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Whenever we encounter passages of enlightened energy, as described in the following received message, I will experience many vibrational sensations within my body. For many weeks now, prior to and after the full moon phase of January, the energy has been vibrating in and through my feet.  It feels as though it is moving upward but at the same time it feels as though it is moving downward and outward from the soles of my feet.  It is sensed as a consistent vibration (day and night) and also as a pulsating flux.  As we embody more of our higher consciousness it is extremely important we remain grounded.  How appropriate it is that the message received was about grounding.  Enjoy.



There has been a passage of enlightened energy that has given all a rise in love, in a sense of hope, in a sense of anticipation. This passage of enlightened energy came through to you all, including Gaia, beginning at the new moon phase in January through to the full moon/super moon, blue moon/blood red moon.  The enlightened energy was available to all, still is, and always will be as there is no past, present, future.  It is available now and when you are consciously aware that you can indeed receive this energy in the highest light of your truth you will benefit greatly from what it can provide for you.

The energy alignments on the planet serve as opportunities for dormant codes held in your light body field to be unlocked and embodied. The physical form is adjusting to receive the higher enlightened energy and when this occurs new sensations can be felt within the physical body.  It can also have an impact upon the mental clarity and the emotional state of being.  Have you just wanted to sit down and cry for no apparent reason?  Have you had moments of absolute vagueness only to be followed by absolute clarity?  Are you able to recognise these moments as part of the integration of the higher light emanations or do you think for a moment that you are losing your marbles? 

Are you feeling new sensations in your physical structure? Maybe you feel a slight vibration of energy in the souls of your feet.  Maybe you have had moments where you have seen something on your TV and you get an overwhelming sense of love fill you.  You may feel as though your chest is expanding to be able to cope with this expansion.  Have you been feeling like you want to lock yourself away and hibernate even though it may not be winter where you live?  Do some people you used to get along with now push your buttons?  Do you find yourself not wanting to involve yourself in the drama of others?  Does the drama of others push your buttons?

If you have answered a yes to any of the above questions; then it would be safe to say that you are feeling the re-alignment, the re-adjustment to the new energy. As you re-align and re-adjust you may feel a little out of sorts.  You may even feel as though your body aches when just the other day you felt fine.  All of this is part of the embodiment process.  The embodiment process is the integration of the higher refined light of your ‘I Am’ presence.  This light is consciousness and you are all experiencing this to some degree.  It may have no recognisable effect upon you, or it could have a great impact upon you.  If it is having a great impact upon you it is so you can recognise it for what it is, let go of what is not needed and allow yourself to adjust to and integrate with this new light.

Higher sensory abilities are coming online. There will be moments where you know with absolute certainty who is calling you on the phone.  You may have dreams about someone that you haven’t seen for years and out of the blue you run into them in the street.  You may have a deeper more profound connection with animals.  It will be as though the animals are communicating to you.  Open your ears to listen to them for indeed you are being heightened.  You are being triggered into receptivity of these higher light codes and as you embody these varying stages of light body activation you are going to find that you will see things with new eyes.  You will hear things with new ears and you will feel things with an opened heart of compassionate love.

All of this is normal when experiencing the embodiment process. Giving yourself the time to sit in meditation, even if only for a short while, allows you to integrate these light codes, this new refined light.  It is through the pause moments of meditation, of slowing down and relaxing that you become heightened.  Heightened is just a reference to higher light embodiment.  Higher light embodiment is taking you into the more expanded consciousness within the fifth dimension.  As you embody more light you move through the differing variations of dimensional frequencies.  In fact you will oscillate to and fro through these gradations of fluxing energies which can cause one to feel a little ungrounded.  Grounding techniques are most helpful.

We offer to you now a grounding technique that may assist you to feel balanced.

When appropriate find a quiet place seated on the grass. Imagine you have a column of light that runs from your base/root chakra up your spine to your crown chakra.  Imagine you can expand that light so that you are sitting within a column or big cylinder of light.  Imagine that this cylinder of light can be taken down to connect with the crystalline organic heart of Mother Earth/Gaia and it can be extended upward to your divine I Am presence, all the way to the One Source of All that is.

