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Allow now the embrace of self for self as it is within the embrace of self and acceptance of self that one is able to truly expand into the truth of their being. It is an unavoidable part of the process to be held in the arms of self.  When one is unable to be held in the arms of their higher self, their true self, one should consider what it is that makes them uncomfortable with this.

Imagine if you will that you have chosen to embrace the self. Imagine that the higher aspect of you, the angelic you is walking toward you and is offering to wrap you in her/his arms.  Imagine you can feel the love emanating from your higher self and take a moment to feel if this love is accepted with ease and grace or if there is some resistance to this love.  If you feel as though you stop before the arms of your angelic self embrace you, if you begin to feel your heart race, if you turn away or have a feeling of flight or fight then we say to you that work is to be done upon the self to fully accept the love you have for you.

Your higher self waits the moment that you are able to open your arms fully, turn to face the higher aspect of self and take that higher aspect into your own loving arms. Together as you embrace you will find that you will be shifted into a heightened state of love.  This is an allowance of more of the truth of who you are to encompass your being, to be held close to you by you.  It is not a difficult thing to do however many of you may find resistance.  This is ok and appropriate for this gives you the opportunity to look at why there is resistance and then to choose to release this resistance, to transform it or balance it.

Held within the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies are many hurts that you have experienced not only as the adult but also as the child. This can even go as far as to the foetus in the womb.  Some of you may find it difficult to determine when you received that hurt and ponder at what that hurt is and when you received it.  In these new energies upon the earth you have all been given the opportunity to transform that which no long resonates with the love and truth of your being.  You are able to let these hurts go without having to go back and isolate them and to analyse them.

All that is necessary is to realise there is a resistance to your truth and your love and to hold that feeling of resistance. What is that resistance showing you?  Is it showing you that you have sore feet, knees or legs and that you find it difficult to step into the arms of your truth by taking the steps toward self.  Is it showing you that anger begins to well inside and that your liver has been screaming out to you for cleansing?  Is it showing you that there is a reaction in your heart beat that represents a fear?  Is that fear a fear of the unknown or a fear of the magnitude and power of your truth?

When you recognise what the sensation is that you feel toward the resistance to the love from self we ask you to give permission for this resistance to be transformed in the highest and best way. Imagine that the resistance is being transformed from the heavy clouded energy into a beautiful sphere of light.  Imagine that the sphere expands to encompass your whole body and your aura body of light.  Imagine that you are now one ball of beautiful divine light and imagine that you stand before the you, the higher self you.  The higher self you stand with open arms.  Are you now ready to walk into your own arms or do you find there is still more resistance.

If you feel or sense resistance then this is the higher self you showing you what else needs to be cleared and transformed in order to be taken into your own arms. This is a process and as you work through this process you will feel lighter and lighter in every way.  You will begin to step closer into the arms of your true self and when you are able to be held firmly within those loving arms you know that you are ready to merge more fully with your truth.

As the light of your truth begins to integrate more with the boots on the ground you, you will have access to the gifts tools and abilities you chose to bring into this incarnation with you. These are the higher gifts and tools we speak of.  Each of you has certain qualities to certain gifts whether it is a dancer, singer, artist, musician, teacher, healer, leader etc.  The higher gifts will align that which you already know you have with higher light and you will be amazed at the transformations your art, your voice, your music, your body will experience.

You are an extension of the higher aspect of the higher you and the higher self you is an extension of divine Father/Mother God. You are here to experience in the physical plane of existence on Earth and through your experiences you are able to expand your conscious awareness not only of self but of all.  As you step into the truth of self and allow yourself to be held firmly in your own higher self’s  arms you will begin to realise that the physical you perceives things very differently.  The I/me mentality becomes the us/we mentality and it is this unity consciousness that you will become more aware of.  How could it be any other way if you are an extension of divine Father/Mother and others are also an extension?  You come from the same love and light that has chosen to extend and expand.  We are the breath of creation and it is with the in and out breath that creation occurs, expansion occurs.

When the cognitive understanding that we are all one falls into alignment you move out of the need to accumulate material objects to satisfy the lack of love of self. It is through the process of transforming those hidden hurts and fears and belief structures that allows you to accept your own truth and love.  Through the acceptance of your own truth and love you move into the alignment that you are so much more and that we are all so much more of the one love and light.  When you align with this you change your perceptive awareness into wanting to assist others for by assisting others you assist yourself and by assisting yourself and transforming unbalanced and unaligned energies you assist all.  The motion is circular; there is no beginning and no end.

In the dualistic human understanding of things you see things as linear. You may see yourself on this circular line and you see that others are ahead of you and you strive so hard to catch them.  You think that you are so far behind in your spiritual development or so far behind in your accumulation of material things because in your limited perceptive awareness you think that you sit linearly behind them on the circle.  There is no linear aspect to this circle.  Who is to say that you have overlapped them and you sit well in front of them.  There are no linear markers to determine if you sit before or after them.  There is no start of finish line to say the race begins here and the race ends there.  Where you sit upon the circle is appropriate for you, for your soul growth and expansion.

There is no right or wrong there is only appropriateness. What is appropriate for your expansion may not be appropriate for another.  What you have accumulated in the material sense does not indicate that you sit before another.  Where you are on your spiritual path does not indicate that you are more masterful than another.  Your level of expanded awareness is appropriate for you and that is all that you need be concerned about.  When you begin to experience feelings of lack of self-worth in regards to your perceptive awareness of where you sit on the circle do not berate yourself.  Clear and transform these feelings and you will find yourself whizzing around your circle of expansion with much joy and freedom.

With much joy and love we are here to assist you all to move closer into the arms of your truth, of the higher aspect of self. Allow us to assist you and we will offer you many opportunities to help you to see what could be cleared and transformed or many doorways of opportunities to walk through to realise that we are all one.  Whatever is most appropriate for your soul growth and expansion we will endeavour to assist you with however as we have mentioned so many times before we cannot step in unless we are invited to do so.  You have so many on this side of the veil that wish to assist you.

You are all so very dear to us and have so much love for you and we thank you for choosing to experience in the ascension process of Gaia and all of humanity. Oh we can see from this side of the veil the many challenges you have faced.  Do not think for a minute that another has experienced more or less than you.  What you have experienced is appropriate for you and to the you as the boots on the ground version it may seem a very big challenge.  Do not think that another has it worse off than you for what they are experiencing.  We are not in a place to judge what is right or wrong, big or small in regards to what they are experiencing.  It is as it is and that is appropriate for them.

Quite often humanity is willing to be swept up into the arms of the angels and held close in their love and light. We ask you to now look at being swept up into your own arms and to feel your own love and light for you too are angelic.  Do not think for a moment that you are less than angelic?  If you do think this then look at it closely so you can clear and transform that which keeps you in that limiting belief structure.

We love you and offer you our assistance through this ever expanded awareness you are experiencing. In love, light and grace we hold you in our embrace.  Are you ready to hold yourself in your own loving arms?  We leave you with this question to ponder dear ones.  And so it is…


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