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For the first message of the New Year I would like to apologise for being very sporadic in the sharing of messages. Internet connectivity issues and personal experiences have led me to focus upon certain other areas of my life and I must say it has been a wonderful opportunity to truly understand the meaning of letting go.  I have learnt to let my Li-Lo take me along the currents of energy that have floated me down my personal river of life.  2017 was all about observing that which was revealed and letting go of that which can no longer be carried through into the new energy of 2018.  I do hope that your Christmas festive season, and the ushering in of your 2018, was a very merry and enjoyable one filled with much joy and love.

We sit here in this new energy of 2018 with a luminescent super moon emerging. The energies are strong and there is a magnetic undertow that is drawing us closer and closer to that which is our own true divine light. Many that can feel this pull are aware of it and although there can be slight turbulence many have learnt to go with the flow and allow.  There will be many of you that get caught in the stronger currents without knowing how to navigate through them.  Trust that your higher aspect of self will carry you through them with greater ease if you let go and allow for this to be so.

Together we are all being drawn to an energy that is far greater than anything we could have ever imagined. That energy is our truth, our true divine self.  It is a unified energy of love, light and compassion.  Allow 2018 to carry you into this new refined unity consciousness and many blessings to you all for the New Year.  Enjoy.



Welcome to the New Year. It is a new era, a new light, and a new you.  It is a new light in so many ways.  There is magnification, there is subjugation, there is elation, and there is specification.  You may ask what we mean by the use of some of these words however let us explain.

There is magnification in the energy source of the light that comes to you from the cosmos. Solaris is magnifying the amplitude of the gamma waves that are being showered upon you.  Things are heating up so to speak.  Some may go into fear about what we say here assuming that we refer to the heat from the Sun and its damaging affects it may have upon you.  The heating up we speak of is the light vibrations are moving into a higher frequency and this creates a certain amount of intensity.

There is subjugation of the shadow, of the dark inside and out. For many of you it has been a difficult time working through the shadow within.  For many of you it has been difficult working with that which is not of light that you may find yourself presented with in your daily lives whether that be personally, within your families, within your working environments, within politics, within corporations etc.  It is a dominance of the light within and around you.  This light is being anchored more dominantly by those that are walking the ascension pathway into wakefulness.  The elation, the joy, the bliss one feels when embodying more light, when being the vessel for more light, is sublime.  There is a countenance of blissful love that seems to impregnate every cell of your body as you draw this new light into you, whilst at the same time you are radiating love.  It is a never ending circle of bliss, joy and love.

There is specification in the light codes you choose to hold within. When you reach this state of blissful love and joy you specify the crystalline light enhanced DNA patterns.  You literally re-encrypt your own DNA blueprint.

Dearest lights we welcome you into this energy of the New Year and one could say the new earth. We offer to you an enhanced light field in which you are able to draw upon.  This light field is designed to encompass your very being and to trigger within the codes that lie dormant.  These codes are waiting to be fully actualised.  They sit there waiting to be triggered into remembrance.  These fields of light are much like spheres that overlap.  There are spheres overlapping spheres and these spheres create new spheres.  The new spheres overlap to create more new spheres.  It is never ending.  We welcome in the new light of the New Year and ask if you would sit within this light of acceptance.

We welcome in the New Year, the new change. We sit with you in this place, in this energy and we share with you that which is for our highest and best.  We are holding the light high for you as you merge and emerge as the Christed one.  There are many of you doing this and we say to you that you are the ones that will lead the way.  (If you are reading this you are the ones they speak of).  Be patient for it will take a little bit of earthly time to have this fall into place.  What we speak of here is divine timing.  You have many things, many ducks to get in a row and we ask that you remain patient as we assist in the synchronisation of the events that are coming forward for you.

You may find this a little confusing, a little frustrating perhaps. It is difficult to truly let go and trust in divine timing.  Sometimes it may feel as though you are in those turbulent streams and cannot seem to align with and flow with the new light.  It may feel like drawing a straight line upon a page then reaching a certain point and retracing backwards upon that line a little, then projecting the line further forward, then retracing backwards.  It is much like taking two steps forward and one step back.

Upon your ascension path you have indeed experienced many highs and lows, many peaks and troughs, many steps forward, many steps backwards. Regardless of what you experience you will always move forward, we use linear expression here, however the correct expression would be expansion.  When you choose to reach your highest potential and you live this choice then you will undoubtedly do so.  What you are not told in your manual of life is that there will be lay periods in which you feel as though you move two steps forward and one step back.  At times it may feel as though you are neither moving forwards or backwards, or shall we say not expanding.  This is only a perception as indeed there is always some form of movement even if it is unseen or unfelt.  It is within these lay periods that assimilation occurs.  You are accepting, integrating, absorbing and adjusting to the new energies, the new light that is manifested due to the triggering of the sacred codes within.  In order for you to move forward assimilation must occur to anchor these new light frequencies into the physical vessel.  It is a meld of energies, of matter and antimatter and it takes a little while for the vessel to adapt to this.