Imagine that your body element of Earth (your bones and flesh) is aligning with Gaia’s organic crystalline Earth body. Feel you are connecting with the very dirt, the land, the mountains, the rocks and crystals.  Take a moment to sit within this connection and feel the strong bonding foundation of body and earth.

Imagine your body element of Water (your body fluids including blood, cerebral fluid, spinal fluid) is connecting with Gaia’s organic crystalline Water bodies. Feel the oceans, the waterfalls, the rivers, the waterway connections and sit within this energy of water for a moment.  Feel fluid in movement and all that life brings you.

Imagine your body element of Air (your lungs, the oxygen in your blood) is connection with the pristine organic crystalline Air body of Gaia. Feel the air, the breeze, upon your face, your body.  Breathe in oxygen, fill your lungs, then breathe out carbon dioxide and share this with Gaia, with the trees and plants.  Fill your body with this crystalline air and sit with this sensation for a moment.  Feel full of the life giving breath of creation.

Imagine now that your body element of Fire (your Kundalini fire energy, your brain synapses) is connecting with Gaia’s organic crystalline Fire body. Feel the connection to the plasma core of the Earth, the Geysers and hot springs, the lava within the Earth.  Sit with this energy for a moment and feel the electromagnetic energy within the body charging you with a new found enthusiasm for life.

Imagine now you are connecting your Etheric bodies, your light bodies, with the Etheric bodies/light bodies of Gaia. Breathe in the refined adamantine particles of light in through and around your heart.  These particles of light are the building blocks of creation.  Consciously take these particles of light into your body elements and enlighten them.  Imagine your body glowing from within to without.  Fuse the glowing light that comes from within with the light of your grounded column of light.  Feel the expansion of self into, through and around self.  Sit with this energy for a moment.

Imagine now your divine masculine aspect of self is balanced with the divine feminine aspect of self and aligning with the electro/magnetic field around Earth. Imagine the oscillations and vibrations of this energy field pulsating through you.  Sit with this energy for a moment.

This is a very profound balancing technique. When you have finished this grounding technique you will feel much lighter and although you are grounded you will feel as though you are floating.  If this feeling of floating is a concern for you and causes worry at all just remember to be consciously aware that your column of light is grounded into the crystalline organic heart of Gaia and this will help you to feel a little more settled.  This technique can be used whenever you choose and can be as long or as short as you desire.  It is the intent to ground that is most important.

Balance is a key to being able to easily integrate these higher refined energies. The balance we speak of is broad in that it encompasses all aspects of self.  Being balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is important.  Balancing the divine feminine/masculine aspects of self is vital to being balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Marrying strength and power with love and gratitude will open new energy pathways within the body.  This will enable the energy to flow and to integrate with ease and Grace.

Be aware, aligned and conscious throughout this enlightened energetic process you are all experiencing. Take the time out from your busy schedule to sit with self and to allow the enlightened energies to integrate.  This is an important year for the integration process.  It is a year that will trigger the necessary keys and codes to ensure you do take the time out to relax and connect with self.  Give yourself your own external triggers to ensure you remember to relax and take time out.  These external triggers can be routines, can be messages to self, can be colour coded stickers that remind you to sit in the now moment of the new you or alerts set on your mobile devices.

When you sit in the now moment with the new, grounded you, you will find that your days seem to flow with greater ease. Your heightened senses will keep tapping you on the shoulder until you recognise them; give gratitude for them and to consciously choose to work with them.  This is the intuitive, higher dimensional self, speaking to you through the language of light.  Bring balance to your being, marrying divine feminine and divine masculine facets of self.  The union of these facets of self creates a metaphoric explosion of light.  Let the light not only shine on you but shine from within you.  Expand in, through and around this light for this light is you.  And so it is…


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