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As we sit in the energy of astrological markers such as the 12:12 gateway and 21:12 summer solstice (southern hemisphere), Christ-mas day and through to the 27th December, we receive high influxes of frequency codes.  These codes trigger the awakening of the matching geometries within.  When the matching geometries are triggered, aligned and harmonised a gateway opens to allow higher light emanations to be received.  This is relevant to the soul and to the level of high light vibration they are able to match and to connect with.  It is also an opportunity to allow these frequencies to be assimilated and anchored within the body/mind/spirit complex. 

These geometries are codes of truth for each individual soul and they are engraved, etched as light filaments upon your heart/sacred heart complex.  As these higher light frequencies are transmitted to us, and etched upon our heart complex, the pathways of communication between our heart/sacred heart and mind/consciousness are opened.  Choices we make can then be made through and with light and love instead of from ego mind.   

These higher light frequencies, when anchored within, begin the process of moving into the higher triad of being.  Moving through the expansion of this tri-wave field aligns our awareness to recognise that we are physical, celestial, galactic, universal and omni-versal self/selves.  When this awareness is triggered the soul self can choose whatever ascending level of identity that is appropriate for their soul growth and expansion for the current incarnational cycle/experience.  There is always the opportunity to expand and grow, or to remain in a comfortable place of identity due to one’s situation in, and perspective of, their external reality.  Just as you offer a student of yoga the opportunity to move deeper into a pose, to extend the pose, to open more, to be challenged more, or to just sit within a place of familiarity or comfort, the choice is always that of the student/yogi/soul.

Each soul could be likened to a snowflake, a unique expression of love and light, of the ‘One’ unified field of light of all that is, each snowflake representing a sphere of similitude to the ‘One’.

If it is a soul’s choice not to awaken in this incarnational cycle this is appropriate for them.  The opportunity to awaken will always be available regardless of whether it is this incarnational cycle or the next.  Awakening and moving into the higher triad of being, to embody unity consciousness, lifts the soul out of the cycle of death and re-birth or what has been labelled the karmic wheel.  Karma begins to occur within years, months even days as opposed to lifetime after lifetime.  The sum of our actions becomes harmonious and balanced with love.  We become catalysts for love and light which assists Gaia in her evolutionary cycle. 

As we evolve and move from third/fourth density to fifth density beings we birth the new world.  The new world is the consciousness construct of unification forming the planetary consciousness.  This is unity consciousness, or what has been called Christos Consciousness. 

This festive season, Christ-mas, brings many souls together in loving situations, family gatherings, generous offerings and heartfelt love and warmth.  These energetic markers, these astrological cycles and festive occasion create a consciousness unified in love, sharing, and service to others and lift the collective energies into higher light. 

To enjoy these festive moments, to relish in the light and the love and to share in joy, laughter, generosity and kindness raises the hearts of many souls.  Open your hearts to receive these higher light frequencies and allow them to flow from you to all souls across all countries, across all stars and planetary systems for when we do we shine brightly from within.  Many blessings to all.

Laughter and Love and Light always.  (LaLaLa)


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