As you begin to embody Christos/Sophia you remain with feet planted in the third dimension and yet your heart and mind are expanding at an accelerated rate. You begin to wear the coat of many colours, the rainbow garment of light.  You step into and through shadow and you emerge as the butterfly upon wings of rose gold.  We reference the rose gold as the merge of gold and silver, masculine/feminine.  You are of much golden light and gliding however in order to glide you must release that which is heavy and keeps you weighed down.  The moving two steps forward and one step back is the working through the shadow work, the transformation and integration of this new acceptance of self.  You take two steps into the divine feminine, the unity consciousness, the fifth dimension, the Christ consciousness and one step through the perceived separateness into union of masculine and feminine.  Again we use a linear expression for ease of understanding.

You hold within you all that you ever were, all that you are and all that you will be for you are all. There is absoluteness and in order to accommodate absoluteness one must first create a space for the expansive qualities of absoluteness.  Absoluteness is pureness, it is untainted, and it is perfection.

The word plateau keeps popping into mind. Can you explain why?


Let us give you an image. The image you see is that of a plateau that sits halfway up a mountain.  The peaks to the mountain rise up much higher beyond the plateau and in fact you cannot see the top of the mountain peaks as there is low cloud coverage.  The plateau is a wonderful place to rest before continuing your climb up the higher peaks.  You can use that plateau as a base camp, as a place in which you can prepare for the next stage of your journey.  It is a place of settlement.  The plateau represents the rest before the big climb.  It is a place of equilibrium.  One can use this place to rejuvenate before the next phase of the climb so to speak.

When one reaches the plateau one takes stock of what they have achieved and then plans what it is they wish to do in order to ascend the higher peaks. If we use the higher metaphor taking stock within this life expression allows you to come to the realisation that you can indeed choose how to transition from this life expression and where you choose to go after your transition.  There is a cyclic pattern; some may call it karmic, in which you often transition into and through.  Incarnating into and through this cyclic pattern gives the soul an opportunity to return to balance that which was out of balance and experience many wonderful instructions and tutorials from the soul self.  It gives the soul the opportunity to become a self-realised soul and to grow and expand from these experiences.  Reaching the plateau allows you to take a moment, a pause moment, and a rest from the heavy climbing so to speak, so that you can make an informed choice as to what to do next.

To use the metaphor of the mountain peaks, one can choose to remain on the plateau and have a little rest, a holiday if you will, neither ascending nor descending the mountain. One can choose to climb the mountain peaks or one can choose to descend the mountain and return to ground level.  The choice is yours.  You can choose to remain at this level of ascended expansion and to reincarnate at this level over and over.  You can choose to transition through this level of expansion and move into the higher levels of expansion of soul self, into what some may term as the monadic self, the overseer self, which resides in the higher fifth, sixth and beyond dimensions.  Many that choose this may decide they have no desire to return to an earthly incarnation.  You can choose to return to the lower third/fourth dimensional levels, to continue with soul growth and expansion at this level of experience.  There is no right or wrong, there is however free choice and free will.

The plateau can represent a phase, a period in which is in energetically. This phase or period will be determined by ones level of expansion.  It is a pause period before the next phase begins, so to speak.  Of course we present to you our model however the plateau represents that which you feel it does.  What does the plateau represent to you?

The word absolution keeps popping into mind. Could you please explain this?

Again we would ask you what it means to you. However we offer to you a metaphor that may assist with understanding this.  Yes the image you saw was that of the butterfly emerging from the cocoon.  You are freeing the butterfly within.  The confines of the cocoon can be seen as the density and perceived separateness you step into when you choose a cyclic incarnation.  The emerging butterfly can be seen as freeing the self from the cyclic path.  It can also represent the release of the shadow to allow the new crystalline light to assimilate within.  It can represent that transition from the third/fourth dimensional density to the fifth, sixth and beyond dimensional frequencies of light.  It can represent the matter and antimatter merge.  Again we say to you that it can represent whatever it is you choose it to.

The plateau can represent many things. There is a purpose to this as you know and indeed it is in alignment with your divine purpose.  Trust in this and you shall find that much will move through rapid expansion.  You are holding more light and as you do it is being radiated from you.


The image you just saw was a connection to Solaris. In fact the light that came from Solaris came through Solaris from the Great Central Sun.  You saw upon the rays of light many encoded light filaments.  You saw the formula, the algorithms, the patterns, the designs and the inner workings of the rays of light.  In fact the light filaments came to you from Solaris, through you and yet at the same time they travelled back through the cosmos from you to Solaris and through Solaris to the great central sun.  This represents the new crystalline light codes that we can draw upon to re-encrypt our DNA.  What do you choose to do with the light codes you see beaming down upon you?

Take these light codes into your cellular structure, into your DNA and re-encrypt your DNA. Restore the original divine blueprint of your DNA by using the light filaments to bind with your DNA strands.  As this occurs, the light filaments fully activate, radiate and crystallise the original divine blueprint into and through the DNA strands.  Stand as a fully embodied avatar actualising the original organic divine blueprint.  Choose this rapid expansion knowing that you can experience this with ease and grace.

You are indeed experiencing a rapid expansion to and through a new encoded light. We thank you for allowing this opportunity today in this new refined energy.  We look forward to speaking with you again in this way.  As you stand as the overseer self, you stand as the source perspective.  Knowing this will indeed greatly enhance your expansion into the light of your truth.  We hold you in our loving embrace and endow you with grace.  And so it is…

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