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Understanding a reality that is beyond your linear perceptions, and we speak here of the multidimensional reality, is difficult until one experiences this as their truth. When one says they understand how this or that works because they have read about it is different to actually pulling apart something and putting it back together ensuring that it does indeed work the way the books taught it.  There are many people that know much from what they have learned in books however until they actually experience this within as their truth and reality they are only remembering what they have learnt through the many text books, teachers, professors etc.  It is the same with you in school.  You are taught much of what the curriculum says you will need when you leave your education institutions however out in the real world you will probably use only 10% of what you had learnt in school and of course that would vary depending upon the path one took when leaving school.  It is not until you apply what you have learnt and experience a cognitive understanding of it and how it applies to your occupation or life then that knowledge will be stored within your cellular structure and DNA as wisdom.

All of what you have learnt in every incarnation is held within your DNA, it is quantum and cannot be seen however it can be remembered. Memory is returning for many of you and as your DNA is not only the 3% of what science tells you of the double helix of the chemical/bio-organic physical body it is also the quantum 97% portion that has been labelled as the ‘junk’ DNA.  This junk DNA is consciousness and is multidimensional.  It spans across all time and no time.  It carries the knowledge and wisdom of all life expressions across all worlds.  It is galactic, universal and beyond.

Many of you are experiencing the sweet nudging’s of the multidimensional memory. When the multiD memory is triggered you will begin to experience all sorts of awakenings.  There will be many light bulb, or ‘Ahah’, experiences triggering the cognitive understanding that you know something to be your truth.  You will remember higher dimensional gifts, tools, abilities and yes like your schools of education you will have to study what you receive, not from text books though.  The way to study is to read the text books that lie within.  You have written many scrolls shall we say.  You all have your own scroll library and are able to access it at any time.

Let us give you a metaphor that may help you to understand. Suddenly you recognise that you are able to see beyond the veil and notice the elemental kingdom in your garden.  There are many little beings you had never noticed before and you find that no sooner do you see them in your vision they vanish.  For a fleeting moment you saw them very clearly with your physical eyes.  The vision didn’t last long and so now you doubt yourself.  Did you actually see them or was that imagination?  If you did actually see them then how do you get that vision back?  Why is it that all of a sudden the vision presented itself to you?  This is where the scroll library comes in.  You have clearly been able to see beyond the third/fourth dimensions and this is held within your DNA.  By choosing to access the DNA scrolls you will be able to allow the knowledge you hold within to come to the fore.  This will happen at a rate tolerable to you regardless of whether you consciously choose to access this knowledge or allow it to unfold of its own volition.

Take a quiet moment to sit comfortably holding aligned posture, breathe deeply and centre yourself. Imagine you are standing at a very big closed door.  This door can be imagined any way you choose.  It could be an old wooden door with cast iron adornments, it could be a marble door, it could be made of clouds, it could be other worldly, or it could even be plastic curtains.  Whatever feels right for you?  Behind this door is your personal scroll library.  Feel the excitement well within as you know you are going to have access to some information about what it is you have been seeing.  Feel this excitement and then open the door and walk into your scroll library.  Imagine the scrolls positioned anyway you choose them to be.  They could be standing up as rows along the wall.  They could be lying upon shelves in categories.  They could be in boxes.  Are they put into rows and numbered for ease of reference?  However you choose them to be.  Is there a desk in there you can sit at?  Is there a kitchenette you can make yourself a cup of tea at so you can leisurely sit and read your scroll.  How do you choose to decorate your library?  Take a moment to take in the vastness of your scroll library.  You choose now to access the scroll that holds the information you possess on seeing beyond the veil and seeing the elemental kingdom.  You can imagine that you already know where that scroll is and go straight over to collect it.  You can imagine that you ask for that scroll to come forward and miraculously it floats forward.  However you choose to retrieve that scroll is right for you.  When you have the scroll sit yourself down at your desk, open the scroll and ask that scroll to trigger your memory of how to see beyond the veil and see the elemental kingdom.  What happens then will be unique for you.  You may see words, you may hear tones, or you may see light filaments.  You will design for you the best way for your memory to be triggered.  Sit within the scroll library as long as you feel is necessary.  Thank your own higher guidance and the scroll for the triggered memory.  Pack the scroll up and replace it then return back outside the library door.  Take a big deep breath knowing that you have triggered your memory.  You need do nothing else other than trust that all will be shown when most appropriate.

Please note that the metaphor of seeing the elemental kingdom is just that, metaphor, an example only. Should you choose to see beyond the veil, or the elemental kingdom, be very careful what you wish for.  Unless it is aligned with love and in the highest light with a balanced ego one may get more than what one bargained for.

On the other hand the scroll library is your very own personal DNA University and can be accessed by you for anything you choose to remember. You may choose to access your singing ability.  It is there in the scroll library, go get it.

