Ascension, our pathway of, in and through spiritual awakening, is a state of being, a state of awareness and an expansion in and of consciousness.  It is awakening to the truth of who we are.  An awakened and aware individual is one that will find inner peace, balance and harmony within, which can allow them to ebb and flow with life and to stand as an observer,a compassionate witness, regardless of the situations they may find themselves in. 


We are waking up out of a sleep that has kept us separated from our true selves, from the truth of our divinity.   Through making a conscious choice to awaken and become aware and mindful beings we manifest in our sphere of life what is required to ascend, to shift into higher consciousness.  Awareness moves us into conscious mindfulness, cognisance, knowledge and perception of the situations we find ourselves in whilst in a wakeful state of consciousness, aligning us to the higher intelligence of our True Divine Self.   This new expanded state of consciousness, or higher consciousness, is achieved by aligning our human evolutionary mind and ego with the divine mind (our higher non-linear mind). 

By finding inner peace one connects to the higher aspects of self.  The higher aspects of self is the higher consciousness self, the True Divine Self.  Higher consciousness, or what has been termed Crystalline (Christos) Consciousness which is a return to unity consciousness, is achieved by aligning our mind and ego with the divine love, light and will of the One Infinite Creator of All That Is. Unity Consciousness is a state of being, an awareness within that allows us to realise that we are not separate and that we are connected to All and everything.  This is our true state, our Divine state of being. 


Ascension is being able to experience a unique individuated

expression within physical form living your life knowing that you

are so much more than just a human body in flesh and skin. 


As you move through stages of awakening you begin to see things from a broader perspective and recognise that you are a divine being of light and you are of the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator, united in all ways, within all facets of your being, and with all beings.


Earth, our solar system, galaxy and universe are experiencing a graduation into a higher refinement of vibratory light frequencies, a shift in consciousness.  Gaia, Mother Earth, is moving into a higher dimension from the third/fourth dimension to fourth/fifth dimension and beyond. 

Being consciously aware of our ascension process we begin to recognise that in order to raise our vibrational frequency, so that we can access the light within and connect with our true Divine Self, we must unburden our physical, emotional, mental and ethereal bodies of the belief systems,self-imposed limitations, archetypal shadows, and many other destructive patterns that keep us bound to polarity, the dualistic nature of opposites, of cause and effect.  Some may call this Karma. 

This construct keeps us in a third dimensional perceptive awareness of being separate, a separate being, and separate to all and everything.  We are rooted in these lower vibration constructs and what holds us in those patterns is how we perceive ourselves in relation to the physical world and the circumstances, states, and conditions we internally and externally find ourselves in.  We see ourselves as “I” and we identify ourselves as that which we do and the material objects we possess.   Seeing ourselves as separate we base our perceptions of ourselves on how we view ourselves within the materialistic ‘matter’ world and also on how we perceive that others may see us. 

Through conscious awareness of the light and shadow aspects, the belief structures, patterns and programmes, we are able to balance the duality or polar opposites including the masculine and feminine energetics within. Balancing polarity brings us into a state of neutrality, not only within our inner sphere but also our external sphere of life, where we can witness each circumstance, state of being, condition and situation we find our selves in compassionately and non-judgmentally.  Unconditional love is neutral and when we can access this state of neutrality, or what has been termed the still point/zero point, we create space to allow more of the divine love and light of our true self to anchor within our physical bio-organic form. As we anchor more of our divine love and light we experience initiations into higher consciousness, returning us to our True Infinite Source Divinity.


As we anchor the higher frequencies we go through a process of

refinement,or upgrade, of the physical body.  This process of refinement

and upgrade occurs through a series of Kundalini

(prana, life force energy, chi) awakenings. 

The three pathways of Kundalini energy are the Ida(feminine/intuitive), the Pingala (masculine/logical) and the Shushumna (neutral/space) energy pathways. The Ida and Pingala, or feminine and masculine, are the base energetics of the duality in our physical existence. As the Kundalini is awakened into momentum it travels along the Ida and Pingala activating the Pituitary and Pineal glands.  When the energy is activated through the Sushumna, or central column, an inner balance is attained.  This inner balance, this still point space, allows us to live within the polarity of cause and effect without feeling the chaos or turmoil of external happenings or circumstance.  Neutrality allows us to assess all situations from a whole body place of balance.  This allows the higher aspect of ourselves, the True Self, the space to guide our reactions to our external circumstances.

