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There are many instances in your life that you are able to connect more deeply with self, to acknowledge that higher aspect of self and yet many still do not choose to listen. They may hear something but assume they were told this from someone else when all along it comes from within.  When you are willing to listen to the self you change your chemistry.  The biological functioning of the body elements of earth, air, water, ether and fire respond to the inner light that is turned toward self.  Open your ears to listen to the intuitive voice within, the higher aspect of self, then your biological structuring changes.  This change, this metamorphosis, begins with turning inward and when that is triggered the restructuring allows you to be able to integrate the cosmic energies that are offered to all of humanity from the galactic, universal and cosmic winds.

Dear ones, the metamorphosis is a phase oriented process in which you will go through. You will transition through certain waves/phases and reach certain levels, or platforms, then settle and integrate the new energies.  The next wave or phase will present itself when the cosmic energies and the internal consciousness are in alignment.  There are extremely refined light codes from Source entering your celestial sphere and they are beginning to impact upon the very biological structure of the current human DNA blueprint.  This blueprint template is undergoing an overhaul so to speak from the carbon based structure of two strand DNA to the silicon/carbon based structure of crystalline 12 strand DNA.  This 12 strand DNA is not going to be seen under a microscope yet as it will be defined as strands of light codes, geometries and holographic overlays.  They are crystalline light filaments of higher consciousness and all of humanity will experience this at some point.  Some are already transitioning and they will be the shining examples for all.

The neurological habituation, the neurological pathways, created from environmental and social conditioning will be affected as the new pathways are etched into the central nervous system and brain. The new conditioning will come from the heart centre and this will be through the arc of the covenant, the golden mean ignition of empathy, compassion, joy and love.  This love will not be the conditioned love of eras past.  This love will be the quantum love of unity consciousness, of oneness with all.  This love will be the catalyst for the new human, the new Earth and the new era, the Golden Era.  This love is unconditional.

To enable love to be the catalyst for this change you must open your hearts to receive love and allow love unconditionally. If you are able to allow love then the pilot light is ignited and the higher self, the divine self, will pilot your craft, your vessel into the higher crystalline light frequencies.  There is a system within the body that reflects Gaia’s body, the galaxy, the universe and so on.  There are energetic pathways, meridians, and nadi’s within the physical vessel that distribute the life force energy, the light of the One, throughout the physical, astral and higher bodies, the light bodies.  When you are in alignment with love, joy, compassion and empathy this entire matrix of energy receivers and transmitters are open, balanced and healthy.  It is the blockages within these networks and grids that will be shifted with these new gamma wave fluxes you will experience.

This may create a little upheaval within and without however it is usually the fear of the unknown that emphasises the inner and outer turmoil. Knowing that you are experiencing a metamorphosis into higher light beings will ease the transition.  Also opening the heart centre and allowing love will allow for ease into and through this shift.

There is a big difference in receiving love and allowing love. You can lovingly receive a gift or a present from another by taking it in your hands, looking at the giver and thanking them.  What you do with that gift after you have been given it determines how you allow that gift into your hearts.  Let us say for example that you receive a gift from a friend and you do not open the gift until after the friend parts company.  When you open the gift you look at it and put it to the side because it is not something that you think you need or think you could use.  The gift sits there on the bench for weeks and weeks, months and months and you still have not picked it up and used it.  Using the gift allows the basic principle, the code, of the gift to be utilised.  Let us say for a moment that the gift is a specific type of adhesive you could use on your creative crafts within your scrapbook.  This scrapbook is the scrapbook of your life.  This adhesive binds anything to everything but how are you going to benefit from the gift unless you allow it to adhere to something.  You could continue using the glue you have been using that works reasonably well for some time.  However after a while the adhesive loses its stickiness and you find bits and bobs falling out of your scrapbook every time you open it.  You use the same glue to stick them back in the book only to find in a few months’ time they fall out again.  This new adhesive your friend has given you has a bonding geometry within it that will bond for all time and between times.  Bits and bobs will never fall out of your scrapbook of life when you use this adhesive.

Allow the gift of love to open your heart so it can be the catalyst, the glue, the adhesive and the sacred code of enlightenment that enables your entire energy matrix to hold onto more of your own divine light particles. These light particles will not be able to adhere to you, to integrate with your physical selves unless you use the gift of love and empathy, compassion and joy adhesive.

What is it that you fear that prevents you from using the gift your friend has given you? Your friend is you, the higher aspect of you, the shining light you.  Do you fear not being able to control where you re-glue those bits and bobs in your scrapbook?  Do you fear that the place those bits and bobs fell from within your scrapbook will give your scrapbook a different appearance?  Do you fear that others may scoff at you or ridicule you when they read through your scrapbook of life because you have been bold enough to glue those bits and bobs that fell out into new enlightened positions?

Allow! Allow!  Allow!  This word covers so much and it is difficult for us to put into words what we mean by this although we shall try.

A–Ascension, Awareness, Alertness, Action, Abilities, Adventure, Acceptance, Allowance

L–Love, Loveable, Light, Language, Light Language, Luminous, Lucid

L–Listening, Learning, Lessons, L-Platers (for the new human), Laughter

O–Octaves, openness, oracular divination, oratory perception, other-worldly, Omniscient

W– WOW , Willingness, worldly, worthy, wonderment, winds-of-change, wings

We could continue however we hope that this will give you the general idea.

Do you choose to use the gifts given you? Do you choose to allow the gifts to enhance your lives?  Do you choose to allow the new adhesive to bind the higher light of your own divine self to the boots on the ground you?  It is your choice and you have free will.  There is no right or wrong choice.  The more you open your pathways, whether they are within the body or without, to allowing love the smoother your journey will be.

You have assistance in the creative design of your own life scrapbook and that assistant is you, the higher aspect of you. Be creative and design the most beautiful display of allowance.  Others will notice and they too will want you to hold workshops so they can learn the tricks of the trade.  Or maybe they will just be able to receive this information by being in your presence.  Get together and meet with one another, much like your scrapbooking community does, and speak of allowance.  Share allowance and you will be the catalyst for the new world, the Golden Era.  And so it is….

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