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Within each and every one of you there are specific key codes you carry within that are being triggered in alignment with the very profound higher frequencies which are now inundating the Earth. These powerful energies are activating within each of you that which you orchestrated before incarnating.  You all had a plan which fit perfectly within the grand plan.

Let us say that it is like a jigsaw puzzle and the entire puzzle is the grand plan and a piece of the puzzle is your specific plan. Within that piece that is your specific plan there are many pieces.  One could say that it is a micro-jigsaw within the macro-jigsaw and the macro-jigsaw is the grand plan.  As you fit the bits and pieces of your plan, your personal puzzle, together so too does the grand plan fit together and vice versa.  One cannot slot the pieces of the puzzle into place until the other is ready so to speak, and again that is vice versa.  All of you work together in this ascension process you are going through and you work extremely closely with Gaia (Earth) even though you may not yet be aware of this.  The ancients knew how important Gaia was for as goes Gaia, so goes the human evolution.  We are speaking not specifically of the physical evolution, rather the consciousness evolution.

Your consciousness is expanding, or shall we say remembering. (We use the word remember/ing to sit within your understanding of this.  Memory is structured and denotes that something has happened previously and you are now remembering from a past incident.  In actual fact there is no past, present, future, there is only NOW.  There are many levels to this and depending upon where you are consciously will depict how you perceive this.)

Your consciousness is who you are. The greater aspect of self is consciousness, is light and is love.  The activations you are experiencing are memory of the truth of who you are being recalled.  (Again there are many levels/layers to this and one may perceive this as not having to remember at all for it is already within, rather they will choose to release the shield (metaphor only) they have placed upon their awareness before incarnating.  Or they may not have a shield rather they are aware that it is the NOW for them to be their truth.  The perception of this will depend on where you are within your own jigsaw puzzle so to speak.)  You will remember, even though it may be a little vague at the beginning, who you truly are and what your purpose for being upon Gaia is.  All of you have the opportunity to remember your truth however some may choose to deny this.

You all have free choice and it is up to you how many of your own personal jigsaw puzzle pieces you put together. You may complete this incarnation and not have finished your own personal piece jigsaw or you may indeed finish it, it is entirely up to you.  Sometimes you may find it difficult to place the next piece of the jigsaw because you are looking at it from a third/fourth dimensional view.  When you are willing to see it from a more expanded viewpoint, let us say fifth dimensional or above, you will see it differently and it may be a lot easier to set it in its place.

To see your own personal jigsaw puzzle pieces from a third/fourth dimensional viewpoint you are witnessing them being outside of yourself. You perceive them as separate to you and something you must reach for to grab a hold of so you can place them into the appropriate positions.

When seen from a fifth dimensional aspect you are witnessing them as you actually being the piece of your own jigsaw and you can see that the whole picture is a unified aspect of self. You can witness the fractal pieces of your personal jigsaw piece, which is a piece of the grand jigsaw; move about when you move your consciousness.  You notice that through conscious awareness you can move these pieces without having to reach out and pick them up as they are not apart from you or outside of you, they are you.

Seeing your own personal jigsaw puzzle pieces from a sixth dimensional viewpoint you see the geometries within the angles of the pieces and how they fit to the whole entire grand plan jigsaw. You see the sacred geometric shapes that not only shape your personal jigsaw pieces but also those that shape the grand jigsaw.  You also see those sacred geometries that shape Gaia, the solar system, the galaxy, universe and beyond.

Stepping into the seventh dimension and beyond you witness energy and the colours, vibrational frequencies, geometries, harmonics and love within and of these dimensions.

There is no separation between dimensions and there are no borders between them as there are between the states within your countries. They ebb and flow, meld and merge, mix and mingle within the one cocktail of creation.  As you know a cocktail is a drink which has many alcoholic and other components to it and each component is perceived to be a separate ingredient that blends to create the final taste sensation.  The effect it has upon the body is also determined by what ingredients are used to create the cocktail.  If the alcohol used in the cocktail is strong then you will feel it have an effect on your senses.

If the cocktail is what you call a mocktail (a drink similar to a cocktail but without alcohol) and has no alcohol in it you will not have the same reaction to it. You all know that if you go out and have many cocktails on an empty stomach or when you are not feeling well you will indeed be affected by the alcohol in the drink.  If you have too many you become quite intoxicated and you may struggle to retain your sensory perceptions as they have been inhibited by the alcohol in the drink.

Let us use the metaphor that the process you are going through energetically is much like the mocktail. There are many ingredients (energetic frequencies) that are stirring around you and all of you are taking these energies into the physical vessel.  Some will ingest them slowly to make the drink last longer so to speak.  And some will guzzle the mocktail drink and quickly line up for another.

This is metaphor only and does not implicate that we condone the use of alcohol nor do we promote it. We are neutral on these matters as your choice is yours.  We use this as an analogy that provides an easier understanding for those that do not yet understand the higher resonance of this message.  This is not to say that some are better than others because they may understand the higher energies within this message it merely confirms that one’s own personal jigsaw puzzle has been put together more rapidly than another because they chose to put it together that way.

The mocktail in this metaphor represents the energetic frequencies that are cosmically projected to Gaia. It is a concoction of energies, light, harmonies, colours and love. Depending upon where you are within your conscious awareness you may choose to align with these energies and integrate these energies slowly or literally guzzle them up waiting for more.  Those that guzzle them up know that to do so in a greedy fashion or a power hungry fashion will not be beneficial to their physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies.  Those that guzzle the energies knowing that it is in alignment with their truth and in the highest and best way for all will reap the benefit of these energetic frequencies which are available to all.

You all have free choice and what you choose is appropriate for you. There is no right or wrong.  There are many that may choose to deny these energies and yet we say to you that even though you deny them they will still be offered to you.  All of you receive the greatest gifts when you open to receive them.  We offer you many opportunities that allow for these gifts to be bestowed upon you and yet many still deny them.  Again we say to you that the choice is yours and we do not judge regardless of your choice.  We hold within our being much love for you all.  Open now to receive our love, take a moment and feel that which is being offered to you in this moment.  And so it is…

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