When the Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland, and Thalamus/Hypothalamus Glands are stimulated with the higher frequencies of our higher light levels and spiritual bodies then our DNA is activated to begin a process of resetting to the organic divine template. As the Kundalini travels up the spine, or central energy column it radiates the higher frequency light out through the chakra centres.  This higher frequency light, or crystalline light, activates the high heart, which is the crystalline complex of our Sacred Heart. 

When Kundalini energy is awakened and our Sacred Heart complex comes online we move into a more expanded awareness.  We move into an awakened state of awareness to sensing, feeling, knowing that there must be more to me, to the “I” we thought we were.  Some may identify this expanded awareness as fourth/fifth dimensional awareness.  Recognition that we are more than just the physical body moves us into the higher perceptive awareness that we are conscious beings, and therefore are consciousness.  Polarity/duality is still there however we seek knowledge and wisdom of a spiritually based subject matter and movement to replace the material objects we thought were filling our space, both internally and externally, with.  We are aware of the Law of Cause and Effect and we begin to implement this in our lives. Energy out is energy back. 

The higher chakra centres are opened and awakened and our hearts open

to allow our Sacred Heart complex to be the captain of our vessel, the

director of our vessel, instead of allowing the lower energy centres of the

first three chakras and ego mind to guide and teach us. 


As we anchor more of our true divine light into our physical form, and expand consciously we will have more energetic shifts that lift us into the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimensional awareness.  Many will move into the fifth dimensional awareness and there will be those that move beyond.  Transitioning to fifth dimensional awareness moves us into a sense of belonging to all and everything and that we are all intrinsically connected through the energy of ‘All that is’. 


We accept that Source, the Infinite Creator of all that is, is within us and we know that we are not being egoic by accepting this.  Accepting that we are an holographic expression of the Infinite Creator is our birth right and we claim our birth right.  We can consciously choose to walk upon Earth as co-creators knowing that we must take responsibility for our creations, regardless of what they are and how they may be polarised, as we choose to live by the Law of One knowing that what we do to others we do to ourselves and vice versa.  Time is a construct that has allowed experience within the Law of Cause and Effect.  Fifth dimensional expansion moves beyond the confines of time, of linear perception and living in the past to living in the NOW moment. 


The crystalline light codes activate the crystalline(Christos) consciousness energetics and ascension symptoms transpire.  When these crystalline light codes are activated the physical body is unable to hold its centre and balance as our Divine light is assimilated.  What we once thought was our centre, and how we once perceived inner balance, has shifted.  What we thought was normal has now shifted to a paradigm of a new normal that is unique to each individual.  Everything is energy and all of our actions, words, deeds and emotions have a vibration, a frequency, creating this new normal for us. 


The Sacred Heart, in its activation, is bringing to the surface many emotions and feelings of anger, frustration, tearfulness, sadness and fears.  As the physical body integrates the higher frequencies it causes feelings of tiredness, weakness and a general sense of being unwell.  Ego and drama controls are being surfaced for clearing and healing causing our three lower chakras to come into alignment with the vibration of the Sacred Heart and higher chakra centres.  When the Sacred Heart is fully activated the higher refined cosmic creative energies flow through us with ease allowing our bodies to become the conduits for the divine light-enhanced and love-filled creational energies they were meant to be.  We also begin to adorn our bodies of light as we walk upon new earth, ‘Gaia’ in our physical bodies.


We are activating the divinity within, the life force of the One Infinite Creator, and restructuring our DNA.  As our DNA is activated it allows us to hold and sustain the life force/Source energy within.  Eventually when we can sustain the life force frequencies we can be freed from the constructs of the synthetic matrix of control, the emotional and mental turmoil, and stand as sovereign beings and masters of our own reality.  It is not just a few adepts and masters that are able to achieve this.  All of humanity has been granted the dispensation to ascend. 


Knowing that each and everyone of us has the opportunity to move into and through our own individuated ascension process and experience we can ask ourselves the question:


Will we accept or decline the offer?