clutter from our external environment (and this may include relationships and career) as well as from our internal environment will be conducive to maintaining a cleansed home and body temple. Our veins, gut, meridians and our emotional and mental processes will be enlivened and respond with a new lease of life, a new energetic that will lift us out of the sludge of our repetitive and habitual lifestyle.  Enlightenment will be a by-product of joy and happiness lifting us onto our roof so we can see with a higher perspective.

It is of the utmost importance in these times of change to ensure we commit to keeping our internal and external environments clean. I know I will.  I have no intention of leaving my gutters get that clogged with sludge again.


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