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There are gateways across dimensions that you are able to access. These access points or gateways are like portals into the higher dimensions of self.  They are activated and opened when one is ready and aligned with the resonant frequencies of their gateways to the higher light of self.  Usually when these gateways become accessible it is a conscious alignment for those that are on the awakened ascension path.  For those that are unconscious will remain unaware of these particular portals or access points.  When one is aligned and able to access these points the monadic/oversoul self will begin a process of integration.  This enables the light bringer to bring the light so to speak.  You are all bodies of light in your true essence self.  The higher light of your true divine self resides in dimensions beyond the third/fourth dimension in which you incarnated.  Although you have incarnated into the lower third and lower sub planes of the fourth dimension you are all able to align with the higher dimensional self.  There is a reconfiguration taking place that allows the higher dimensional self/selves to re-integrate with the physical form if one has done the necessary work within to lift them out of the lower energetics of the third/fourth dimensional experience.

It is the letting go of fear based emotions and consciousness alignments that create the necessary lightness so to speak. It is like releasing the heavy sand bags from the hot air balloon to allow the balloon to rise.  The third/fourth dimensional self is then able to be pulled upward into the alignment with the vector field, or shall we say slipstream, that is created by the rising balloon.  Choosing to traverse the inner fear based emotions can be quite arduous.  Some may choose to deny they have fears; some may choose to recognise them but are too lack lustre to do anything with them and some may choose to address these fears by recognising them and bringing them in to balance.  The choice is yours and you are free to make your choice any which way.  The experience you have from the choices you make are in alignment with the energetic patterns/structure that you sit within when you make the choice.

Let us say for the moment that you are to traverse a path across the stars.  You plan your journey and document the desired course on a piece of paper.  Putting it on paper is a lot different to actually doing it as you know that in order to traverse the stars a lot of preparation work goes into it.  First you must source a star ship that will take you through the cosmos to each star.  Then you must consider things like food, water, sleep compartments, etc.  There is a lot that goes into the preparation of any journey let alone one through the stars and this is relevant to each of you as you begin to traverse the inner cosmos of your beings.


Let us say for the moment that you do not plan your trip and that you get in a star ship and take off not really knowing where you are going, or how much fuel or food you have on board. You have no idea of where the stars sit within the galaxy and you have no idea of how long it will take you to get to each star let alone back home.  What if you got on board the star ship only to find that it didn’t function properly and you could not take off?  Would you abandon the plan and choose to traverse the mountains on planet instead of the stars off planet?

Let us say for the moment that you intricately planned your trip and you boarded the star ship and began your travels out to the first star on the itinerary. All was going exactly to plan and you contact home to inform them of such.  No sooner do you do this you have a situation arise that causes problems and you have to abort your journey and return home?  That is one scenario that could happen.  What if you reach the first star only to find that it was not what you expected and you were bitterly disappointed so you return home?  That is another scenario.  What if you visited the first star and found that you loved it so much that you decided to stay there as you were welcomed and accepted in the homes of the resident star beings.  That is another scenario.

What if all of these scenarios are potentials, potential timelines in which you could traverse? Each timeline is there and is happening at the same time however you consciously choose to focus your energy upon one of them.  What you focus on is usually in alignment with what you experience.  Before incarnating your soul chose to experience, let us say, the disappointment of this journey not being what you expected it to be.  This threw you out of balance a little and you became very disappointed, upset and even angry and decided to abandon your quest.  The higher aspect of you had just presented an opportunity for you to bring into balance what creates an imbalance within.  In this situation the imbalance is the feeling of being bitterly disappointed with life which leads you to aligning with the belief/energy that nothing goes as planned and bad things always happen to you.  This opportunity is a blessing and until you are ready to recognise the deepest core belief/energy it for what it is and bring it into balance you will continue to attract experiences that disappoint you.  This is metaphor and can be deciphered how you choose.

