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There is but one reality and within that reality there is an illusory reality. Within that illusory reality there are trillions of realities all of which are seen through the eyes of those upon the earthly plane of existence.  Each person has a multitude of realities and when one chooses to live within the original reality and understand what is meant by that then one will certainly be given the opportunity to live within the realisation of the original reality.

Holding this concept in your heart allows you to alter your reality to bring more of the original reality into focus. You must choose this and when one does their reality will change in accordance with their divine free choice.  When the original reality is chosen over the duality experiment (the materialistic, technological reality known to some as the Luciferian experiment) and done so through love, of love and knowing they are within love then change will surely occur.  Whilst we sit here and talk with you this change is already occurring.  You see it is much like a scene from a movie where one has a flashback and the screen image gets distorted and ripples like the mirage in the dessert.  The realties bleed through what you perceive as separation membranes and you will be taken into the original reality construct regardless of the fact that you are here on earth within the duality experiment matrix.  Holding only this original reality choice and not detouring from the chosen path will allow you to reach greater heights.  By giving intent not to detour from the path it is ensured you do not.  Of course there will be moments when you find yourself veering off the path, however, your guide set will always bring your attention to this and steer you back on course if you are willing to listen.

We always offer the greatest support and the greatest gifts and opportunities however you must be willing to accept them and receive them. You must master your emotional/mental bodies to enable you to discern the guidance is true for you.  You can shut your eyes and close your ears however you will always see and hear regardless of whether they are open or closed.  Consciousness is not locked away behind the eyes or the ears.  It permeates everything.  There are no barriers to the consciousness other than those you put there.

You are the self, the consciousness, that embodies the divine I Am. It is not that you have to draw that self to you.  Expand that self from within you for it is already there.  It is when you can see things from a more expanded perceptive field that you better understand the union you have with self and God, father/mother God. It is only your preconceived ideas, beliefs, and structures etc. that limit you.  Now you can release these and know that you are now thinking with unlimited potential.

Let us speak to you now of a little metaphor we have prepared for you this day.  The metaphor we speak with you of is about a little one and we will call this beautiful soul we speak of today Grace.   For the sake of ease of typing this metaphor we shall refer to Grace as a feminine being.

Grace decided that she wanted to experience a contrast from that which was her reality.   Grace was a perfect soul that spent her days in absolute bliss.  She was so blissful, she was content, and she was whole and complete.  It was upon the winds of spirit she heard of a wonderful experiment that was taking place that would allow any soul that chose to experience it the opportunity to experiment with polar aspects of self in a dualistic, polarised environment.  This environment was a playing field of potential and those that chose to enter the game upon the chosen playing field would have the opportunity to express free will in the most enlightened way.  Choosing this experience would give Grace the chance to assist all of humanity to overcome the density and heaviness of this polarised milieu.  Just by shining her own light in the highest resonance she knew she could help raise other soul’s light so they too could remember their truth.  

Of course Grace was excited. She packed her metaphoric bags and lined up with rest of the complete, perfect and content souls to experience the dualistic, polarised world known as Earth.  How exciting for each of them.  Grace waited patiently for the opportunity to express her self within this experiential game of life and death.  You see when she chose to be a part of this experiment she was to choose a body that would do her proud and that would be able to cope with the light infusion she would give it.  Before lining up to enter into this world she had to choose the potentials of spirituality she would reach in her chosen life and she also had to choose what gender she would be.  Because Grace was a complete divine soul she has no particular gender in the dimension she comes from.  She was whole and wholeness has all things and no things.  Choosing a gender was new to her and she felt such excitement and anticipation.  

Of course it didn’t enter her mind at that stage what the life and death experience meant until she actually was born into the world to the parents she chose before incarnating. The parents she chose would give her to opportunity to experience the many things she elected to experience before coming here.  Grace was so intent on experiencing compassion and acceptance for all life that when she was born she thought it would be an easy life without many ups and downs.  She was already aware of the potential situations that could happen that would allow her to express compassion and acceptance for all life and she felt strong and confident in her choices. 

Oh Grace knew that each and every person that she would interact with had their own set of potentials however she had faith that each of them would choose to reach their highest potentials. What she didn’t take into consideration were the intoxicating addictions the world presented to her and to her soul family and friends, the people she would interact with upon earth.  

When Grace was a young child she found life a breeze. She was an only child and was given everything she wanted, everything that is in the material sense.  You see she set this scene up and chose parents that were not spiritually inclined or for that matter believed in the one creator of all that is, or God as most would understand this as.  Grace thought it would be easy to express her abilities and show that compassion and a reverence for all life was normal.  

But little did she understand how very difficult it became as she was unfairly judged for her many psychic gifts and abilities. You see she grew up with her parents hiding the fact that she had special abilities of compassion and love for all.  Even though these manifested in the most beautiful and loving way the fear her parents held about being judged or ridiculed by others was so great they did everything they could to prevent Grace from being true to herself.  She started to resent her parents and started to resent other people.  She tried to fit in and be normal so she shut her gifts in a box and buried them deep within her heart.  During her teenage years she chose to follow the spiralling depths of darkness others took and became lost in a world of drugs, alcohol, hatred, intolerance of others and impatience with others.  

Little did she know or remember she chose this as a potential before she came into this world, into this incarnation of life and death. She had forgotten, by choice, who she really was and as she spiralled deeper and deeper into the density of the materialistic world she began to feel a feather touch upon her heart.   This feather touch was like a slight breeze.  It was like someone wiping away a tear.  She was so sad that her heart cried out and she wanted help.  She did not know who she was asking for help but something inside her knew that she would get help from somewhere if she asked for it.  You see she couldn’t ask God because her parents didn’t believe in God.  She couldn’t ask her parents because they had become so distant and focused on gathering more of the material objects.  They had little love and understanding for her, nor did they have love, compassion and a reverence for any life other than their own.  She did not even come into the equation.  She felt lost, alone and stranded.  

