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When one is ready to willingly lay aside their attachment to their little self, their ego self, one can take great strides in achieving alignment with the self and be balanced.  You see it is the little self, the ego self, that keeps you enamoured by the day to day repetitive negative thought patterns about the self.  “I am not good enough”, “I am not strong enough”, “I am not pretty enough” etc., etc.   These beliefs, and many others, are what keeps you entrapped in the lower frequency awareness of self.

When one chooses to take a conscious step in the direction to discovering more about themselves and more about life in general, one will do well in aligning the little self, the ego self, with the Divine I Am presence that is their true state of being.  Their true state of being is bliss, is love, is joy, is freedom, is compassion etc., etc.  If one can truly say that they are willing to experience these traits, to not only experience them but to live their daily lives by them, then one can align with the Higher self, Divine Self with much ease and grace.

It is a precursor to embodying the light body vehicle.  Balance and alignment must be achieved before one can step into their light body vehicle.  If their light body vehicle is too littered with bits and pieces of rubbish, lower energies, then the light body vehicle will not pull up outside your door to take you home.  There have been many stories in your scriptures that have described the light body vehicle and we say to you that this is not available to select few only.  It is available to each and every one of you and although you may be on the start of your awakening journey it is still available to you.  It may be that your light body vehicle may need a polish externally, a clean out internally, a vacuum and a service.

We use the metaphor of a vehicle in which you travel from A to B, one of your cars.  You have just purchased a new model in a particular make.  Let us, for this metaphor, use the Volks Wagon Beetle.  When you purchased this VW you were so excited to sit within it.  You could smell the new interior upholstery and you could not find a blemish on the dashboard.  It was perfect, it was pristine.  You chose the colour white as this represented to you a brightness that was easy to see whilst driving your new VW around.  The motor ran beautifully as you purred along the highways and you felt free.

Over time you noticed that the vehicle seemed to be labouring and the brakes emitted a funny sound.  You hadn’t looked after the interior too well as there were scratches on the upholstery, marks on the dashboard and a couple of instruments had been broken.  The floor was covered in rubbish, old paper, tissues, bottles etc., and you always seemed never to have the time to spend on cleaning it out.

It didn’t seem to excite you anymore driving around in your vehicle and you decided that many other people had better vehicles and that theirs were nicer, more pristine, and even prettier.  You wanted to trade it in a get a newer model, to upgrade and so you saved your pennies, or even took out a loan to get the newest and greatest model of VW beetle.  This time you would get more bells and whistles on it and that would keep you happy, or so you thought.

Oh but sadly over a number of months you realised that the new model VW was already starting to show signs of wear.  It started to get marks on it, scratches on the interior upholstery as well as the exterior.  You even managed to scrape the sides of it whilst reversing or parking.  For a little while you felt prettier in the new VW, you felt cleaner because it was clean but already the car was full of rubbish, dirty clothes, food scraps, paper, bottles, dirt and gravel had piled up.  Again it was an effort to cleanse the interior and so it is after a couple of years you decided to look for a newer model a newer version of this vehicle.

Dear ones, does this sound familiar?  We ask you to look deep within this metaphor to see how it relates to your human vehicles.  How very excited you were to have chosen the vehicle, the physical body for this life expression.  You came into the world as a perfect, pristine beautiful bouncing baby and you were so loved.  Over years you grew up and decided that you were not pretty enough and that other vehicles, bodies, were prettier.  You were not clean inside as you had collected many programmed beliefs and lived by them.  You ate unhealthy foods and filled your mind with non sense about how unworthy you were and how you were not good enough.

And so instead of going within to talk to the higher aspect of the self and ask what it is you can do to return to balance you go out and get a new hairdo, a new nose job, a new set of gleaming white teeth etc., etc.  You still eat unhealthy food but it is ok because you take a pill that is reported to increase your metabolism so you can eat whatever you like.

Dear ones, these are examples only and we understand that there are many of you working upon the self, going within, cleansing etc.  This is wonderful and we acknowledge the work that you do.  These are examples of what some within the collective are doing.  Humanity as a whole is changing their understanding of how you must cleanse yourself from the inside out and change that which does not resonate with the higher frequencies of the true self rather than cleansing and changing the external image in the hopes it will make you happy.

Happiness comes from knowing the self.  Balance creates happiness and when one is balanced and can stand in a state of peace, in a detached state of love, one can truly know oneself.  We do not refer to detached state of love as being detached from love.  We refer to this as a state as being detached from the conditions one places in and around love.

Being able to detach oneself from the little self, the ego self, the self that needs to be seen as the beautiful new model of VW beetle and knowing that one is already beautiful inside and outside of the self then one can come into balance and align with the divinity they are.

If you are in need of assistance with this your higher self will be glad to step in.  Allow you, the greatest guide that you are to yourself, to step in and help you to see clearly that which keeps you attached to the little self, the ego self so you are able to let it go and detach from little self.  Align the ego with your divine self, your divine will.  You are all beautiful, you are all beautiful shining models of light.  Allow your light to shine as brightly as can be and you will see that there is no other model that arouses in you the desire to replace it.  You are your own light and you shine bright.

And so it is…  Namaste.

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