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To experience expansion in all aspects of life one must be willing to allow it to happen. Ideals, beliefs and dogmas can prevent one from experiencing the richness of expansion. These limiting beliefs can create a wall of defence around one and only the beliefs they hold will be real to them. Another’s beliefs will then be difficult to allow without placing judgement either upon their beliefs or upon the person themselves.

Choosing to be open to expand ones’ consciousness is the first step to allowing the richness of life to be a part of your awakening reality. You are not just flesh and bone, you are so much more. Expanding your consciousness is getting into alignment with what that so much more is. It is knowing that the feeling you have within is there for a reason. That feeling of “Who am I”, “What am I here to do” nudges one to want to know more, to experience more.

It is the nudges and prodding’s you receive from your soul that take you in a direction that you have not previously gone. This is where many fear the unknown, fear what others may think or say of them, fear of knowing too much.

We say to you, dear ones, listen to your heart and follow your truth. Your truth is just that, your truth. What another thinks of you does not matter. What you choose to believe, and what you choose to bring into your life is your truth. Know that no matter what happens you have the greatest support system available to you at all times.

It may be that your path takes you on a journey that you least expected. Let us use this as a metaphor: You are a political person, in the limelight for being a leader in your field. It dawns on you one day that you are more than you thought you were and all of the ideals and beliefs you had to convince the masses that this and that were the right way to do things are not right, are not your truth any longer. What has happened? Where did this change of heart come from? Why is it that you now choose to give up a political career to be an artist? Where did that come from when you have not done art since your years at school? This is a classic example of the nudging’s and prodding’s of the heart, of your soul. Your soul knows that the truth of who you are wants to express itself upon the canvas using all of the colours imaginable. Do you listen to these stirrings within or do you fear what others will say, do you fear that financially you will no longer be provided for, for as you know the political financial benefits you have have set you up for life. Where will the money come from if you choose to paint?

You must trust that whatever it is you are guided to do you will be in exactly the right place and will have provided to you exactly what you require. Who is to say that when you begin your portfolio of splendid pieces of art, when you connect with the truth of who you are, then that which you believed would set you up for life is no longer of a concern for you for you are truly happy, truly at peace and you know from somewhere deep within that all is well.

Begin to look within dear ones to find that which your soul is calling out to you to do. Connect with the Divine Being that you are. Ask yourself what it is that is your truth. Connect with this now for in these coming days the energy portals are opening to allow those that truly believe they are more, that there is more, to follow their hearts’ desires. When a window of opportunity opens do you walk on by, do you shut it or do you stand before if breathing in the fresh aroma of the new?

Wonderful opportunities await all of you. Regardless of what situation you find yourself in if you can breathe in the fresh aroma of the new, breathe in and feel the love, you will find that there is no situation too difficult. We can hear some of you say that it is too difficult sometimes because the situation that you are in is one of fear, one of sadness, one of despair. We understand that you feel alone at times and we understand that your situation may be worse than the next persons. Dear ones if you understood that you have assistance waiting for you to reach out and ask then you would no longer feel so alone. If you could just turn within to listen to what your heart, your soul, is saying to you, you may find that the pathway that was covered in brambles is now cleared and although you need to tread slowly at first you will soon realise that the pathway remains free of the brambles.

We do not tell you what to do as we are not the creator of your world. You are. Only you know what is right for you. Only you can tap into the knowledge and wisdom you hold within by choosing to expand. Only you are able to find peace in the choices you make. Only you are able to understand who you are and why you are here. We are here for you and we are listening for you always. Reach out and ask for assistance as your spiritual friends and family are with you always. Asking for help does not show weakness, quite the opposite actually. It is a brave soul that can finally let go of the control and surrender to receiving assistance regardless of where the assistance comes from.

You are the masters of your life. You have our help but you must be willing to receive it. Open the windows of opportunity and breathe in the fresh aroma of the new. Breathe in the love that we feel for you. Breathe in the love you feel for yourself. Connect with your heart, your sacred heart, and breathe this new, this love, into the very core of your being. All is well dear ones, all is well.

In Love, Light and Grace, it is you we embrace…..


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