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When one is ready to embark upon a spiritual path one is taken to places that one is not really comfortable with. We refer to the places one would term the shadows of self. These shadows of self can be quite alarmingly frightful, dark, mysterious and extremely dense. It can be such that when one experiences these shadows of self one can often lose the intent to continue along a spiritual path as it all seems too difficult, too scary. It can be quite confronting to see oneself as the ‘not so nice person’ one thought one was. It can be quite difficult to look at the self deeply, and love freely, all the aspects of the self that one no longer wishes to hold onto.

We bring this to you this day for in these energies that are now upon the planet it is bringing to the surface much of the old to make way for the new. It is a beautiful new world you are moving into and how can the world be beautiful if the shadows of self remain attached to you when you move into the new world. In order to access the portal into the new world, Nova Earth, ascended Earth, one must love free all that cannot be carried through the portal so to speak. It is much like the passing through the eye of the needle. How can one pass through the eye of the needle if they are carrying bags and bags of density? If one removes the bags of density and becomes lighter, for indeed you are light beings, then one can slip easily through the eye of the needle for your light body is malleable. You can slip through with ease and grace taking you into the new world, what is termed the 5th dimensional world.

You are within the Golden Age and there is no turning back. In order to remain in this golden era you must refine your energies ad take only what resonates to the higher frequencies into the cities of light. These cities of light are indeed the new Golden Age cities, the new Nova Earth cities, the new 5th dimensional cities of light. There is much talk of this and it seems that many are accessing these light cities. Many have been taken, whether in dream state, by meditation or trance like states into these new light cities and have returned to report of them. Most will tell you that in order to access these cities, to enter, one must be of the same resonant light frequencies and we tell you now that that the dense energies of the last vestiges of the shadow self will not be able to enter.

It is a time for ego self to be aligned with divine self. Love the ego self for allowing you to experience the lessons, the learning experiences you have experienced and align the ego self with divine self, loving it into the freedom of divinity. When one takes a conscious approach to this one will find that what still remains out of alignment will present in ways that are of much more ease and in ways of greater understanding. When one fights against the ego self or remains embedded in the illusions of the ego self one will find that one’s path through this ascension process will be a little bumpier, a little more challenging.

You have all been given divine dispensation to express yourself through free choice, free will. Some of these choices have not been in alignment with divine will; divine love and they have created much heartache within. With the alignment into divine choice, divine will and love one will find that the heartache dissolves and the new heart, the sacred heart, blossoms from within. With this sacred heart opening one is able to align with sacred mind, divine self. With this alignment one literally becomes lighter, more malleable in one’s life experiences.

It is such a pleasure to be with you all in this energy of the new world, the new you. September marked a spectacular time for the many cosmic waves, gamma waves and enlightened energies which were showered upon you all including Gaia herself. It is now in your month of October and the assimilation of these energies within you is occurring. It is necessary to allow the integration of these energies and many are finding themselves a little out of balance with this. Many are finding themselves a little rattled and you wonder how it can be that you can walk upon the Earth’s surface in harmony with the new Earth. You wonder how you can possibly enter into these higher frequencies of light, into the light cities when you are in fact feeling very heavy. The integration process of these energies does not only include the light body. It affects the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. It moves you to places you have never been before.

The alignment of the planets, the alignment of the stars, the alignment of Earth with your bodies, the alignment of your bodies, your light bodies and the alignment of your sacred heart and sacred mind create an intense energetic patterning. The cellular structure and the DNA are being aligned with the new crystalline based internal and external matrix. All of these changes have an effect on the self and depending upon where one is, how much clearing of the old energy one has done and how aligned one’s ego is to divine will determines how one will experience these changes.

It is a process and there is not one person that is experiencing more than they should or for that matter less than they should. Each of you is unique in how you will experience these changes. Each of you has the divine free will to choose how far one wishes to go up the ascension ladder. Each of you has reached a level of understanding, a level of light appropriate for you. Many are comparing themselves to the next person and many are comparing their experiences to what others have experienced. We say to you that this is not a competition and there are no prizes given by the company of heaven to the first, the second, or the third places. It is not like that. You will all receive rewards and prizes and these will come from you, from your own divine self. You will be rewarded with self-love, with self-nurturance, with self-respect, with self-awareness etc. What greater reward could you choose to have? There is nothing more grand than the Divinity of the self and this dear ones is the prize you should seek.

We use an analogy to help you to understand that each of you is where you are meant to be and that you are not to compare yourself to another. In this instance we shall use a woman persona and she is very young. Her name is Sally. Her parents were very poor and they could not afford for her to attend music lessons like the many others that lived in her neighbourhood. They could not afford for the singing lessons that the others in her neighbourhood were excelling at. This made her very sad within as she felt deep within her that she could be a great singer. Her parents told her that signing would not bring her any money later in life and it was important to focus on what would help her career wise. As Sally grew older she studied hard at school and became a model student. She was the highest in all her classes and she went on to university to receive accolades for the higher quality work and results she achieved. Sally moved into a career path that brought in great financial gain and she was happy for a time.

It wasn’t long before Sally realised that deep inside she was sad. Something wanted to burst through from within and explode into the cosmos and she didn’t know what it was. She fell into depression and drank her way into the doldrums. One night whilst sitting at a bar she could hear an entertainer singing and playing the guitar. Sally looked up and noticed it was one of the girls from the neighbourhood she grew up in and one whose parents could afford singing lessons for her. Something was triggered inside of her. She felt a shift at this realisation and it all came flooding back to her. Music and singing would not make her money, or so her parents said, and yet here was her old neighbour singing, playing her guitar and making money. Guaranteed it was not a lot of money but she could see that in the eyes of her childhood neighbour she was happy.

