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There has been a noticeable shift in planetary consciousness and this is evident to all that are looking from beyond what you term the veil.  This shift has raised the light quality and quotient upon the planet.  We speak of vibrations and dimension and not much is given about the quality of the light that represents these vibrations and dimensions.  There is purity in the waters of creation, a pristine beauty beyond anything you can relate to upon your Earth.  Oh you see the pure beauty of much upon the planet however; it is the pristine, the crystalline, and the diamond like beauty that is available to you.  Your consciousness is expanding and with this comes the ability to see this pristine glory and you shall endeavour to hold the image of this within your mind’s eye for that is what humanity is here to do.  You are here to restore this pristine beauty to Gaia and allow her to shine with the gloriousness that she is.  Instead of placing a band aid upon her to cover up her hurts you will be looking at the cause of her hurts and correcting them, from your standpoint, and this will indeed heal her.

You are all so blessed to be in this energy at the moment and it is through the loving grace of Divine Father and Divine Mother that you are able to remember what a pristine, harmonious planet is like.  You have seen many of your movies that represent another facet of your planetary system and these movies; one in particular, shows how the people of the planet worked in harmony with the pristine body of that globe.  This movie was your Avatar movie and the splendour depicted upon that planet is seen to be even more beautiful that what is already upon your planet.  Indeed your planet was just as pristine and beautiful as the planet Pandora in that movie.  Your peoples lived in harmony with the planet.  Your peoples blessed Gaia for providing food and nourishment.  They blessed the animals and they lived as one.  All of this changed and much like the movie Avatar you destroyed much of the beauty and the connection you had to this planet.  This is to return and you have all got the opportunity to assist.

As you move into higher/expanded conscious awareness you will begin to realise that you do have a connection to the Earth.  You will begin to feel her presence as you walk upon the grass.  You will begin to feel her beauty and you will want to assist her to return to her splendiferousness.  Much of her hurts are being cleansed from her body, from her inner core, her heart centre, and through to her crust.  The tectonic plates are shifting to allow for the release of the negative energies that have been held within her body, the bloodshed, the barbaric games and rituals, the ‘power over other’ wars and the nuclear wargames and testings.  The many toxins not only to her land but to her seas and atmosphere are all being released and although you think that many of these earthquakes and volcanoes are doom and gloom they are not.

Oh indeed they are a direct reaction to the fear based thoughts and emotions that you as a whole hold within and she will release these the best way she knows how.  It is now time for you all to be aware that the more fear you hold within the more this affects Gaia.  It is important for you, humanity, to realise that the collective consciousness, the collection of thoughts that sit within a vast web over, around and through the planet, affect the energy of the dear soul that is Gaia.  Through her cries for assistance the Angelic forces have come to help humanity be more aware of what will aid her to heal her wounds.  As a collective consciousness your thoughts and actions, not only toward each other but toward the planet affect her greatly.  The more loving, caring and compassionate you are toward each other the more Gaia is healed.  The more loving, caring and compassionate you are to her kingdoms (plant, animal, elemental) you are the more light and love can enter to create balance and harmony.

We ask that you become more aware of how you can assist in raising her vibrational frequencies to allow her to hold more of this divine love and light.  This can be in a multitude of ways and it need not be a massive project.  It may just be as simple as standing upon the ground and sending her love, unconditional love, and allowing that love to filter down through her outer crust, through her body elementals and to her crystal heart.  It may be by picking up rubbish you see lying upon a beach.  It may be by recycling objects that are not biodegradable.  It may be by talking to her and thanking her.  It may be by showing her respect.  It may be by planting a beautiful garden one can sit in and admire the beauty of it.  It is simple dear ones and it need not be made into a massive chore for you.  There are many groups you can join to assist the cleaning up of waterways etc.  There are many ways in which to help and all of that are welcomed and lovingly accepted.

It is through the collective thoughts of humanity that much change will occur.  This is true for loving change or not so loving change, change that is fear based.  We ask you to be aware that these thoughts are potent and in the new energy, the cosmically filtered energies of more radiant light and gamma waves, these thoughts can be manifested instantly.  Many of you are aware that you have incarnated life expression after life expression to learn lessons whether they be due to a karmic cycle or not.  We would say that although humanity has labelled them as lessons they are in fact chosen experiences so you, as a soul, could expand your awareness of such experiences.  You chose to, through these experiences; remember your truth and your connection to self and to the Creator of All that is, Divine Mother/Divine Father energy.   For some of you this has taken many life experiences because you wanted to have a full understanding of contrast and the laws of cause and effect.

When you were happy with how you reacted to the many situations you found yourself in and how you acted upon your thought processes you chose to drop the need to experience that particular energy.  Many of these situations you placed yourself in were distanced from the love of the One and you chose this to understand how very separate you could imagine yourself to be.  You can never be separate from our love, from the Source of all that is.  It was your imagined belief that you were separated from us that has allowed many fears to be imagined and created by you.

Working through these fears and allowing them to be returned to balance is what brings you closer to us or your perceived closeness to us.  Dear ones you are never separate from us so how can you be closer to us or further away from us?  You are with us always and so we say to you that what you perceive of as further away is the dimness of the light that you are.  When your light shines dimly you cannot see clearly that you are always connected with our love and light.  Some of you are now coming to the understanding that with these cosmic energies that are showered upon the Earth your light is shining brighter.  This is happening whether you know it or not.  When your light expands and shines brighter it illuminates that which you haven’t seen for quite some time and that is the truth of who you are.  You can enhance this light by giving intent to the highest version of the self that you are that it be so.  We are here to assist you with this and although one can be afraid to see their truth we shall comfort you through this process this process of ascension.

There is nothing to fear.  It is your own imaginings that give strength to the fear.  Begin to imagine the good, the love, the light, the compassion, the friendliness, the generosity and the beauty instead of the bad, the fear, the darkness, the hatred, the jealousy, the greed and the ugliness.  These are just your own perceptions and reactions to something, someone or situations.  You can change these perceptions by being the masters that you are and mastering your thought processes and imaginings.  That is all that is required and when you can consciously choose to be mindful, truly mindful, you will begin to see the beauty in all things.

There is beauty in all things including you.  Know that this beauty is the same in each and every one of you.  It is the same beauty that lies within the oceans, the lands, the skies and the crystal heart of mother Earth.  Begin to see this beauty, to recognise it in the small things and you will see a big change in the harmonics of your sphere of life.  You will bring balance and harmony to situations that you have felt trapped in.  Notice the beauty in the song of a bird, in the rustle of the leaves of the trees, in the crash of the waves upon the beach, in the flowers in the garden beds, in the rainbows, the waterfalls, the caves, the desert, the animals, the colours of the sunrise and sunset.  It is all beautiful and it is only your perceptions that allow you to see it otherwise.  See the beauty in the person for this beauty in them is the same beauty in you.  If you see otherwise your perceptions are letting you see the situation that person is in and judging them for it rather than seeing that the situation they are in is an experience they have chosen so they can expand their understanding of contrast and cause and effect.  If you can see that whatever situation they place themselves within is appropriate for them then you can see the bigger picture of beauty.

We share our beauty with you and we ask that you begin to see that beauty within you.  Think beautiful and be beautiful and you will understand the beauteous love and light that is within you always.  You are never separate from this beauteous love and light for it is who you are, it is indeed your truth.  And so it is….

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