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The Guardian checks all pathways that lay before her.  The street she stands upon is isolated and offers the greatest opportunity for her to get her Charge to safety.  Her Charge is oblivious to the inversion of energies around her so, with eager abandon, she hastens to reach the transportation device she knows she has to board.  The transportation device seems to magnetically pull her toward it and she can feel the slightest of tugs upon her mind.  She was only aware of this recently as she awakened to an inner knowing, a memory if you will.


Following stealthily behind her, the Guardian’s role was to ensure safe passage for her Charge without encroaching upon confusion, all the while being as inobvious as possible.


Suddenly the energy shifts and the Guardian feels a gut-wrenching pull from behind.  She is caught in a vacuum that seems to be sucking her into a great darkness, a void, that felt so heavy it was thick with manipulation.  Knowing she was falling behind her Charge it was imperative she free herself from the control this energy had over her.


Glancing behind her she could make out a figure of sorts, yet it was a distorted outline of an amenable form.  An enticing presence that topples one off guard.  The Guardian knew this deceitful form was attempting to prevent her from ensuring her Charge reached the transportation device.  Derailing the mission was its only objective.


As the intensity of the energy increased the Guardian felt a little as though she was held by a sticky web, an obscure thread of darkness, that bound her to a heavy denseness that seemed to fold in upon her.  Without thinking of what she should, or should not do, what she could or could not do, and without over thinking the situation, she did the first thing that came to mind and firmly recited a verse she often conveys to herself, “I am sovereign and free in my divinity”.


No sooner had these words left her lips the hold the energy had upon her was released and she was freed from the bindings of manipulation.  With haste she set about reaching her Charge to ensure she had reached her transportation vehicle yet within a short distance she was ensnared in the complexities of a fluctuating energy.


Gripped again by the thread of darkness she began to feel the underlying current of righteousness in the actions of the presence following her.  She, herself, as the Guardian, had a role to play, it was her purpose and mission to deliver her subject.  Accomplishing it was the only thing that mattered to her, regardless of the situation she found herself in.  And yet this same accomplishment was the underlying current she felt from the figure in pursuit.  Its only purpose, and mission, was to prevent her, the Guardian, from accomplishing her assignment.


The Guardian seemed to have no real opinion of the pursuant, or the situation she found herself in and she held no animosity toward the entity for her constraining tactics.  In fact, she held a faint tinge of admiration for the tenacity she had toward her work.


Holding firm in her belief the Guardian again recited her phrase, “I am sovereign and free in my divinity”.  Immediately the sticky webbing was once again released, offering the Guardian purchase to catch up to her Charge to ensure safe passage.


A third time the Guardian was gripped in the distorted, thick, dark energy, and although she knew all she had to do was utter the words “I am sovereign and free in my divinity” to feel her release she couldn’t help but wonder why she had to do so a third time.  Upon her release she finally caught up with her Charge to witness her safe arrival to her transportation device.  The Guardian could see clearly that her Charge, in her uniquely designed device, departed and moved from platform to platform to finally reach another geometrically fabricated vehicle.  Boarded now upon this new vehicle, the Guardian knew her Charge was where she needed to be, secure and untouchable.


Although her mission was complete, this time, the Guardian knew she had to review the effort needed to ensure the assignment was finalised.  Why was it she needed to repeat herself?  Why was it that a single utterance of her practiced verse was not enough to override the tugging manipulative denser energy?


No sooner had she pondered these self-enquired uncertainties that she received light Intel from her entourage.


“Emotional charge was the momentum behind the words that offered release”, they whispered as they drew close to her.


“Believing and thinking are two different things”, they offered as an affirmation, whilst holding her in a loving embrace of Grace.


The Guardian understood the profundity of the words of wisdom offered to her and smiled in appreciation.


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