She needed help and she needed it now. She truly believed she would get help and because of this strong belief she did indeed receive help.  She somehow was guided to read a book about souls that explained how we have a bridge to the higher soul self and when we are willing to walk across this bridge we can remember the true self, the true soul that we are.  Grace was like a sponge and soaked up this information in the book.  She knew somewhere deep inside that she had to know more and so began her journey back to her soul self.  

Life went on and she distanced herself from the addictions and materialistic intoxicating experiences and sought to find more of herself. Life went on and it was not long before her parents passed away.  Now she understood how difficult the life and death cycle was especially when you were a compassionate caring person.  Even though her mother and father disapproved of her choice to soul search and even though they became estranged Grace still loved them.  She found it very difficult to emotionally detach from their death and fell deep into despair.  Depression set in as she felt the weight of being left alone again in the world. 

Again she cried out for help knowing that she would receive it. She berated herself for forgetting that help was always at hand.  She called for help and asked to be shown how she can overcome the grief she felt.  She was guided to join a group of other souls that had experienced the same thing.  It was whilst she was attending the meetings with this group that she became interested in what one of her friends was delving into.  Her friend was interested in opening an orphanage for children that lost their parents and who were all alone.  Rather than have them put into the foster system she wanted to provide an opportunity for these children to grow and remember their truth.  Grace felt as though her heart would explode.  She felt a wave of love so grand wash over her that she could hardly contain it within.  In fact she couldn’t and this wave of love so grand spilled out into her sphere of life and she found herself realising her highest potential was indeed to assist in this endeavour.  

Grace had received the help she sought and it came from deep within the heart centre. Something shifted in her and all of a sudden she felt different within.  She felt a sense of calm and peace wash over her.  She felt mesmerised by life.  She remembered things she had forgotten she knew.  Grace even began to sense more about herself and others.  In fact she could pick up a lot from others and quite often she wanted to inform someone of this however her fear of being ridiculed stopped her.  

Hang on a minute. This fear of being ridiculed was her parents fear and she felt compelled to carry that fear for them.  In silence she asked why it is she should carry their fear when she did not want to hold any of her own fears let alone theirs.  Grace chose, in that moment, to drop all of her fears and her parents fears.  She detached from them and asked for help to transcend them.  

Again she felt another wave wash over her and with this wave came more information and knowledge about others. She could psychically pick up on things they had never told anyone.  For some reason this did not worry Grace for she was detached from the all fears.  She also found that she could detach from all drama surrounding it because really the only reason she attached to drama in the first place was because that is what others expected her to do.  In fact when she looked back she realised that others expected her to be dramatic, to react dramatically and express drama in her life.  Was this drama expectation they placed on another a scapegoat for their fear of being at peace within?  Was this drama expectation of another a way to prevent them from realising their own potential, their own power?  Wow Grace had never seen it like this before and she realised that she was beginning to expand her awareness of things.  She became so expanded so quickly that she was able to intuitively know and sense things beyond this realm of existence.  

Grace remembered little bits and pieces of her childhood. Her memory was beginning to return and so too were the abilities she had as a child.  Her chats with the elemental realm were real.  Her chats with the angels were real.  She was remembering them and felt so much joy and peace within knowing that she never had to fear what others thought of her or what they may say about her because she had transcended these fears.  She knew that she could help others with her gifts.  Something kept telling her that she was to do this and so she asked for help again. 

Help positioned her in the most appropriate frequencies that configured a new career path for her and a way to live her life in alignment with the energies of compassion and reverence for all life. She was employed in her friend’s new orphanage and loved every minute of every day she worked with other beautiful children, other beautiful souls.  She helped them to grow physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually into healthy, vibrant beings that shone a beautiful light upon others.  Grace was in her sweet spot and she was complete and content.  

The years went by and Grace eventually realised the time had come for here to return to her home within the higher dimensions, the home in the stars. She lovingly lay down her physical body, the wonderful vessel that carried her to her highest potentials.  She thanked her body vehicle and transitioned into the next life.  The cycle of life and death was complete this time upon this world and Grace could not wait to come back again.  Next time she thought she would come back as a male that would find it difficult to extract himself from the materialistic obsessions and addictions.  She found it difficult in this life so this was to be her next experience where she could fully understand contrast and polarisation.  Grace was so excited to be able to return for the knowledge and wisdom gained in that most recent life expression was so great she wanted more.  Life was a grand cycle which she wanted to be a part of again.  And so she lined up again with so much love, anticipation and excitement. 

You all do it. You all wait patiently for the next opportunity to return again.  You choose this experience not only to return but also to assist in releasing the fears and belief systems, the structures that impose limitations upon the self.  You all do it knowing that you are here to transcend these limiting patterns so you can lift the energetic imprint of them from the collective consciousness and from the Earth herself.  You are all explorers willing to walk an unknown path.  This is only unknown on one level of understanding, fully known on other levels of understanding.  It does not matter where you are in regards to awareness and understanding, it matters only that you choose to become aware and more understanding.  It is this choice alone that brightens not only your heart but the hearts of those around you.   Smile and brighten a heart, go on, we dare you.  We shall be smiling with you and shining with you, always.

Feel our embrace as we shower you with grace…..

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