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We welcome you, all of you, into the new energies, the energies that are filled with love. Although, to many of you, it may seem on the outside and within your media that you are in the midst of anything but love.  There seems to be so much turmoil, chaos and so many things that do not align with love happening in your day to day lives.  We recognise the pattern here and we would say to you that the pattern we see is the pattern the media and other sources wish for you to see.  The more fear generated will keep you bound in the old energy and those that choose power over others wish for that to be so.  To them power is money and so the more that is displayed as chaos, turmoil, hatred and fear will create much imbalance.  These patterns were used for aeons and aeons to keep you bound within the illusion of the third dimensional matrix.  These patterns are beginning to be broken down by those of you that are holding more light and that choose to see the truth in situations that would normally instil fear within the masses.  Why is it that your media chooses to show so much sadness, so much hatred so much that is out of alignment with love?  It is upsetting is it not?  If you answered yes to that question we ask why it is that you choose to watch it.  Why not walk away from the news, from the media, and take a moment to reflect on all of the loving things that have occurred to you throughout the day.  It may be as simple gesture such as a smile from someone in the street.  It may be conversing with the birds that trill their beautiful songs as you walk out in your yard.

All of you have control of the life you have chosen to live. All of you are responsible for how you sense and perceive things.  It is through your senses and perception you gain awareness and through your conscious awareness you are able to make loving choices that align you with the higher vibrational new you.  When you choose to attach to the sadness, the drama, the fear you are taking responsibility.  How your life pans out because of your responsible choices is your creation.  Please understand that we do not wish you all to be cold and not to feel love for those that are suffering or even for those you can see that are so removed from love.  We are not saying that at all.  When we refer to being detached from sadness, fear etc., we are merely saying to see the situation, the sadness etc., from a witness perspective.   When you place yourself within the situation and attach your emotions to the fear then you are creating more fear within and without.  When you are able to be as a witness to a situation you can see the situation for the truth of what it is and then you can consciously choose to assist by holding love in your heart for those within that situation or for the situation itself.  When you hold love in your heart and allow it to expand and shine then you are creating an intense light frequency that will attach to the love light frequencies of others and so on until you can create a loving light filled web of higher awareness and expanded consciousness.  This will then increase the light quotient of the whole collective consciousness creating change for all.

Everything is love and although it may be hard to understand that we ask you to be open to receive unconditional, unaltered love. The more you can open your heart centres to receive more love the more love you will be able to hold within your physical vessel.  The more love you hold the healthier you will be.  The more love you hold the lighter you will feel.  The burdens of your everyday life will be lifted and you will walk as if walking on tippy toes.  You will feel as if you are lifting off the surface of the earth and indeed we say to you that it is truth.  You are all beings of divine love and light and your true selves are bodies of light.  You are light body wearing a human vessel and when the human vessel becomes lighter, looks lighter, it will indeed appear as though you are glowing and floating.  There we will even be some of you that choose to wear the light vessel instead of the human vessel and those dear souls will choose where they will reside.

Through your conscious choice to awaken to the light of the self and to hold more love, to be love, you are creating an opportunity for others to feel safe to do and be the same. There are many that are here to show the way and those of you that know who you are will be doing so through conscious choice.  There are many that have come as way showers however each of you has free will to choose if that is the path for you.  You can deny it however it will knock upon your door and even though you may choose to keep the door shut you will be given the opportunity to change your mind so to speak.  In the new energy of the ‘New Earth’ many will find it difficult to remain in the old patterns of victim hood.  Many will find it difficult to remain in patterns of hatred, of holding grudges, of wanting revenge.  All of this will change and if you are unable to change with the flow of these new crystalline love energies then there will be imbalance within.

We have spoken many times of the importance of connecting with the higher aspect of self, the soul self. We bring these messages through so you are able to connect with this aspect of self rather than to rely upon outside information.  We have said many times that what is brought through in these messages may not be your truth and if it is not your truth we ask that you leave it, let it go, without placing judgement upon it.  Trust in the higher aspect of yourself and learn to have dialogue with yourself.  Allow your higher self guide you in this life experience, to step in and help you in all aspects of your life.  We ask that you receive the love from these messages that resonate with you and to leave the rest.  The more you are able to open to receive the love from the higher aspect of self the more love you will hold.  It is you we are here to assist and although we assist you upon Earth we are assisting Earth herself for she (Gaia) is a beautiful sentient being and the many natives and tribal people held great respect for her.  Not only do we assist Gaia and all of her inhabitants we are assisting galaxies and universes.  The more love and light you hold within the more you add to the love and light of the planet, of the galaxies and universes.  It is never-ending for there is always expansion, light expansion and this light expands in and through love as it is the essence of love.

Take a moment to imagine that within your heart centre there is a ball of love light. With each breath expand that love light.  Imagine that it expands out beyond the physical vessel, out beyond the room you are sitting in, out beyond the house you live in, the street you live in, the city/town you live in.  Keep expanding that light with every breath and see that this light has expanded out beyond the planet and imagine you are seeing the planet from shuttle in space.  Your love light has enveloped the whole planet.  Now imagine others are expanding their love light and imagine that light is growing in strength and you begin to see little packets of light dotted over the surface of earth and they begin to expand.  Although you might imagine there might be more concentrated areas of light here and there all light intermingles and it appears as One light.  There is indeed only One light and you are the essence of this one light.  As your light expands it has a confluence with each individuated love light spark from all others.  Imagine now if you could witness how incredibly beautiful the world would be bathed in this converged love light of all peoples across all countries.  It would be beautiful would it not?  Now imagine that you bring yourself back into your ball in your heart centre and ground yourself upon the Earth.

This ball of love in your heart centre is always there and can always shine brightly if you allow it. Of course there are many situations throughout your day that may leave that love light a little dim however the more you focus upon it and allow it to shine the more you assist raising the vibrational frequency upon the planet.  Initially it will be a little difficult to focus upon this love light and you may find you focus a bit here and there and completely forget at other times.  Do not be concerned with this.  Know that it is there and you can allow it to shine brightly when you think of it.  There is no right or wrong way and there is no amount you should or should not be doing it.  Just be aware of it and it will fill more and more.  Be consciously aware.  Be consciously responsible for the choices you make in your life.  Take responsibility and allow yourself to shine.

We hold you in our arms of light and ask that you feel our love light expand with yours. Feel the strength of it.  It is not a power over others strength.  It is a self-worth strength that is infused with the One light.  Allow your hearts to receive this One light, this love light and consciously choose to keep it there.  We are in love with you all, in love light.  And so it is…


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