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Love from the higher dimensions comes unconditionally.  It is time now for all upon the Earth plane to remember unconditional love.  It is now appropriate for all of you to release that which prevents you from loving and accepting yourself unconditionally.  The many 3 dimensional programs that have been embedded and ingrained into your very being are being shifted.  You can now, with intent, release these.  Unless of course you feel they serve you, then you will not have any issues in releasing them.  If, however, you feel these old set programs serve you in any way then you will be hard pressed to release them until you release the need for them.

It is the dedication to the self that allows for greater shift and when one is able to truly commit to the self, unconditionally, then one will begin to see miraculous changes within their sphere of life.  Commitment to the self does not mean to disregard your Earthly life and your Earthly commitments.  It is a commitment that allows you to grow into the divine light being that you are.  By committing to releasing the old outdated pieces and parts of the self, releasing the old energies that may be stuck, stagnant or static, one is able to allow the higher light of their true essence to re-blend and re-merge with the physical, emotional, mental and etheric self that walks upon this earth in this life experience.

Many are finding that the release of these old energies is far more difficult than they presumed it to be.  Please understand that we say this with much love, it is only difficult to release the old when one chooses to remain attached to it.  What occurs then is a conflict within that causes much imbalance.  Although you may not be aware that you are still trying to retain these old energies, if you take a moment and look deeply within that which is difficult to release you will find the wisdom needed to release it.

It may be that you resist change as change is scary.  It may be that you deny yourself of your divine true essence for fear of being noticed by others.  There is a myriad of reasons as to why you may find it difficult to release the old energies, however, we ask that you please take a moment to look deeply at the why’s as this will allow you to let go.

It is without this extra baggage, these old energies, that you can truly rise up into the higher light of your true selves.  The coming solstice energies of the 21st December allow for greater shift and allow for each and every one of you to re-blend and re-merge with your higher multidimensional aspects of self.  Many will be in a place where this will occur.  Many will find that the old 3d patterns are illuminated so they can be released.  Much change is afoot and it would be wise to move into this coming solstice with the intention of allowing that which needs clearing to be cleared in the highest and best way and it will be so.

There has never been a greater opportunity for all of humanity to remember their true self, their true multidimensional self.  Each and every one that has chosen an incarnation upon the Earth at this time is here to take advantage of this opportunity.  It was your choice to be here at this time of ascension Earth so you too could ascend along with the many others that chose this life experience to do so.  It is your birthright to do so and although we have said this before we say it again, claim your birthright now.

Whenever any of you have chosen to incarnate upon the Earthly plane of existence it has always been the intent to align with the soul purpose.  The soul purpose in any incarnation has been to realise and work through the many miscreated energies that have been stored within the Akash.  It has always been the soul’s intent to work through the cause and effect of the duality karmic game.  It is now time to release the karmic ties and align now with your divine purpose.  Again we say to you that it is far easier than one would believe.  All that is required is your intent to do so.  Connect with your higher divine self and give intent to be shown how to move beyond the constructs of the 3rd dimensional karmic game.  This is already being lifted due to the planetary shift into ascension status, however, it would be of great assistance to yourself if you consciously choose to move beyond these old constructs.

We bring to your attention the many children that are being mentioned over the internet that have what humans perceive as great gifts.  Yes they may be musical prodigies, or artistic prodigies, even sport related prodigies, however, they are just remembering their true self and allowing this to shine from within.  Each and every one of you has the same capacity to tap into the inherent soul gifts you have.  It is just that the children know within and of themselves that they are capable and they just go about their daily lives walking in the light of their truth.  It does not concern them what others may think or say, they just lovingly choose to express their truth.

Look deep within dear ones for there you too will find the prodigy waiting to emerge.  Look within to find what calls your heart, is it art, is it music, is it singing, is it teaching.  What is it that is calling you for you will find that when you consciously become aware of that calling then the synchronistic events that align you with this calling will occur if you choose to allow them?  You have all got latent talents and abilities, however, in order for these to be acknowledged you must first be willing to allow yourself to shine.  Is it immoral to assume that you have great gifts?  Is it immoral to assume that your gifts are as great and varied as that of the masters that walked the earth?  No it is not immoral it is your birthright, your spiritual inheritance.

You are all masters and you have all chosen to be present upon the Earth in these times to master the self and allow your gifts and abilities to shine.  We ask that you pay particular attention to that which seems to draw your attention.  Giving your higher self permission to synchronise the events necessary to align you with self-mastery will enable you to be in the appropriate place at the appropriate time, meeting the appropriate people or finding the appropriate information that will assist you in remembering your mastery.  We do not say this lightly for the power of synchronicity is far greater than you can imagine.  Giving intent to be synchronistically aligned with your purpose will bring to you miraculous events.  All it takes is your conscious awareness and intent.

Dear ones, you will all be pleasantly surprised at the shifts that will occur in your lives when you consciously choose to be aligned with your divine purpose.  We support you in all ways and can assist you with these synchronicities if you give permission for our assistance.  We thank you in advance for this for our purpose is to assist.  There is no greater gift one can give another than unconditional love and support.  We do this well as we too choose to align with our purpose.

With much love, light and Grace it is you we embrace.



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