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It is exciting to feel such shift and change in the energies upon the planet.  It seems quite surreal to some, to some it seems as though nothing has shifted or changed, and to some it may seem as though their world has been completely dismantled, so to speak.  Each of us will come to our own conclusions about what is happening, however the mass energy injection across the planet is that of awakening to a more cohesive, heartfelt desire to change, to shift into the new alignment with the new world.  Some of us may not even be aware of this and that is ok.  Each of us is to play a part in this and that our part to play will be revealed to us when we touch upon the most appropriate time and correct alignment.


The full moon is closest to the planet in the astrological trajectories and as so it appears to be of a super-size.  It is not the size we are being asked to bring our attention to, rather it is the light that will spill over the planet and the vibratory frequencies within that light.  Due to the size and the closeness of the moon it will appear in a rose pink hue.   The original divine organic template of the divine feminine principle is still held within the codices of the moon’s grid structure.  Regardless of what some say about the moon being tampered with the organic template still exists and still shines brightly at certain times of the year.  This is one of those times.


The rose pink hue that we will see, and feel, is an overcharged light emanation of the divine mother’s love for all.  This is an energy pulsation that will be felt through the solar system, galaxy and universe.


The ancient cultures have often danced under the light of the full moon knowing that they can effect much change for the planet.  Many cultures have always used the full moon to their advantage, expressing their desires and expecting an exchange in some way.


We have been given a wonderful opportunity to partake in effecting a change not only for ourselves but also for the entire planet through the following meditation.


Be aware that whilst doing this meditation many will be awakened, many will drift in and out of sleep, many will sleep peacefully in Divine Mother’s arms, and many may squirm and wriggle.  This is metaphor for the awakening stages.  There are many that are new to the awakening process and they will be triggered into awakening by her lilting serenade.  There are many that have recently awakened and are adjusting to the new terrain of energetics and may drift in and out of sleep.  Many who have been on their ascension path, awakened many of your years ago, will sleep deeply and peacefully knowing that as they sleep they are being watched over, loved and cared for as they continue on their nightly sojourns of creative endeavours.  And there are some that may wriggle and squirm as they choose not to re-calibrate to this highest frequency of love.  What we choose is appropriate for us.






Take yourself outside, if it is available to do so, and stand beneath the full moon.

The rose pink hue emanating from Divine Mother through the moon washes a vibratory frequency of unity through us all and we can open our hearts to receive in this unified field of resonance.  Take a few breaths breathing in the rose pink hue and allow your heart to open to receive and your body to soften and relax.


Imagine Divine Mother reaching down with etheric arms from behind the moon and feel that the moon, situated at her heart centre, pulsates with the divine love and light from the Great Central Sun, from the One Source Creator of all that is.


She lifts us in her loving arms, taking us to new heights, hugging us all as one child, one babe in her embrace, and in that sacred moment of being hugged know that the balance between divine feminine/masculine is re-calibrated.


Ever so softly she sings a lullaby to us all, to the collective babe in her arms, and hearing the lilting tones of her serenade breathe in her love through every pore of your body.  Breathe this into your heart space and then send it down through the central energy channel of the spine, the Shushumna, to the root chakra, to the tip of the tailbone.


With intent allow it to pulsate and build in intensity as it moves up through the sacral chakra, then up through the solar plexus chakra returning back to the heart space.  Feel/sense the energy building in the sacred heart space, illuminating and pulsating with the balance of divine feminine and divine masculine love/light.


Before it reaches the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, it spreads across the top of the shoulders where your wings of light are being crafted.  Sense pulsating energy across the shoulder blades, to the top of the shoulders, and then imagine your etheric wings of light wrapping you in an embrace of Grace and allow the emotion of this to well up inside filling your inner chalice to overflowing.


With this overflowing flux of love/light and grace imagine it moving into the fifth chakra, the throat chakra.  Allow this fluid energy to sit within the throat chakra and breathe, long, slow, and deeply into this energy centre.  On the exhale you might like to utter a tone, a guttural sound, an angelic song or lullaby.  Allow the sound to come through authentically and in its own right without forcing it and then send it out through the fifth and sixth chakra, the throat and third eye chakra, back to the universe, to the One Source creator of all that is.


Spend as much time as you like sharing in this unity lullaby, in this embrace of love, light and grace.


Feeling much lighter with your newly crafted wings of light be sure to place your feet firmly on the ground and connect organically to Gaia to complete this meditation.  Give gratitude for the offering we have all received.





Not only will you have Divine Mother embracing you in her arms, you will be embraced by your own wings of light.  Whenever you are feeling down or low be assured that you can always wrap yourself in your own wings of light to lift you up, to heighten you, to enfold you in an embrace of love, light and grace.

Know that this meditation can be done on any full moon and is not limited to this specific April super moon.




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