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For months my dreams have been very explicit and profound.  I have been keeping a journal of the dreams I remember when I wake, even if it is only a small snippet of it.  I have never been one to pursue the underlying meanings of what a dream represented however due to the intensity of the dreams I am having I felt it was important for me to understand the encoded messages in them and what my higher self has been bringing to my attention.  Some of the dreams I am having are not necessarily about me specifically but about all of humanity.  The above dream is one such dream and I would like to share with you what this dream represented to me in the hopes that it may be of benefit to you.  


She stands in an open field and can hear the elated screams of children plus the chatter and laughter of adults.  It must be at some sort of joyous occasion, she thinks, although she cannot see anything other than what is in front of her.  Looming in front of her were three extremely high inflatable slides, side by side, making it appear as though they were one structure.  The slides seemed to be adorned with jewellery although upon a closer look she could see that it was not jewellery at all but thick heavy chains that created a meshed grid system all the way to the top of the slide. 

The weight she felt upon her shoulders became heavier as she stood there and she looked down her torso to see that she was in some sort of thick heavy chain harness.  The harness had release clips situated just under her collar bones.  She realised that the harness was the same thickness and density of chain that draped over the slide in front of her. 

Although she hadn’t noticed before she became very aware that there were two others standing in front of the other two slides, looking as though they were ready to tackle the climb to the top of the slide.  She watched them with eager eyes and was amazed to see them take off like a startled rabbit in a carrot patch.  Up they climbed, strategically placing their feet upon the linked chain grid system to ensure their feet did not slip.

It was apparent to her that she also needed to climb the chain grid system in front of her although she had no idea why.  She followed suit and decided that the other two people must have known what they were doing.  Her mind began to create scenarios and the fear began to rise within her.  The climb itself was arduous as the chains clanked and wobbled underfoot and she became increasingly aware that she may not even make it to the top.  Fear pulsed through her veins as she climbed higher and her mind raced with unwelcome thoughts. 

She looked over to see that the other two people had easily made it to the top and took little time in preparing themselves to leap out onto the slide that fell away below them.  What were they doing?  It seemed to her that it was a dangerous game they were playing.  Taking a big stride and leaping out into the air the other two unclipped their harness and she was astounded to see that as soon as they had unclipped their harnesses the harness disappeared into thin air.  At exactly the same time she noticed that the chain grid system that covered the slide also vanished.  She could clearly see that the slide was now a normal looking smoot-surfaced inflatable slide that the two others yahooed their way down unmistakeably enjoying their ride.  They reached the bottom and were catapulted through the air landing safely on the ground. 

After seeing this she felt a lot happier and more confident about the situation she found herself in.  When she reached the top she realised her fear had abated a little and that gave her hope, hope that what she witnessed the others do she was also able to do.  But her mind created many varied scenarios of what could go wrong and fear again gripped her heart like a vice.  She began to sweat and get very restless.  What if the chains did not unclip?  She would be too heavy to leap out and the chains on the slide would not disappear and she would find herself caught up in the web of chain links hanging hopelessly limp down the slide.  With no one around she would be left there, and for how long she did not know. 

Somehow she knew deep within that climbing back down was not an option.  From deep within her core she felt she needed to take this leap out into the air.  It was a leap of faith that was the only solution to getting down from the slide.  She cried out to no one in particular and asked for help.  A sense of calm washed over her and she took a running jump and leapt out into the air, unclipped the chains and was relieved to see they had disappeared and the chain grid on the slide had also vanished, just as it did with the other two. 

She slid down crying and laughing at the same time.  When she reached the bottom she too was catapulted up into the air, floating high, and a long distance from the slide.  Soaring through the air she felt as a bird with a very large wingspan.  She could have easily continued her flight upwards however she knew she had to land.  Just as a gymnast would stick a vault landing she also stuck her landing.  Landing with ease she looked down to see she had brown booties upon her feet.  The booties seemed to mould to her feet as though they were her skin.  She knew she was to keep these booties on and although they did not match the garments she was wearing they were comfortable and cosy on her feet. 

End of dream.