A warm fuzzy feeling washed over her. She could not describe it and it made her cry. She wept deeply when she went home that night and she wept deeply in the following days. She could not pin point what made her so weepy and so she cried out in desperation and asked the universe, she asked what she hoped was someone up there, to show her what was making her so sad. Nothing, she got nothing in reply. Or so she thought. In that moment she felt a shift in energy within her and fobbed it off as a balance issue. This shift was aligning her to her truth and she did not understand it as she did not recognise that her higher self was talking to her. It spoke to her many times after that by providing synchronistic events, meetings and things that would allow her to see clearly what was making her sad but she ignored all of them falling deeper into despair and depression.

In her moments of sadness Sally decided to address the sadness by singing in the shower. She decided to sing away the pain in her heart. She felt the song of her heart and it was so melancholy, so sad that she wept and wept and wept. She sang every time she got in the shower and she realised that through singing the pain in her heart lifted. The sadness became more tolerable until it eventually became joy at singing. The renewed feeling of joy lifted her out of her depression and she was back at work again. She realised that she had not been enjoying her work however now it seemed so much more tolerable. The song of her heart went from a sad tone to a joyous melody. This melody increased in intensity and became stronger, more radiant and more vibrant. Her voice was strong, it was assertive and she sang every moment she could. She realised that singing came easily to her and she seemed to know how to do it. She hit notes she could not dream of hitting. She held tones and pitch perfectly. Sally felt alive.

She decided to return to the bar where her childhood neighbour had been playing the guitar and singing to catch up and say hi. When Sally arrived at the bar there seemed to be a competition of some sort happening. It was a karaoke competition and she decided to enter. Something from within nudged her to enter. The ending to this story becomes clear now does it not? Yes Sally goes on to win the competition but that is not all. In the crowd watching the singers in the karaoke competition was a scout for one of the biggest musical stage productions and he was searching for new talent. She was drafted and entered the stage. Sally received rave reviews for her performance and travelled the country taking the stage production on the road. This led to her being signed by a music production company and her music sold worldwide. She made a multitude of money from something she was programmed to believe she would not make money from. She stepped out of her comfort zone.

Sally realised that she had listed to her heart, her higher self and acted upon the nudging’s she had received. She now communicates with her higher self and her guidance team and together they write and create the most beautiful music. You see she had been a singer before in a previous life and she could reach into her DNA and retrieve all the knowledge and wisdom of that singer and bring it into the now. She could also see all of the programmed beliefs and energetic baggage that prevented her from doing so and through a process she chose to transmute them. She dropped the baggage and walked through the eye of the needle into her divine self, her divinity.

Dear ones all of these nudging’s and synchronistic events are available to each of you. Understand though that although the Sally in our story was very sad and feeling much like the victim of sadness, comparing herself to her childhood neighbour, deep within her lay the keys to freedom, to happiness, to lightness and to a love of music that was waiting to explode from within.

Her childhood neighbour was not jealous of Sally’s rapid rise to stardom as she understood that each and every one of us is unique. She was at peace with singing and playing her guitar at that bar. This was not her chosen career path; this was a love for music and expression she could experience. Sharing her voice and music with those that came to the bar was enough for her. Her real passion lies elsewhere. She did not feel threatened; she did not feel as though she was not as good as her childhood neighbour Sally. She was at peace for her passion was choosing to walk a spiritual path of individuality and yet at the same time knowing that although she is uniquely individual she is at one with all. Her passion was assisting others in being balanced, cleansed and grounded. She was a healer and this is what truly made her heart sing.

It wasn’t long before Sally came to her to for help. Sally had found out her childhood neighbour, the one that sang and played guitar at the bar, could assist her to come back into balance. You see her ego had developed quite a strong pull on her and she had become competitive in the music industry. She had realised she wanted to be the best and this put a lot of strain on her. She spiralled downward again and hit the bottle. Sally poured out her troubles to her childhood neighbour and through the nudging’s of her higher self a great friendship formed where she returned to balance and was healed. She was in alignment with her higher self and her ego had learnt to remain aligned there also. Sally’s childhood neighbour had assisted her in more ways she could say and for that she was extremely grateful. Sally returned to happiness, to peace, to oneness and together, she and her childhood neighbour, created the most melodious music of friendship, love, fun and laughter.

We share this analogy with you so you may see that you each have within you many gifts and abilities. These are unique to you and should not be compared to another for comparison and competitiveness can make you very sad. Unless of course you are extremely balanced then comparison can be used in a positive sense by recognising that someone has greater gifts than you in a particular area and their gifts can assist you in becoming more of the divine self you are. We hope you can see that we are all gifted with certain tools and these can be used to assist all or to be kept for the self and not shared. It is free choice that allows you to do either and you will not be judged for this. You must listen to your heart and hear the song of your heart. Is it happy? Is it sad? What will make your heart happy?

Our heart sings with joy every time one of you recognises the synchronistic events and the nudging’s from your guide set, your higher self and guidance team. Our heart is so happy to see the progress you all make toward your own divine self. Our heart is one heart. It is the heart of the one, the heart of creation, the heart of Divine Mother, Divine Father and it gives us all great pleasure to sing our song to you. And so it is…


Note from me:  Whilst doing this communication it was evident to me that it is of the utmost importance for us all to be aware of our baggage we carry. Many burdens rest upon our shoulders and they have been placed there by none other than our self. The analogy used in which Sally was the main character was to typify many of us that have become so down about ourselves and toward ourselves. The comparisons toward other people and their situations can make us even more despondent. Competing against another and trying to keep up with another only brings us even more grief, sadness and self-loathing. It is time now to let go of all that no longer resonates with love and allow the truth of who we are to shine through so we may be of such light that we can enter into the 5th dimensional cities of light and exist in a world filled with love, joy, laughter and splendour.

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