As more and more of the light codes within are triggered to bring alignment with unity (Christ) consciousness you may find yourself stepping upon unstable ground. If you feel the ground beneath your feet is shifting and you lose your balance we suggest to you that you are walking over lumps and bumps that potentially can block your path.  These lumps and bumps may be the last vestiges of the unbalanced aspects of self that are asking to be recognised, cleared, balanced and smoothed out.  When they are smoothed out your path is flat, easy to navigate and free of obstacles.  Should you turn a corner on your path and find an obstacle there you will find that you are able to transform that obstacle before you have to navigate around it clearing the path as you go.  The energy you hold within can be expressed outwardly, you will shine so much brighter, and it is your light that transforms the obstacles.  Your light geometries transform the obstacles to a matching geometric pattern and they will fit together like a delicately designed algorithm creating a remapping of the pathway.

You are all remapping your own pathways, your own DNA. How this is done will be unique to you.  Some may find heaviness within whilst this is happening, and some may feel lightness.  Whatever you feel discern if there are any fear attachments to it regardless of whether it feels light or heavy.  Become more discerning with what you are feeling, how you are feeling it and where it is coming from.  Discernment is very important for all of you as you experience transition and remapping.  Where there is light there is dark and we say to you that although you hold a great deal of light there are those that choose to dim your light.  Those that hold alignment to the dark echelons of service to self and choose ‘power over others’ rather than unity consciousness and ‘service to others’ can indeed dim your light.  Be aware that you hold the inner light power and wisdom to allow you to see and discern these obstacles on your path.

You have all had what we shall call the ‘power over others’ obstacles placed before you on your pathway to self-discovery for many of your millennia. The obstacles are not the issue; how you react to the obstacle and how you navigate the obstacle is of importance.  You have the gifts, tools, abilities and skills to navigate any of these obstacles.  They reside in your DNA scroll library.  Access to your library is 24/7 so there is nothing preventing you from entering your library.  Or is there?  If you find it difficult to enter your scroll library then we suggest you ask yourself why?  Is there a barricade over the door?  Is the door locked and you don’t have the key?  Do you fear entering?  Is it dark inside and you fear the dark?  Be discerning as you ask yourself these questions.  Be truthful in your responses to these questions.  Ask many other questions if these do not give you the answer to why you fear entering your scroll library.  You know the fear lies in the DNA scroll library as well.  If you can enter you can access the information about the fear.  How do you access the scroll that holds the information about the fear that binds you when you can’t even walk through the doorway?

We suggest for you another visualisation or imagination tool that will help you to enter the scroll library. Imagine yourself standing before the doorway to the library.  You choose to enter but the fear grips you.  That fear is held in the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies and the very thought of walking through that doorway terrifies you.  What you fear is the fear itself.  What does that mean?  The fear that is written onto one of the scrolls that is held within your library, within your DNA, is what you fear.  How do you find out what that fear is when you fear facing it?

Imagine then that you stand before the doorway and you feel the fear welling within at the thought of walking through the doorway. Imagine that you take on the mantle of the overseer and take your higher multidimensional consciousness up and out of the body standing before the doorway.  This multiD consciousness can be represented as a little spark of light if that is appropriate, or however you feel is appropriate for you.  There is no right or wrong.  You take yourself up and out of the body vehicle and imagine that your consciousness light spark is able to easily squeeze through a gap at the top of the door.  Your consciousness glides over to the scrolls and you know exactly where that scroll is that holds the information about what you fear.  Imagine that upon your directive the scroll floats down to the desk, opens out and displays, in a language of light that only you can decipher, what the fear is.  It shows you pictures, it shows you numbers or algorithms.  You may smell something, you may even taste something but it is shown to you on filaments of this light language that can awaken any of the five senses.  You recognise that as you make sense of the fear that is displayed to you that because you are a spark of light consciousness you do not hold that fear in a body configuration.  In fact you know that by seeing it from this perspective you can actually transform it from the body that is outside the door as your multiD light consciousness does not hold that fear.  Imagine now that the multiD light consciousness spark sees the scroll being put away and you return through the gap at the top of the door and merge with the body.  Imagine sensing the body as much lighter for the experience and thank your multiD consciousness for the transformation of that fear.

You can free yourself of many of the self-imposed limitations by using this simple technique. This is offered in alignment with love and can be used and shared.  The clearer and lighter you become the more memory is triggered.  As your memory is recalled you will be in awe at how your perceptions have changed.  There is a lot occurring upon the planet now and we say to you again that discernment will assist you in aligning with what is appropriate for you.  Spend more time alone if need be and nurture the self.  Hold yourself in your own loving arms of embrace and shower yourself with Grace.  And so it is…

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