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Within the recesses of the mind, within the memory archives (Akashic Records/Halls of Amenti), there are deep awakening triggers that each of you hold.  These triggers are unique for each individual. It is quite common that the intense astrological energy alignments are major triggers and activators for many of you.  The 8/8, the 8th August (Lion’s Gate), portal is one of these triggers/activators.


Many have been experiencing ups and downs, restlessness, frustrations, angers, headaches, digestive issues, cold and flu symptoms, interrupted sleep patterns, vagueness, and many more obscure indicators that change is afoot.  Intense energy cycles such as the one you have been in from the partial lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, meteor showers, solar flares, solar winds and full moon in June to this 8/8 portal, bring an increased energetic momentum with them.  Consciously aligning with the energetic momentums in the highest and best way offers the opportunity for ease and grace when the codes to memory awakening have been triggered.


Memory triggers can come in the shape of words, numbers/sequences, patterns, signals, repetitive phrases, images, colours, sounds, synchronicities, energetic sensations and much more.  The physical energetic sensations can affect the body in many ways and each individual will have their own unique trigger awareness.



Many may be seeing spheres of light, crystals, rainbows, scrolls, parchment, organic structures, or that which may represent storage devices.  Within/upon these storage devices are your own unique designs and templates that you have drawn up as blueprints for your evolutionary process.  The spheres of light, scrolls etc. will hold memories of all that you have experienced and also hold the higher light Intel that assists you in your current experience.  They are specific for you and as you read them, take them into your being, you will find that through this language of light superluminal transfer you will begin the process information differently.  You may even be able to understand things that previously you could not.  Many may be visiting these in your sleep state, in your dreams, and the cosmic library, hall, room, etc. that holds these storage devices is of your own design.  You have access to these storage devices at all time and they can be reviewed at your leisure.  (See previous transmitted message received in 2017 –


Discerning the energetic sensations and symptoms, and recognising them as part of the inner waking memory codes, helps to bring peace to them.  When peace can be maintained in the midst of these triggers then the process can become one of neutrality rather than one of concern, uncertainty and fear.  Trust in your own inner guidance.



Self-nurturance is important when experiencing intense transformational energies.  Love the self enough to slow down.  Love the self enough to allow time out.  Give the self permission to spend quality time alone.  Pamper the self with that which pleases you such as a long warm soak in a tub.  Find whatever it is that can assist you in returning to balance and equanimity.


The focus is upon nurturing the self, the whole self, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Find peace in the tempestuous energies and you will glide through with ease and grace.  And so it is…


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