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Under the light of the moon we shall dance.  It is a wonderful notion is it not?  How very pleasant it would be for all to strip naked and dance, unencumbered by their clothes to dance in the fullness of the moon and allow her light to illuminate your truth.  We refer to your clothes as not only the garments you wear but also your skin, your flesh and your bones.  For it is time dear souls to allow the light to illuminate your truth.  It is time to drop the blankets, the curtains, the garments and the illusions that have kept you believing that you are no more than skin and bone, a physical incarnation that walks, that crawls, that struggles through daily life.  You are so much more than that and now you are all beginning to feel deep within you that you do indeed wish to find out more about this truth that lies within.

You are becoming like sponges and wanting o absorb more, more knowledge, more wisdom, and more understandings.  You seek here and there.  You read this book and that book.  You take this course and that course.  And yes we will admit that you will indeed learn much from these experiences however we cannot emphasise to you enough that you need only look within, read what is there, understand what is there, process what is there and cognise what is there.  This is where the light of your truth lies and this is what attracts to it more of itself.  This desire of wanting to be more knowledgeable, have more certification or letters behind your name is in fact a desire to connect more deeply with who you are.  It is important for all to realise that it is encoded into you, within the sacred light geometries held within your DNA, held within your auric field, that you will indeed seek out your truth and return home to you, the grandest version of you that you are.  You hold within you the encoded triggers or keys that unlock the specific grid patterns or some would say templates that are from life experiences you have had aeons ago.  We use linear reference here for you do not in fact have a past, present or future for you work within the now moment and that is becoming more evident for many of you.

The now moment is the place that allows manifestation to occur instantly.  The now moment is the place that allows divine connection to the self, to your celestial allies and partners of destiny.  The now moment offers to you the opportunity to reach within the DNA to retrieve those encoded sacred geometries and allow them to unfold before you.  It is a process and many are becoming more aligned with this process.

It can sometimes present as misalignment, however we say to you that in order to attain full alignment one must first unburden the self.  One must first get their ducks in a row as you say.  Some of these ducks might be young ones and as you know young ones have a mind of their own.  Some of these ducks may veer a little off alignment or a little of course.  They may even turn around and start walking to the back of the row.  They are unpredictable and sometimes it is difficult to get them into alignment.  It is much the same with one that is moving through various aspects of self.  You clear emotional baggage and think that you are finally able to align with the higher octave of your being, and then all of a sudden a situation happens where you are thrown off guard.  It may be that one suffers emotional trauma and all of a sudden the row of ducks, or the alignment, falls all over the place.  You find yourself feeling as if you have fallen behind and need to do something to catch up so you can step in line with the other ducks.

By returning to balance, to the peace that is inherent within, you find that you are able to align with the other ducks and fall into place where you feel you belong.  You walk in alignment for a little way and it feels good but it is not long before an obstacle falls in your pathway.  Somehow the leader duck manages to stay the course but you fall about in panic, afraid of what lies ahead, or afraid that you will fall behind again and so you run about all over the place trying to work out a way around the obstacle.  You feel this obstacle will prevent you from reaching your destination in the time frame you wanted to get there in.

It is time dear ones to realise that the more the you that you think you are, the skin, flesh and bones of you, tries to control the situation and the outcome the more you will feel as though you are running around all over the place like duck that has lost his way.  Align with the higher version of you, the metaphoric leader duck, and you will be guided in a balanced and harmonious fashion to the truth of your being.  When one recognises that they are able to allow the higher version of themselves to be the guide and the director of their life then they will indeed find inner peace and balance.

We realise of course that one still must make appointments, reach timelines, do specific work in alignment with their career or job whether it be a full time position one holds or a part time position.  Yes you might think how can your higher version of you guide this aspect of your life and we say to you ‘quite easily’.  We ask that you imagine for a moment a day without stress, a day where you walk about with a smile upon your face knowing that all is well and that you have absolutely no doubt that you will be where you need to be when you need to be there.  How does that make you feel?  Does it make you feel balanced, at peace and in alignment with self?  And we would say to you that this is available to you if you allow your higher version of self to meet with you, sit in council with you and be the director of your vessel, emotionally, mentally and physically.  Only now are many beginning to realise that this is available to them and there are some that have attained a high level of light, a very straight and aligned row of ducks.

The channel herself has come to this realisation and she smiles at all things, at no things and at all the things in between.  She smiles as she drives and she notices that others notice.  Others will notice this balance within you and they will want what you have.  You will be able to share this with them and they will then be able to share this with others.  You will be networking the love, the peace the balance and harmony.  You will be overwriting, overlaying; however you wish to term it, the 3rd dimensional matrix, the illusory grid system of density that has kept you heavily burdened.  When more of you come into alignment with self you overlay, or overwrite the matrix/grid system with your harmonious light patterns lifting the density not only from the collective consciousness but from Gaia herself.  If you have felt heavy with the density of the misalignments and mis-creations you have created in your life then imagine how Gaia must feel carrying not only all the people upon the planet but all of their misaligned and mis-created burdens as well.

It is time to lift this from the self and from all of humanity so that you may all walk freely in a balanced and harmonious state of being.  As you walk with lightness Gaia is able to expand into lightness and when she does she will reciprocate the lightness to you, through you and around you.  It is a magical time for all and if you are willing to be presented with that which is misaligned or mis-created so that it can be brought into alignment and balance with self and with love, then you will indeed experience magic.

We share this with knowing that you are moving into this light of truth.  You cannot help it for the light that shines upon you is of such intensity that it illuminates you in more ways than you can imagine.  It gives us great pleasure to assist you with this and if you ask you will have a legion of light beings surrounding you assisting you and lifting you into greater heights of light.  It is our pleasure to be of assistance and we offer ourselves to you in service to the light and the love of the one Creator of all that is.  Feel our light and our love as we envelope you and illuminate you.  In our loving embrace we shower you with grace.  And so it is….


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