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It  is not a matter of when, it is a matter of how.  How is it that you have reached beyond the ascension marker?  How is that you have exceeded all expectations?  How is it that all of humanity is moving into crystalline lightbody?  You are concerned with when this will happen, but dear ones you must look at what you have all achieved.  The very fact that you are now wondering when it will happen is indicative of the fact that it has actually happened.  You have achieved that which you have achieved through your constant vigilance in holding the light within yourselves and on the planet.

The effulgent light is coursing through the heliosphere of your sun and into the planetary fields, magnetic fields and personal auric or crystalline light body fields.  This light is ever increasing in, shall we say, intensity, although it is rather an all-encompassing than an intensity.  You will feel this light, intensified by the June solstice, within every cell of your body.  This is giving rise to the higher vibrational frequencies in and of you and in and of the planet herself.

Much of this light is beginning to enter places it previously was unable to.  All upon the planet will be affected by these light waves, however, they may not know it.  Even those that choose to remain in the dark will be affected by it to some degree. Darkness is an absence of light and it is difficult to stay in the dark when the light is so strong.  Precious light particles, regardless of how small they are, can enlighten even the darkest of places.  Let us all shine our lights so brightly from within to assist those in the dark that may choose to see their way clearly.

With much love this pristine light is shared with all of humanity.  Share this love and this light with all.  It is time to realise that we are all in this together.  It is time to feel the unity, the oneness of all of creation.  We can do this by sharing this light and love without any expectations or conditions.

Look at how far you have come.  Look at what has been achieved by standing in your light.  You are all to be congratulated for it has been a difficult path through the lower vibrations of dualistic density.  We applaud your achievements and we thank you for all you have done.

Own your light.  Claim your light.  Claim the master that you are.  This mastery is your inheritance.  This mastery is who you are.  Allow yourself to shine the light of the master within dear ones.  It is time.  To be a master is not to be stereotyped into a gender.  Being a master is balanced in the Feminine and Masculine Divine aspects of self.  You are a master when you walk upon this earth in balance and in alignment with the Divine Oneness.  This light is available now for you to recalibrate the energies of your mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies.  This recalibration, this re-alignment is what is taking place now with the Divine light particles infiltrating your very cells, your very atoms and subatomic particles.

It is as if one has poured a glass of your finest champagne.  It must be poured delicately otherwise the weightless bubbles, light bubbles, will cause the champagne to spill out over the rim of the glass.  You can feel the effervescent bubbles within your cells. These bubbles create a sensation of weightlessness, of light body.

Fill your glasses and celebrate what you have achieved.  We are celebrating on this side of the veil for that which you have accomplished is beyond your imagining.

All that you are, the master you are, the Divinity you are, is waiting to be unified once again.  Unified in and of the self, unified in and of the planet, galaxy, universe.  We are all in this together and together we shall rise up to meet the master in you.

We wish to let you know that we are always with you.  You have so much support.  Do not allow yourself to doubt this.  The veil is thinning and it will not be long before you will have absolutely no doubt that you have support for you will be walking with it upon your Mother Earth.  Trust that the support you have is of light and love.  Know that your support network has been with you for aeons of time.  It will not be long before you meet them dear ones.  Let us celebrate this as well.

In celebration…Namaste…


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