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On this day, this sacred day of divine intervention, which is known in your circles of prayer as Pentecost, the Divine Feminine, the Holy Spirit, was welcomed forth and accepted by the many in those times.  We do not speak of a particular religion, we speak of the sacredness of an event that was a part of your history.  This event was the welcomed acceptance of the Love of the Divine Mother.  This Love, compassion and nurturance was offered to all.  It is that some were given the opportunity to share in the wisdom of what it actually meant to have this awakened love within and it matters only that your historic events share information that bears witness to that which happened in those times.

What is most important for each and every one of you is that you have an understanding that in these days you are receiving much a higher potency of this Divine Mother Love.  The frequencies at this time are extremely high and those that have had mother / daughter issues, or even grandmother / granddaughter issues will find that some of these deeply hidden hurts will surface.  It is about learning how to forgive and to receive the love of the Mother, to share this love, and to know that you are loved beyond measure.  Each and every one of you, whether you are daughter or son, have, at some point, in subsequent life expressions, had a rocky relationship with one that represented a mother figure.  This is now the time to release these deeply hidden feelings and emotional blockages and open your heart to receive a love that you have felt was missing from your life.

Over time, throughout your history the Divine Feminine love of the Holy Spirit was suppressed within all of you.  There within your hearts resided a beautiful flame of compassionate, nurturing love which, over time, has dwindled to a spark.  Although this spark can easily be ignited into the magnificent flame it originally once was, it is, and has been, suppressed until now.  This Sunday in your month of May marks an historic occasion as the energies that are available to you all are of such a higher level of vibratory frequency, of a much higher octave, allow for you to receive all that you are able to at this time.  Open your hearts to receive and you will find that the issues or deeply suppressed emotional hurts will balance and one will become so much more at peace within.

It is not hard to imagine how it can raise the vibration of the planet when one opens to receive this love and understanding.  The understanding that you are always loved, you have always been loved and you always will be loved.  It is about the understanding that you yourselves are love and that in order to share love one must first know love.

Many are feeling unsettled in these moments, in the days leading up to this Sunday.  This unsettling comes from the inner knowing that this energy is here now ripe for the picking.

We use the metaphor of the Golden Apple upon the apple tree in the far distant corner of the apple orchard…..

One has always wondered what the glow was the radiated from that corner of the apple orchard.  It seemed to filter through the canopy of the trees, across the ground and when you looked above the tree line you could see the magnificence of the glow radiating up and out into the sky.  On sunset it always seemed to make the pinks and oranges of the sunset colours so much more radiant.  Many times you have wandered to the far distant corner to see what caused this glow, however, when you arrived there, all seemed to be normal.  There seemed not to be any glow at all.  Why is that, you wondered.

You wandered around below the trees that were in close proximity to that corner of the orchard.  You looked above, below and behind the trees only to come to the conclusion that there was nothing worth seeing.  Day after day, week after week, you wandered to the distant edges of the orchard to capture a glance of that which caused such a beautiful hue in the skyline and all around.  Still nothing!

You threw your hands in the air and shouted out to the skyline, to the trees, to the heaven asking why it is that you do not see it.  You felt a little twinge within as a voice whispered in your ear “Because your heart is closed.  Open your heart to receive and you shall see”.  This frightened you and you ran.  You did not know how to open your heart.  You did not even know if what you heard was real.  For many days after that event you did not venture up to the corner of the orchard for you were afraid of what you might find there.  However, one very clear, sunny Sunday afternoon you could see that the colours of the sunset were so much more radiant.  There seemed to be a level of light, a mixing of colours that imbued the already magnificent rays with a higher level of clarity.

Tentatively you wandered to the far corner telling who ever would listen that you were ready to open your heart as the curiosity in your rose.  You were willing to let go of that which kept your heart closed and were ready to receive these colours or a glimpse of what caused them.  When you arrived in the far distant corner of the orchard you could see clearly that a golden glow emanated from the most corner tree.  In the very last tree in that corner of the orchard was a golden apple twice the size of a normal apple.  It glowed with golds, yellows, oranges and pinks which seemed to swirl as you looked at it.  You stood below and realising you couldn’t reach it you physically opened your arms to it and asked that it come to you.

In that instance you felt the warmth of the sunset fill your being.  It filled every cell of your body from your toes up through your legs, up through your body, your arms, your shoulders, neck and head.  You felt filled to the brim with the sweetest, juiciest liquid energy, liquid love, you have ever felt.  You bowed your head and sobbed in loving gratitude.  And as you felt this love wash over you, you looked up to see that the apple was no longer there and that there was no glow coming from the branch of that tree.  It seemed to be coming from all around you and as you walked back to the entrance of the orchard you realised that the golden glow was emanating from within your very being.  Everywhere you went you glowed.  You could not help but keep your head held high and your heart expanded.  This glow, this light was within you and for that you were very grateful and so full of love.

It is that the metaphor is used to give a simple example of what the energy can do for you.  This is another symphony of sounds, colours and light frequencies that are available for you all.  Open your arms and your heart to receive and you too will find that you glow from the inside out.

We thank you all for the wonderful work you do upon your selves.  We know that at times it seems a difficult process, however, when you open to receive this symphony of love you will find that difficult situations are much more easily and peacefully addressed.

We open our arms wide to hold you in our loving embrace as we shower you with Grace.

And so it is dear ones.  Namaste…..

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