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The 11:11 portal we are in is one of those moments in which the light can shine upon/beyond the veil.  We prepare to awaken to new possibilities, to new horizons.  There is forever an ongoing exploration of horizons, for indeed the horizon continues to move with you offering many potential possibilities.  Many images are conjured, many images are presented.


Dreams may take on a new meaning.  Lucidity throughout the dream phase enables dream weaver to discover new capabilities and abilities.  Integration is a prerequisite to ensure the new refined gifts, tools, talents and abilities are coherently processed.



As the astrological/cosmic energies of this 11:11 star gate system stream through, you concurrently step into an energetic portal, often times without even recognising this flux of energy.  This energetic alignment shall offer the seeker of expansion an opportunity to assimilate these heightened energies and to expand their awareness into a stream of consciousness flow that is unique for them.


It offers the seeker of expansion the opportunity to walk into the sacred waters of their own unique energetic signature stream, to be bathed by the light of their over soul self so that the seeds of the soul self can be germinated and watered with new understanding.


The soul self shall expand and grow when the seeker recognises the potential for the soul.  The recognition itself is the watering this new concept.  The seeker remains soulless until this recognition occurs for according to quantum physics something does not exist until it is witnessed, observed or noticed.  Moving beyond the concept that you are only flesh and bone, into the awareness that you are so much, more enables you to make the choice to either align with the soul or to continue along the same soulless path.


The 11:11 gateway offers you many configurations of water (love being one of them) in which to feed/nourish your soul.  It offers the opportunity to acknowledge what may no longer serve you so that you can let it go.  It offers you the opportunity to align with what it is that will offer your soul nurturance, love and care.  It offers you the opportunity to strengthen your soul, to strengthen the integration of the soul with the body/mind complex.  The personal and spiritual integrity can be reinforced allowing the seeker to live in alignment with their own personal moral/ethical codes and standards.



This 11:11 portal offers the seeker the opportunity to water the entire body/mind/spirit complex so that the internal Garden of Eden can flourish.  In this metaphor the Garden of Eden represents the pristine human template, the organic crystalline blueprint.


What physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy the seeker chooses to align with will determine how beautifully their Garden will grow.  The inner health of the physical vessel represents the soil in this metaphor.  If the pH level of the soil is out of balance then the trees/plants/flowers will struggle to grow.


If the pH balance of the gut is out of balance then the physical body will struggle to grow healthy gut flora causing the communication between the gut brain to diminish and fade away.  The intuitive gut feelings will go unnoticed causing a sense of separation, a sense of feeling lost and confused.  An unbalanced and unhealthy gut flora can lead to many health issues.  The seeker, in order to ensure their Garden of Eden flourishes, must ensure a healthy balance internally and externally.


When the seeker is ready to water the mind/body/spirit as a complex their consciousness begins to expand exponentially.  When their consciousness expands they begin to see things with new eyes, from new optic angles.


Sometimes there can be a film over the eyes that prevent the seeker from seeing truth, their truth, much like a filter over a camera lens.  In meditation the seeker can choose to consciously become aware of any filters, lenses, films that sit over the eyes that distort their vision, both internally and externally, and remove them with intent.



When a filter is removed the clearer the receptive qualities will be, and not just vision.  This can expand one’s perceptions allowing the physical senses to be heightened and lifted into alignment with the spiritual senses.


This 11:11 portal allows the seeker to see, with clarity, through new eyes.  A new crystalline perspective seems to holographically superimpose itself over the physical vision and a joyous approach to life is the standard by-product.


If it feels appropriate it might be an aligned thing to consciously give the intent to lift the filters that cause the blurred vision of this reality knowing that it is, and always has been, the seekers birth right to do so.  Lifting the filters is a process of letting go.  To let go one must first become aware of what it is they choose to let go of.


Clearer, richer days are ahead if the seeker is willing to fine-tune the senses, strengthen the new optic fibres of the higher spiritual senses so as to see, sense, feel, and know with crystalline clarity.  It is then that the seeker can see with clarity what to let go of.


As a seeker what will you choose?  To water your Garden, lift the filters, and/or to let go?


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