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Words are just that, words. They do not have meaning unless they are arranged in a formatted way to express, to explain, or to import implication into them.  Words without the language of light have little impact upon those that read them.  Words that have been impregnated with the language of light, and this is the light of truth, the light of the One, the light of love, the light of truth will be animated off the page into the hearts of those that read them.  And so dearest one when you read these words you will find that the energy in you shifts and as it shifts you will be taken into a zone a place where the language of light will easily come through you and through the words onto the page.  This shift in light will cause you to feel it within the body and as you feel it you may find that initially it is very tiresome however we say to you that this does not need to be the case if you choose to receive this light in the highest and best way.  Thank you.

The sacred language of light is in truth a dialect of its own. It is a language in and of itself in that those that read the words that have been encoded with it can perceive it according to where they are on their level of expanded awareness.  Of course there is always the story itself, then there is the esoteric meaning to the story and then there is the mystical meaning.  Those that read the words upon the page will receive the light coding’s regardless of where they sit within the cognitive process of the words.  When one reads the words they are planted with the light code seeds and through their choice to turn inward those seeds will be nurtured, watered and given the opportunity to grow into the beauty and wonder of their host.  For the beauty and wonder of their host is the beauty and wonder of all creation.  It is the beauty and wonder of the divine father/mother God.  Whilst the seeds grow within they will find their own path toward the light and each and every new plant within will be unique however they will all come from the same seeds.  So when the plant grows from the seed within one person it will be a unique gift of beauty and when the seeds grow within another they will, in their own, way be a unique gift of beauty.  They will however all have roots into the same source and that source is the source of the One light, the source of all creation, the source of mother/father God.

We are all connected through this network of roots and as our seeds grow so too does the network of roots. What we feed the plants that grow within will determine their light and their beauty.  It will determine the uniqueness of the flowers that grow, the scent and colours of the flowers and if there are any flowers at all.  By sharing the love, the beauty, the acceptance and gratitude with another and for another’s own uniqueness and beauty you are able to assist in the nurturance of their flowers and together the world will be filled with a beauty unsurpassed and a fragrance that is heavenly and full of colours not of this world.

The expression of your uniqueness is to be shared with others and through this sharing, in the highest light; we are able to nourish this world into a more beautiful, pristine paradise. There is no limit to our creative abilities and there is no limit to our ability to share.  It is what we share that will determine the magnificence not only within the self, but also within others and within the entire network of the planet and planetary system.

Individuated uniqueness is important to the current incarnation you are having. How you express this individuated uniqueness is important to the whole and humanity is now moving from a separated expression of self into an expression of self within a unified whole.  This unification is in fact where you are heading and it is through this unified heart space that greatest change will occur within and within and upon the planet.  The unification process is difficult for those upon the planet that find they are stuck in time.  Time is an illusion, created so you could experience contrast and duality principles.  Through the contrast and dualistic energies you created karmic patterning that allowed you to experience such things over and over until you could master these experiences.  These experiences have not always been of the higher light of love and although it is difficult to believe you could have been very dark in moments of your earthly incarnations you were in fact experiencing this contrast through choice and through your desire to experience the vast spectrum of light frequencies.  The light frequency oscillations allowed you to step down your higher selves into the soul self that resides upon the earth and through this stepping down in vibrational frequency you chose to experience, the incarnated version of you, you could rise above the lower frequencies to return to the unified light of the One, the source light of father/mother God.

There is much history upon the earthly plane and there are reasons why the karmic cycle and illusion of separation were created. It was to allow you to lift the heavy energies back into the light and transcend all density so Gaia could be lifted into the higher frequencies she used to be.

Earth’s history is and has been a mystery to most due to the extent of the truth. The truth was hidden from you all and it is still hidden to this day.  However due to the enactment of NESARA law and disclosure the truth is to be revealed to you and it will indeed create much chaos within many.  When truth is revealed you will find it very difficult to believe that you could have been so easily misled.  This was appropriate and you have all played your part beautifully in the grand play of illusion within the third dimensional frequency.  This third dimensional frequency has now been shifted to fifth dimensional frequency upon and within the planet. Individually you will need to do the work upon the self to work through the fourth dimensional frequencies to the lower sub-planes of fifth dimensional frequency.  There are many that are now working within the higher sub-planes of fifth dimensional frequency and sixth and beyond.  All of humanity is being lifted and there will be an influx of energies this year that will enable those of true light to wear their coat of many colours.

