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We share with you a special bond.  Those of you upon the earth at this time all share this bond with us.  It has been an exciting millennia and we have watched every moment of it.  Humanity has progressed in so much that you are now experiencing pre-Christ Consciousness stage.  Many are stepping fully into their Christed Consciousness state of being.  Many are doing the preparation for this.  Those that have or will step into this state of being in these very near times have and will be the forerunners to assist humanity in the awakening process.  There are many varying levels and degrees of awakening.  There are some that are very enlightened, some that are well along their journey of enlightenment and some that still have a hood over their heads keeping them in the dark.

Each and every one of you has the opportunity to step fully into the vastness of the you that you are.  The energy upon the planet is ripe for you all to release, transmute and transform all that no longer serves you, all that keeps you in the depth of the illusion of duality.  It is time to shed that cloak and hood and look up to the light.  The more light you are able to hold within the lighter, in every sense of the word, you become.  It is that way dear ones that when you choose to raise yourself into the higher refined harmonies of light you are then able to assist others on their path to the stars so to speak.  Many of you have chosen this role, one of assisting others in their awakening journey.  Many have chosen to be the forerunners.  Again we say it is not that any are better than another.  It is simply the role you have chosen to play on your journey upon Earth.  This journey, your journey, is important to the very fabric of the galaxy, of the cosmos.

Look to the children dear ones for they know.  They are more enlightened and there will be many that will be educating those of you that are still to be awakened.  Do not fear this.  Be open to receive the teachings, the gifts these children have.  They may share with you very profound insights, or they may just reflect to you the bits and pieces of the self that still need transmuting to enable you to come into balance.  It is important that balance be achieved.  Physical, emotional, mental balance as well left and right brain hemisphere balance.  Masculine and feminine aspects of the self need to be balanced so one can fully step into the light body of the Divine Blueprint, Adam/Eve Kadmon.

Balance is the key to this dear ones and it is important to be open to receive.  It is one to ask for assistance in this and another to actually receive it.  Look at the mis-created structures that prevent you from receiving this.  What is it that is blocking you?  Is it fear?  Is it lack of self-worth?  Could it be an over-indulged ego?  The energy is ripe for you to see that which needs to be transformed/transmuted.  See the truth in that which is presented to you.  Reaction to any given situation is an indication that something may need addressing.  Do not berate yourself for not having done this sooner, or for not having the gifts of vision or hearing.  All that is required is your willingness to balance and your intent shall move mountains, mountains and mountains of hardships, trauma, fear, hatred, resentment jealousy.  Whatever it is that has built up over the years and even over the lifetimes can all be shifted with the intent to do so.

You have all the support you need.  There are many that can help you lift these tiresome burdens.  There are many of the ground crew upon Earth and there are so many on the other side of the veil awaiting your permission to help.  Call upon your spiritual family and friends and ask for their assistance.  They are more than ready and willing to help.  As you have all heard before, they are unable to help unless they are asked to do so.  Re-kindle the relationship with them and with your Oversoul self.

That longing, that yearning for something more, that sadness you feel within is often the illusion of the separation from your Divine I Am and your spiritual family and Heavenly Father/Mother God.  Ignite the passion within that will guide you back to you.  We celebrate each and every journey you have for we know that within each sojourn upon Earth you have set for yourself the triggers that awaken that longing to return to you.  We know that you become closer and closer to union with your Divine I Am with every moment.  The feeling of this union is indescribable in your three dimensional thinking.  It is difficult for us to explain how this will be for you.  It is home dear ones, it is a love so grand it fills you to bursting, it is bliss, it is ecstasy, peace joy and completeness.

The journey home is now so much easier for you to take.  The road before you has been walked by yourself so many times before.  Many of the obstacles that were there have fallen by the wayside.  Should you come to an obstacle, ask for assistance to get around it.  You will find in these higher vibrational energies that the intent is all that is required.  Giving the intent may see it dissolve before your very eyes.  It is that you no longer need to spend hours, days, months and years filtering through the ins and outs of what has been blocking you, what your fears are.  It is now, if you give intent for it to be so, that the intent to dissolve these burdens does so instantaneously.  You must believe that this is possible in order for this to occur.  What prevents you from believing this?

We offer to you these insights so that you may open to the gifts of the self.  It is like your birthday everyday as you are able to see clearly that every day brings new gifts, regardless of the situation you see yourself in.  Only if the intent is there to see this will it be seen.

Our love for you all is immeasurable.  Feel this love we have for you in this moment, in this very instant as you read this.  Feel it course through your body, through your blood, through every cell of your being.  And when you do dear ones give the intent that it ignites in you the passion for the self, for your return to the Overself you.  This is your gift to you.  Enjoy it.

And so it is…

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