 The ‘she’ in the dream is not only depicting me but all who choose to incarnate upon the Earth.

Paragraph one

The open field represents the higher dimensional planes of existence even though I knew I was on the Earth.  The voices and laughter I could hear were the beings of light from different dimensions and not being able to see them was indicative of my/our psychic senses being dimmed down.  The slides are the thought creations of each of us individually.  Our collective thought forms create the ‘collective consciousness’ – the one structure of the inflatable slides.

Paragraph two

The heavy chains upon her shoulders, weighing her down – the burdens we carry and the baggage we hold onto which are made up of structured belief systems and patterns, ancestral beliefs, fears, doubts, emotional attachments to anger, hatred, resentment and more.  I/we drape these burdens over ourselves like a heavy weight.  The release clips represent hope, hope that I/we can be freed from all burdens and baggage.

Paragraph three

The other two people have chosen the path of acceleration into ascension.  Ascension is, in basic terms, moving into the expanded awareness of self and the realisation of unity and Oneness and being aware that we are connected to Source/Creator of All That Is at all times.

Paragraph four, five and six

Climbing the chain grid up the inflatable slide and having it wobble and clank underfoot is indicative of making the choice to climb the ascension ladder and to look at oneself, warts and all as they say, and clear those bits and pieces of self that you no longer wish to hang onto.  It is the letting go of the old to make way for the new.  Seeing others freeing themselves of their baggage (unclipping the chain harness) and taking the leap of faith gave her the courage to follow suit and look within to see what needs to be addressed and cleared.  Although she felt more confident about the next step she needed to take she realised that in order to take the leap of faith and move into an expanded awareness (or up the ascension ladder) she truly had to let go of what she knew and what felt comfortable to her.  Fear rose within and she grappled with the many thought processes that filtered through her mind.  Being caught in the chain links and hanging limply can be seen as the limiting belief structures and programmes many of us have created over time, even over life expressions.  The fear of being stuck in these, hanging limply, shows that she feared being stuck in the third dimensional matrix, the fear based collective consciousness and being unable to do anything to lift herself out of the density and confines of these structures.   Seeing things from a linear, three dimensional perspective limited her and she could not see the bigger picture.

Paragraph seven

The spark of divinity within, the innate knowing, her intuition telling her she was put on the Earth to rise up, to ascend, to connect deeply with the truth of her being is what was felt deep within her core.  The leap of faith is the letting go of all the old mis-created energies, belief structures and programmes etc., and this, she realised, was the only way to get down off the slide.  Getting down off the slide is releasing the self from the third dimensional matrix or dimension so one can move in the new energy of the fifth dimensional frequencies / matrix.  Crying out to no one in particular was an inner knowing that she was so much more than she thought she was and that was, somehow, a divine energy, a life force energy greater than what she had been programmed to believe.  It is actually the letting go of the small self to allow the divine being of light, that she intuitively knew she was, to shine through.  The sense of feeling calm were the loving, metaphoric arms of, not only that Divine life force, but of her own Divine higher self and her spiritual guide set enveloping her and filling her with love and grace.  This gave her the courage to take the leap of faith into her own loving arms.

Paragraph eight

Crying and laughing, sliding down the slide represents the initiations one moves through to become more connected to self.  Sliding down is the dropping of the lower vibrational frequencies of the limiting structures which creates space to allow the elation, the love and laughter, of self to be expressed.  Soaring through the air is the donning of the light body, the Merkabah, and knowing that this is the true self, the true divine self.  Wanting to continue flying is how many of us feel in that we want to return home to us, to the divine light being we are and leave the density of this world.  Sticking the vault and having the boots on, planted firmly on the ground, is the innate knowing that we have come to Earth in this particular incarnation to stick around and not only help Gaia raise her vibrational frequency but to help all of humanity move into a new membrane of light.  When we can see the bigger picture and come to an understanding that we are here to assist, we can feel cosy and peaceful not only in the body we have chosen for this incarnation but also peaceful in all situations we find ourselves.

Enjoy your journey down your inflatable slide, fellow light workers.  I certainly am, for I am that I am.

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