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There is a great expanse awaiting all of you. This expanse is much more than you could imagine.  This expanse is of the consciousness, an expanse into solar cosmic Christ consciousness.  Christ consciousness is a state of being, it is not a place to reach and it is not a journey that goes from here to there as there is no end point.  It is not a Biblical teaching nor is it a doctrine that one needs to follow.  Christ consciousness is an understanding and acceptance of the Creator within you.  The Christed light is a tolerance of the spiritual you blended with the physical you.  There is a need for tolerance as the transition into higher light frequency is quite an arduous task for the physical vessel.  The physical Earth vessel you are currently incarnated in is made of about 50-75% water.  Water is a conductor and through a conductance of the electrical energetic, electromagnetic light upgrades the physical body has to adjust to and assimilate the higher light of Christ Consciousness.  The higher light frequencies of Christ consciousness is not a light that can be turned on although some will have experiences that may in fact mimic this.  It is not a light per se, it is a graduation into higher frequency and it is due to faster gyrations that the earthly vessel will appear lighter in every sense of the word.

Throughout your history there have been many masters that have held this light within, their DNA functioning at a much higher percentage, and yet within the scope of the many humans upon the Earth it seemed there were only few that could achieve this level of lightness, of consciousness. Upon incarnation you drop down your cellular gyration frequency into the density of the illusions of separation within the third dimension and find it extremely difficult to return to light and retain these faster gyrations within the cellular and atomic structures of the earthly vessel.  The masters, through their commitment to the light of the One, to the Creator of all that is, were extremely vigilant in their pursuit of remembrance of their mastery.  Those that were masterful did an enormous amount of work not only upon themselves but for all of humanity and for the Earth herself.

All of you are now able to hold much higher frequencies of light and can shine ever so brightly to be the examples of truth. Those that consciously choose this are indeed here to be the examples of truth and will shift in ways never before felt.  This can be very daunting and some may become fearful of the unknown aspect of this.  There is nothing to fear for when you see how truly beautiful and bright you are you will be in awe of self.  Christ consciousness is an alignment with the highest frequencies of love and bliss, joy, peace, happiness, harmony, abundance and much more. How wonderful it will be that your new normal will be feeling and having the experiences of love, bliss, joy etc. in every moment of every day.  Of course it is your choice and it is important for you to realise that you are indeed of true light.  This is your truth, truth is consciousness.  Remember your own expanded consciousness for this is your truth.

For aeons and aeons you, humanity, have placed your consciousness into categories, into boxes, to fit in with your own limiting perceptions or in alignment with the limited collective perceptions. Through the call of your own sacred hearts you have been triggered to remember your truth, the expanse of your consciousness.  Nothing is ever lost and nothing is forgotten for it lies within the DNA and can be retrieved whenever you give yourself permission to retrieve it.  It is enhanced when it is in alignment with pure intent.  Taking yourselves out of the limiting boxes and aligning with Christ consciousness enables you to free yourselves into your divinity.   Expand and align with cosmic mind and you will see that all knowledge and wisdom lie within you.  You are all the wise ones.



“Oh Wise Owl”


Oh wise owl, you sit upon my head.

You stand as gatekeeper for expanded consciousness.

You bring balance into the wisdom and knowledge I hold within my DNA.

You offer yourself as the symbolic representation of all that I am in ancient knowledge and wisdom.

You are the eyes that pierce through the dark.

You are the sentient being that can see in all directions.


Oh wise owl you hold the keys and codes for our experience on the Earthly plane of existence.

You monitor my thoughts, my actions, and my deeds.

You assist me to speak truth, to see truth, to know truth and to be truth.

You offer your voice to me and I allow you to speak through me.

You spread your wings across time and space merging past, present and future timelines.

You allow me to walk across the span of your wings into the future self and multidimensional self.


Oh wise owl you offer to me your love, your nurturance and your guidance.

You embrace me in your loving wings and allow our hearts to align.

You touch my mind with yours and you allow our consciousness to expand.

You initiate enlightenment through the many dimensions.

You hold me close and flap your wings raising me up through the higher dimensional membranes.

You fashion a cloak of many colours with your feathers of light and you place this cloak over me to wear with pride.


Oh wise owl you assist me in my light body metamorphosis.

You have cleansed my physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies from the dross of the third dimension.

You have given me the opportunity to be an extension of the light and the love of the ‘All That Is’.

You have held me in your nurturing cocoon and waited patiently with me until we were ready to emerge in new garments of light.

You held my hand as we walked through the fires of initiation.

You hold my hand now as we walk into the flames of transfiguration.


Oh you are the wise owl and I am the phoenix that rises from the ashes.

Together we wear the crystalline solar light frequencies.

Together we embody cosmic Christed light consciousness.

We are the ‘wise one’; we are the light of ‘The One’.



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