It is time for you to realise that you are all being lifted to a certain degree and where you are at within your personal expansion is where you will be lifted to. All of you will be able to experience rapid expansion if you choose this however we say to you that work must be done to unclutter, unburden and jettison the sludge that has built up within the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies.  These bodies must be cleansed and purified to allow your light body, your Merkabah, to carry you into higher planes of existence.

There is deep sorrow felt within many and this deep sorrow is many-fold. It is the sorrow of realising that you have been kept in the dark.  It is the sorrow of realising that you have been living within an illusion of separation.  It is the sorrow of feeling separated from self and separated from the light of the One, divine father/mother God.  It is the sorrow of realising how you have experienced your life and what you have done with it or not done with it.  This sorrow is to be brought into balance and lifted from your shoulders before you are able to wear your coat of many colours.  It is imperative that you begin to take responsibility for your life and for the choices you make.  The choices you make will feel so discontent now if they are oriented to what will make you bigger, better, stronger, wealthier than the next.  This will not be in alignment with the energies upon the planet and you will find that any choice you make now will feel in alignment if it is within the purview that you are making it knowing that you are a unified force of light upon the planet.  Know that you are unified in light and individuated and unique within that force of unified light.

You cannot expect to reach into a cup of tea with a teaspoon and pull out a grain of sugar. The sugar is now dissolved into the whole liquefied beverage and when you place the teaspoon in you will fill it with a portion of the whole.  As your light expands into the truth of the unified whole, into the truth of your divine over soul expression of self, you will find that you will be able to allow others to slip into your slipstream and be carried upon your waves of light, for as you go so do others and so does Gaia.  You all come up together and it is this understanding of the unified whole that will allow you to reach your hand out to take hold of as many others as you can and lift them into the higher light with you.

There will be those that will be able to lift you into higher light and those are the ones that are here to be the lighthouses, the beacons of light for the many. This is not to say they are any better, bigger or brighter.  Their role is to assist the many and through their dedication to their own uniqueness within the whole they have chosen to carry the light for others so they can see clearly their best options for the path they choose.  There must always be the masters that assist the students; however the students are the master’s greatest teachers.  All of you are your own masters and all of you are your own students.  Offering your hands to those that choose to walk within your slip stream is assisting the whole unified field of light.  When the student is ready the masters appear and these masters are you for you are your greatest guides.  That higher multidimensional self is the greatest guide you could ever have and it is time now to turn your face toward the light of your truth.  It is through your choice to turn your face toward your own light that you will find synchronistic events happening daily to allow you to choose the most fulfilling path for you.

Assistance is at hand not only upon the earthly plane but also within the higher realms of light. Take our hands that we hold out to you and walk boldly into the light of your truth.  Take courage in knowing that you are protected and safe in the light of your truth.  You do not need to place yourself into the hands of another and let go of who you are so they can guide you.  You are your greatest guide and you must take responsibility for the path that you choose to walk.  Hold onto your light; never give it to another that may choose to have ‘power over others’ control.  Never give your power away to situations that you feel are out of your control.  How you react to any situation is always under your control.  You can create the most peaceful outcome to any situation if you choose to stand within your own light, holding the hand of the highest guide of the highest order, which is actually you.  Your truth is to shine clearly for all to see.  How else will others see clearly and be led into their own truth.  By shining your light of truth you can assist others and that is why you have come into this incarnation on earth in this new era of the Golden Age.  It is a unified field of light and together your individuated unique sparks light up this field like the sky is filled with fireworks.  Such a beautiful display of lights, colours, sparks, harmonics and melodies will be seen by all.

Together we shall carry each other up into the light of truth and the unified field of the light of the One. And so it shall be in this new era upon Gaia.


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