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We are experiencing much change regarding time and the vastness of our Light.  I have experienced days where time seems to fly by and then all of a sudden it appears to be creeping along and I get so much done in, what I think, is a short period of time.  Over a year ago I penned this poem which touches on time and also on our Light.  Please enjoy.


12 Lights

 12 Lights


One heart


Our TRUST in Love

Burns deep within.

Many souls await

Fires’ shining din.

Transcend all time

For time is now.

Open your hearts,

Your eyes, your brow.

Know of yourself

For you are you.

Be one with Love

And your heart be True.

Know only Truth

Dear Ones’, unite.

Consciousness calls,

All to one Light.

This may be shared freely with copyright credit, without alterations and reference made to © Fiona White.  All Rights Reserved 2014. 

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