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There is a very profound energy alignment coming your way.  You will have the opportunity to step into this alignment with ease and Grace or with opposition depending upon how you choose to receive it.  That goes for all upon the planet.  It is your choice to receive the divine light emanations with ease and Grace or with opposition.  Should you choose to receive with ease and Grace then all will go smoothly.  Should you choose to receive this with opposition then there may be a bumpy ride ahead.  Look deep within and ask the self what it is you oppose about these divine light emanations.  What fears come up and what beliefs and structures are in place that keeps you limited, that keeps you from receiving.

These divine light emanations travel along currents, along wavelengths and if one is in tune with the higher frequencies one can actually feel these light streams.  Allow these higher light frequencies to integrate, to synthesis.  Allow yourself to be re-calibrated to these higher frequencies.  When one is able to re-calibrate to these frequencies one will begin to receive more and more blessings in one’s life.  Are you open to receive blessings freely or do you feel that blessings come at a price?  Look deep within and ask yourself these questions as they may be what prevent you from freely receiving.  It is your birthright to receive the higher light emanations.  It is your birthright to be re-calibrated to the higher frequencies of your own Divinity.  We have said this before over and over and again we say it again now – claim your birthright, claim your Divinity.

Understanding that which presents itself may prove a difficult task at times.  Often times it is difficult to see the blessings in the situations you find yourselves in as there is so much pain and heartache.  We ask that you take the time to elevate yourself above the drama of the situation and see the situation for what it is.  Only then are you able to see the blessings in it.  If it helps for you to understand that which we are trying to express we give you an example, a metaphor if you will:

It may be that you have been working at a particular job for many of your years.  You feel safe and secure in this job and you know that you have been there long enough to receive the benefits of what you call long service leave.  All of a sudden the company you are working for needs to downsize and you have been released from them.  It is a shock to you as you are now a little older and you find that getting a new job in a different company may prove difficult because of your age.  You begin to panic.  What do you do now?  How do I support my family?  Where will I find work as they will be looking for younger people not someone my age?  All of these questions stream through your mind.  You feel a failure, you feel as if you are no longer able to make it in the real world etc., etc.  You begin to slide into a depressive state of mind.

We ask you to look at the beauty of the situation and see that the universe provided you with an opportunity and instead of taking it by the horns so to speak you have shut the door upon this opportunity.  In your heart you have yearned to start your own internet business and yet you pushed it aside as you did not think it was viable or that it would provide for you or that it was just a whimsical idea you had.  Do you not see that you now have the opportunity to delve deeply into the internet business you have always wanted to create.  What a wonderful opportunity you have and had your previous employer not released you you would never have commenced down that pathway.

You now find yourself well on the way to internet stardom.  Your business is doing very well and you are liked all over the globe.  Trust in the synchronistic events that take place in your life and see that every situation, and we mean every, provides for you a blessing or two, or even more.  Many of you fear change.  Change is what allows you to find your sweet spot.  Change is what carries you upon the light emanations to where you need to be, working with the people you need to work with, meeting the people you need to meet.  Accept change and receive it knowing that the you that is the vaster, angelic version of the self is guiding you through every situation, along every pathway, through every door.

And yes there may be challenging moments upon the new pathway but understand that you have placed this before yourself so you are able to learn valuable skills and knowledge along the way.  Nothing is ever placed before you by another.  Oh there may be moments when you are presented with a conflicting situation with another person.  We ask that you step away from the drama of this and see the beauty and blessings in this situation.  What is it that this person is presenting to you that allows you to change within yourself?  It may be offering you the gift of learning how to detach from the drama of all others.  What a blessing to behold, what a magical gift to receive – to be free from the drama others carry on with.  You are all able to see the divine gifts in every situation.  Be open to see these, be open to accept these and lovingly receive them and you will find that your life flows in the most wonderful ways.  Happiness and joy abound, love and laughter is plentiful, wonderful tools present themselves that you kept hidden.

There is always moments when you will be presented with hurdles.  None of these hurdles are too high to step over.  It may be that in order to step over them you have to lift yourself up a little.  When you can see the blessings in all situations you will find yourself leaping over all hurdles regardless of the height of them.  You will feel so much lighter that you will find that you can bound over great heights and the joy you feel when you land lightly on the other side will be seen by others.  That joy, that lightness will be felt by others.  Soon they will want to know what it is you have been doing for you feel different to them, you look different and you even emanate a light of such frequencies that they are even more attracted to it.  They will want what you have.  This is the way of the light worker.  When one is able to free oneself from the densities of the fears and belief structures etc., one becomes much lighter in every sense of the word.  By working upon the self it affects the whole.  Raising your own light frequency allows others to raise theirs and so on.  We are all connected, we are all one.

Be that guiding light for others to see.  Allow them to see it and do not fear what they may say about it.  That would be re-attaching yourself to the drama of others.  Stand tall in the lightness of who you are dear ones.  It is your birthright.  We stand with you in this light that you emanate for it is the light of the One.  We are here to support you, to love you and to assist you in any way you allow us to.  Feel our loving arms embrace you, helping you over the hurdles you have before you.  You will feel this lightness in the love.  Feel our loving embrace as we shower you with Grace.

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