Due to the law of free will you can choose which potential experience you wish to experience. When you are working through karmic cycles and karmic energetic interplay the potential experience you choose is in alignment with this to provide an opportunity to bring the karmic energetics into balance.  When you connect more with the higher aspect of your being you can rise above, let go of, or transform the karmic energetics and begin to align with the potential experiences that resonate with the higher light of your truth.  Life then becomes much easier, without the interplay of karma and drama.  You can walk upon the earth balanced and centred knowing that you are no longer locked into, or drawn into the drama of others.  You are also able to read energy around you.  This energy is electromagnetic and can be organic or synthetic.  Picking up on the synthetic electromagnetic fields enables you to discern what is appropriate for you to experience or not.  All of this is available to you if you choose to align with the higher aspect, the true divine self.

Every choice you make creates a potential timeline. The potential timelines you choose to align with are determined by the external and internal electromagnetic fields.  One can be influenced by the external fields of the collective. This is not a problem per se as each of you agreed to experience this so you could choose to transcend this.  What we would like for you to be aware of is that potential timelines that you were aligned with are shifting or shall we say being re-constructed.  As you hold more light the potential timelines that do not resonate with the light one holds re-construct creating a different set of geometries.  You can certainly align with lower vibration timelines if you choose, however the influence of the light is strong and once in this slipstream you may not want to come out of it.  As you are influenced by the light so too will others around you be influenced.  There is a huge shift taking place due to the accessibility of the gateways/access points.  Others around you will be affected by you and your light and this may or may not be comfortable for them.

Let us say for the moment that you have a near death experience and come back a completely different person. People may think that you are not who you used to be or that you seem to be possessed and yet you are not.  You have merely been connected on all levels to the source of all that is and this changes you.  You see things differently and indeed you feel sense and know things you didn’t know prior to the NDE.  Others around you may or may not accept you, or the changes in you and you may find that family and friends drift away from you.  If you hadn’t had that intimate experience of oneness you could have easily been upset by the fact that family and friends had drifted away.  In fact it does not faze you as you see things from a more expanded awareness and you are able to let them go with love and gratitude.  You may find that those that remain around you are agitated when in your presence.  This is because the light and vibrational frequency that they hold does not harmonically resonate with the light and vibrational frequency that you hold.  Through the law of harmonics their light is being harmonically drawn in an upward spiralling motion toward the level of your light, and those that are doing the inner work upon themselves are naturally creating what we would call a harmonic slipstream.


This is like being in a bicycle race and sitting closely behind the leader. The leader does the harder work slicing his way through the course as he traverses the terrain and you sit in behind him being dragged along by his slipstream.  You don’t have to work as hard as he does because you do not have to slice through the atmosphere like he does.  As more and more of you hold a higher light quotient you will create many slipstreams for others to sit closely behind.

But what of the leader in the bike race, is it fair that he does all the work and others do not have to exert as much energy. What about those that sponge off the leader?  Does this affect him?  Again we say to you that the leader has many potential timelines he could align with.  He could choose to align with the timeline where he gets angry that others are sponging off him and he expends his energy on anger and finds that he falls back in the pack and a new participant takes leader role.  (This metaphor is not to say that there is only one leader or that there are leaders and followers – you are all leaders/teachers and followers/students).  Another potential he could align with is that he knows that by holding the light within he does not mind that others sit behind him.  He knows they are not sponging from him for he chooses to share this energy slipstream with them.  He knows that as soon as he aligns with the ego self and thinks he is better than another or more advanced or stronger, faster etc. he will come out of alignment and anything could happen.

If he comes out of alignment a potential timeline could be that he gets a flat tyre and has to pull out of the race altogether. Another potential timeline is that he gets disqualified.  Staying true to his divine light and sharing his knowledge and expertise of the sport he is able to remain on top, regardless of whether he comes first, second, third or last in the race.  He knows he has achieved greatly because he shared knowledge and wisdom with another to help them also achieve in their race.  There is no success or failure in this bike race, there is only achievement, experience, understanding, acceptance, gratitude, alignment, balance etc.  When one is consciously connected to the higher light of their true divine self they recognise the difference between balance and imbalance, alignment and misalignment.

There is no race to your spiritual journey. There are no disappointments unless you choose to be disappointed.

As Einstein said –

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.
Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.
It can be no other way.
This is not philosophy.
This is physics.

Walk through the gateways available to you and make a conscious connection to the higher light of your true Divine Self to re-construct your instruction set, your geometries, to attract balance, alignment and harmonious energetic interplays.

And so it is…

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